#7 Don’t go in the water ~ 31 nights of Horror

I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again; Jaws is what started me down my bloody, gorey path to find a horror movie to put the fright in me. So far that hasn’t happened however I do a good job frightening  other people (and sometimes myself)!


No other movie has put the ‘fear’ into me like Jaws has. I always wait a bit before running into the water at the beach, I’m pretty sure subconsiously I’m looking for a shark in the water. I normally just run in & then just hang out on my boogey board, legs in the water; which I use in  a way as well to stay safe, in case I happen to get caught in a rip tide(gee why don’t they make a horror movie on that? I mean it’s real life and maybe there can be something in in that rip tide that is the reason people are pulled out to sea. Maybe even something deep down) .
I can’t promise all the movie are good or if there’s even one good one on it, but these Horror in the water I can think of.


in honor of Jaws

other Horrors of the deep I have come across are Kitschy, cheesey, camp  Exploitation, and one so bad it’s good!


Mega Piranha

the acting is awful (it’s a Syfy original)  There’s an actor or 2 in it I have seen in other shows or movies and they are much better so I swear the director asked them to do as bad of acting as they could, if that’s the case… PERFECT!  Normal sized Piranha are scary as is, but what about giant sized ones (even just one on it’s own) horrific, so when you have them swarm it’s absolutely terrifying oh and they think they’re superman.. they jump out of the water onto shore to get their food. There’s no hiding from these guys, the only place you may be safe is in a water tight panic room.


The Kitsch  =2 headed Shark attack  (another Syfy channel original)

I don’t remember Much of the movie, but I do remember on Syfy there was a show called Monster man & on the show they made the 2 headed shark.







Deep Blue Sea

I have not seen this in a long time, but hey a movie with Samuel L. Jackson, Thomas Jane, & L.L. Cool J.   Is just kick ass to me!  A scientist is experimenting on sharks to find a cure to althimerz or cancer and the sharks have been made  more intelligent than they should be, and alot larger as well so what do you think is going to happen? Another stupid humans messing with what they should not type
The Camp =Shark Night 3d

I remember the waterboarding scene,  it was as if they were trailing bait.   I think that is my favorite scene


Australia meets  Lake Placid and Sam Worthington,  (I think)  pre- Terminator Salvation   Michael  Vartan who plays a journalist  & Radha Mitchell  who takes tourists out for Crockadille watching boat ride.


Ghost Shark

well sort of original now it’s not safe to even go to the bathroom!


Piranha Be it the original or the TANKER truck of Fake blood remake I love them both (the econd for its exploitation, gore and a bit o’ cheese  sprinkled in.  The original 1978 version

(the 2010 remake ) would be the exploitation, camp, & cheese all rolled into one.


So Bad it’s good  = SHARKNADO



Here’s a couple more ideas


& in honor of the title of this post..  I looked up ‘Horror in the water’ & we have a Fake horror movie Trailer




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