#6 Creepy Dolls – 31 days of Halloween

I thought being  Up coming movies was last & Annabelle was in there that I would  Go along and do a creepy dolls.


If  you think   Annabell is creepy?

The doll named Annabell in the Conjuring, is a real life  haunted doll , however inthe movie  it’s not the same type of doll. The woman who keeps the world safe from her as played by Vera Farminga in the Conjuring is Lorraine Warren and lived in Connecticut. You can find out more about tours and such on the site http://www.warrens.net/ The story of Annabelle is there as well.

I always thought that Clown one from Poltergeist was scary I certainly wouldn’t want that in my room.

I noticed  May on this list, top-5-scary-dolls-horror-movies/ I think I may have seen it but I’m not 100% sure; if so it must not have been that great.


I thought being we are on the topic of dolls that you might be interested in 5-true-life-cases-haunted-dolls/



Looking to watch  more Haunted Doll movies?

Here’s the ones I can think of aside from Anabelle & the Conjuring! I really couldn’t think of many




I think my favorite one of the puppets was the one that changed faces,

as well as the one I call Death or  M. M.M. (as in Mini Michael Myers) because it has the knife & a white head

Demonic Toys

I’m not sure if I’ve seen this one, some of the toys look familiar but I can’t remember anything  from the movie

There’s even a cross over  of the 2

Child’s Play  series   Chucky

Get your own Chucky doll?

Dead Silence

Though not about a doll,   Poltergeist‘s   Creepy Clown doll  that was in the son’s room; I would never want to wake up to see that thing in my room!


Not a doll but looks like one on the cover

Trick ‘r Treat





Check out some Haunted Doll stories~ hauntedmuseum Haunted possessions, art, and more


Halloween Decor

make-your own -halloween-wreath/     *   make-a-creepy-faux-taxidermy-Crow

They may not be dolls but  this is a blog entry on ‘freaky’ dolls. SO for those who are fans of American Horror Story meet the freaks-american-horror-story/



Some non-doll  fodder

October 8th Blood Moon


Rea life Horror from iHorror

on another note… here’s one really sick in the head!





Beside what is on my list and the link can you think of any others?

I love feedback and comments, they help me know how I'm doing and what you want more of.

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