#5 Upcoming Horror movies ~ 31 Nights of horror

September brought us    As above So Below  & Tusk
Now with Halloween around the corner There’s spooky dolls, Devilish Fiends and an old friend   and that’s just off the top of my head!

Annabelle   (a sort of Prequel to The Conjuring)

The Real Annabelle is a Ragedy Ann doll, Read more about her here http://www.warrens.net/Annabelle.html

  (from the movie)
Horns  starring Daniel Radcliff



I am most looking forward to


Dracula Untold    (oh man Luke Evans with fangs! Making mine salivate!) & the blood moon is almost upon us!

This was originally started out as Dracula Year Zero and had Sam Worthington int he title role with a different script of course so let’s hope (although we don’t have the original idea to go on) that this one is for the best. (Besides… I can’t picture Sam worthingon as a vampire.. he’s more werewolf material anyway!)

starring Luke Evans, Dominick Cooper

Here are few featurettes I noticed were up    1           3

(I’ve also seen Luke will play Eric Draven  in the upcoming remake of The Crow. (mmm I’m partial to Brandon Lee but with Luke as the star.. I don’t think I mind it)


marketing tactic or just coincedence

Am I the only one that noticed October 8th is a BloodMoon Then october 10th Dracula untold comes out? (I wonder if that’s a marketing ploy or if they had no idea & just coinky dink)


I’m also looking forward to  Ouija

Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead


I think  7500 (or Flight 7500) will finally be available on video (either that or it’s coming out somewhere overseas)

It stars Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) Leslie Bibb, and Amy Smart  it departs  on a ten-hour trip to Tokyo with some entity aboard the cabin.

V/H/S/: Viral


After working on what would be out this month I get this in my inbox! horror-coming-cinemas-near-october-2014/


In 2015  I hear

The Amityville Horror: Awakening


Woman In Black: Angels of Death (UK release)

Paranormal Activity 5 

Insidious Chapter 3 

Goosebumps (I’m guessing is a big screen version of R.L. Stein’s stories)

an Untitled film from Blumhouse Horror


The Conjuring 2 

Friday the 13th 

The Pyramid


I hear a remake of I know what you did last summer is in the works

Top 10 Horror clichés 
Just want to note.. I may publish a post a day early or publish 2 in one day, as I’m pretty sure there will be a few days that I will not be able to publish them on time.

movies-coming-soon <IMDB coming soon calendar


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