Halloween Make up & Effects


Here’s a trick to get some treats

One of the tricks of Halloween, is being someone or something else. The scarier the better, and the less they can tell its you the better! Here I have compiled what I could think of to help you with simple prosthetics all the way to making your own Bald cap, and full head mold as well as special make-up FX. There’s some pretty creepy things and if you watch the SyFy tv show Face-off You might get some ideas of how to create details with just regular make up alone.

(note: a couple of the images I had included for some reason were missing the last time I checked. I think they were a few of my Costumes. I will try to get them back up, or you could always find me on facebook to see them)

The MASTER Amature

For as far as I can remember

Which was since at least high school, I’ve been able to freak out friends, co-workers and others.

I’ve gone to school on halloween when we were NOT allowed to dress up (& if we did
would be suspended) but STILL did anyway but in a way you may not notice right away. I made it look like I slit my throat & wrists no one other than my then best friend noticed. She grabbed my arm & said what did you do?!!? She really thought I had tried to slit my wrist to the point that it at least looked like a bloody sore or bruise.

Another time, when I graduated high school & was in a new neighborhood I scared the well…. I swear the person peed their pants! They screamed and ran back in the house when they saw me!! I was supposed to be a dead Hockey player complete with CCM equipment bag (for the small accessories pucks, gloves etc) as my treats bag also hockey stick, a jersey and gave myself a black eye using regular every day make-up (eyeshadow) a ‘puck’ in the eye (well in the eye of my Glow in the Dark friday the 13th mask), a missing tooth or 2, & scar as far as I remember BUT what must have scared the person is the way I tried to make what looked like maggots & decaying skin… that trick is my own and I’d have to try again & see how it looks before I give away my secret.

I haven’t made my own prothetics yet, though I would like to try a couple of simple things. I
will also try that one day, but i’m not sure when as  I always have a few costume ideas set up for the next couple of years! (YES I’m THAT into it) It just depends if I can fit into my dad’s old Army pants (well for when I did the soldier one but to no avail)!

I also watch the show Face off on the Syfy channel to try and learn some tricks (say for stuff I can’t figure out how to go about)  and get ideas of how to use different stuff, for instance… Fishnets or that shower puff netting, works good for making the look of scales!

The Basics

Depending on what you are going to be… You will need some form of make-up kit (some of which you can find cheap at stores like CVS etc. You know the ones with the Black tooth crayon, Black or white (aka Clown make up) face paint sometimes they have a few different colored ‘crayon’s in it some sort of ‘sponge’

Stipple sponge is great for making beard stubble

wedge foam make up sponges are great for blending (plus soft if you have sensitive skin)

If you are serious about your halloween make-up get a face painting brush set

Halloween Make-up removal

Check out the Videos below for How To’s for a variety of things. Including making your own mold of a face, etc. as for how to apply a bald cap  the video I had here would not work. So I will be scouring youtube yet again.

as for other basic needs… if you want to make your own mold to make prosthetics & full mask… You will need either molding clay that doesn’t harden (but if it falls or you squeeze may ruin your mold) or the stuff that hardens when you bake it. After your Mold is shaped (& if needed hardened) use foam latex or the latex ‘flesh’ like I noted here and spread a thin layer on, you may need a few layers so let sit to dry (even when it’s dry it may feel sticky) wait about 5-15 minutes between each layer to be sure (or in front of a fan) & spread up to 8-10 layers. After the last one dries, put some powder on top to take away the stickiness.. baby powder is fine.

If any of the prothsetics are going to go over someone;s eyebrows, use vasiline so it will come off easier (if you apply it directly)

If you are not sure what items yiu will need you can ask me & I’ll help! I’ll be doing make up for a friend or 2 this year besides mine of course! Find what you need here

Prep Work

Face cast, bald caps etc

These are for when you want to make a prosthetic and so on.  To make a casting of your face/head you will need a bald cap.



Sometimes Less REALLY is more

(sometimes when you have ‘more’ it makes what you’ve done look fake)

Try experimenting before halloween with any FX make-up etc.

especially preparing (making) any prothetics or especially FULL masks yourself.


Now How to make the cast

Dvd & Books to help

Hurt 'Em Reel Good: A Quick Reference For Out Of Kit Make-up EffectsDepending on the amount of Flesh, wounds etc You have you may need a larger amount of Latex or blood or both.

And being even I cannot make all my own wounds etc or need some help, I’ve included an accident kit

Here’s one more book that would not fit


Hurt ‘Em Reel Good: A Quick Reference For Out Of Kit Make-up Effects available via Amazon

 Methods of the Macabre: Horror Movie Makeup and Fx

DVD Instead of just reading How to…. watching is usually better!

Video How Tos!

I will also see if I can find how to make your own at home prothetics. (esp. if you don’t have all the machines Molds etc the Make-up artist ahve at their disposal…Plus.. not all of us have time for that let alone room)

I will make note on the Retractable fangs, they are not ealistic as the caps, and they easily fall out when you ‘fang out’. They are not worth ANY amount of money. I’ve seen them for $15 & more I got mine (same kind) for under $10 (between $5 & & i think)

If you want to see more from those whose videos are featured here Silvia

©Zombie Soldier make up Kim Marie Ostrowski

My Zombie Soldier Make-up

This picture is part of my soldier zombie make-up. The videos that follow are the inspiration for the make-up but I didn’t follow them exactly. This first video is one of the ones I followed for my mouth I did a make-up sort of inspired from Face-off it was supposed to be burned, missing skin etc. When a friend saw the pic they freaked and asked me to do their make-up. Source: 2013 Zombie soldier make-up


Burn (that’s what is supposed to be on (my) right side of my face

I didn’t use this for my zombie costume but there’s quite good

My Mummy costume of 2014,

Upgrading from the toilet paper used for the mummy for the Riding Hi Ranch costume party (we didn’t know they were going to have one).   Instead of mummy 2014using toilet paper for the costume itself (as mom did, but was a  last minute thing I think, but good resourceful effort) or one long bandage around my head and risking it getting loose and falling in my face and absolutely ruining the night; I used gauze pads!

Sadly I had run out of the gum adhesive but that was easy to substitute! I can be quite resourceful. As long as you have Elmer’s glue (clear or white) mixed with a bit of water! and just put enough of pieces to cover my face.

I used a piece of Cheesecloth, which I dusted with some old powdered bronzer to make it look sandy and aged.

I even made my own headpiece being as I wasn’t just a mummy but supposed to be an Egyptian Priestess mummy. Sadly I forgot a certain necklace or 2 (though my Ankh is on and I didn’t make the big sarcophagus looking type head piece. (Wish party city would have expanded before this… they had some awesome accessories I could have used..maybe a few years in the future… this got so many compliments!)

The rest of the costume is just a piece of white fabric  I had and knotted it on top and below sort of like a toga, and some long john’s pants and as you might be able to see, a couple ace bandages.  I find homemade costumes much more interesting than the store bought .. not to mention it’s a LOT cheaper!(even if you have to search for what you need a few months in advance like and upcoming one) Also I felt like a star with this one on. I think at least one person in each group that came  said they liked my costume! Hey I even scared ‘captain america’!

So What’s Next? I’m not telling, You’ll have to wait til after this halloween to see 2015’s costume. I am however making it easier (I hope), though maybe one year I may use this as I am a big fan of the show, and the Floki character is one of my faves.

Skeleton ‘King’ 2015 costume

2018-10-27 (3)Sorry for the image being dark, then it does look spookier this way. Want to talk about Halloween Fashion? I just bought a shirt with the skeleton look and I think it was supposed to glow. I also bought Legging’s to go with it and I had those arm warmers already so that was my way of doing a skeleton Oh yeah and in perfect fit, when we went to Burger King that year in October they had The whoppers or whatever I think the buns were supposed to be black for Halloween, Well They had crowns that were black with ‘bones’ on it so perfect thing to go with my costume! Then I just did my face the best I could  to look like a skeleton face, though I could have used a bit more  black to enhance the teeth more as well as should have smudged some along the side (behind cheekbone) to give more of a skeleton look (and sim my face a bit)

This was supposed to be a duo costume Halloween and a day of the dead sort

Injury kits & FX

You can also make your own! just check out the videos if I don’t have what you had in mind, I’m sorry but you can serach it on Yu Tueb Burn make up, vampire bites etc. I’m pretty sure I can say anything you can think of should be available!

links are likely to Amazon

2018-10-27 (4)

Click for Easy Ripped Mouth video ~ Makeup for Halloween – http://www.thehowto.info/easy-ripped-mouth-makeup-for-halloween/:

 I was a Mad Scientist  for 2016

but it might be way beyond ‘mad’.  I won’t give you all the details

I have been one in the past  but it was a drab boring costume as I wore it at work….I only wore the medical coat and just used some white powder on my face. This version, Emril will ‘Kick it up another notch” (quite a few notches) and  go “BAM!” over it!

So my face make up was supposed to be an experiment that exploded in my face with a piece or so of glass piercing my skin. THe funny think… I don’t remember HOW I even got those pieces of plastic to stick to my face..maybe it was some laytex or adhesive. then you just use blues purples and reds (or a violet red) for bruising areas and I advise get fake blood GEL but make sure its not bright red.. yu can tell its fake.


I was ‘Samara‘ or so the kids shouted when they saw me.. (wait aren’t you a bit young to know that) it was really a generalize tribute to Japanese (what I call) ‘Hair Horror’.  This I think has been my most simplest of my costumes over the past few years. Not to mention a saver of a very large amount of money buying from the stores! I got the sleeveless shirt from a Salvation army sometime that year, for I think $2 and just before Halloween I found a pair of new shorts that seem to have been (or at least feel like) part of a bathing suit.  Some morbid make-up powder) I tin it was in ivory and some black (or dark color) lipstick.   Instead of black you could also use, if you have white or a light pink lipstick. Mix a little (light and medium blue eyeshadow and mix to make your own custom color(try and get it to swirl!). Put it on (it needs to make your lips look like you drowned) and add just a dab of a little purple (with tip of pinky)



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Making Props

Find some inspiration here  at Decay FX