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Image result for SuitcaseI started this page to refer to mostly for packing as I can be a pack rat if I don’t start packing early then go back through it a time or 2 as the trip gets closer (plus I may change my mind on what I want to wear)

I do know It’s best to take 3 shirts for every pair of pants you have (if you are going to be somewhere, for a week take 2 pairs of jeans of 2 different styles like a boot cut and regular pair.) If you are going out take along a dressy pair of jeans or a skirt that will work with one of the other shirts you packed. Be sure You have a couple of T shirts, a button down or 2 for more dressy casual times (like a dinner out) wear your sneakers or boots and pack your shoes.(unless you have something you can wear with all your outfits. Then just pack slippers.

When it comes to footwear I prefer to just take what I wear on my feet, something that will go with everything.  When I would go upstate to hockey games that’s all I would wear is my sneakers or the boots I’d wear on the bus up, unless there was a booster club dinner for the team then I’d bring my shoes (or a pair of nice dress boots that work with the outfit.)  Usually I just wear my socks around the hotel room or at someone’s house so I usually don’t pack ‘slippers’ (or  flip flops if its the summer).

I also take some things with me to entertain myself like a book/magazine to read on the bus (or other form of transport) or in the room, some of my writing (my little journal with poems to work on or my binder with the stories I’m writing.) Also my portable DVD player so I could watch a movie or any new one I purchased. Now that I have a Kindle fire, I can just take that with me (for the books & video) but if there’s no Wifi then aside from reading it’s useless for most of the games, and other apps as well as watching a movie (unless its one of the on deck videos)

Even though I don’t wear make-up daily, I take some with me just in case, I do go out, or am just in the mood. Usually it’s just a foundation & powder plus some eye shadow and a lipstick or gloss.  Then there’s the toiletries (and man have they gotten expensive! Some are just as much as a regular size bottle!) I prefer to use lush products (especially for those of you that fly, using Lush’s Godiva shampoo/conditioner  bar (and man I love the smell) as well as their hand lotion bar is convenient or even better. They also sell ‘Fun’ which is Shampoo, Soap and bubble bath all in one (You can also use it as modeling clay… great for both adults and kids. Sit back relax in your bubble bath after a hard day and play with ‘clay’

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be sure to bring a couple of items that suit the environment you will be in. If you will be hiking or camping. You need rugged ‘heavy duty’ shorts and sneakers/boots.  Be sure you have insect repellent. (Those mosquitoes like neutral colors and are attracted most to you after you eat a banana!)

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