13 Frights of Halloween

It’s a FRIGHTmare!

Or am I just your nightmare!

I’ve seen some Tv stations do a 13 days of Halloween and such (but none do it like the Syfy channel used to when as far as I know it first came about. Every Halloween they’d show the old black and white horror movies mixed with some of the new ones (Turner Classic movies might only show them around Halloween as well)

mainly I thought why not make activities and such to help you celebrate the season? (or ideas for a goofy treat bag and so on,)

but FIRST….

I’ve had to revise this lens a bit so some of the ‘nights’ have links for them to take you to the section. Some are still being worked on but give them a try because who knows, there might be a surprise inside! Also I believe I had made this page up along side some posts when I first started blogging back in 2014. So I have been trying to go over them and add the Posts in here at least as a Link.

and 2      I have an Appetizer!! bwhahahaha

Minding the Monsters

My dad & I LOVE Jeff Dunham. I think his material is great, and that he has more than, or shall I say his dummies have a variety of personalities. Through them he just shows all the layers of himself, Which I think is great. What we wouldn’t normally say, he projects through the characters and in that fashion can get away with it!If you like or Love his work, and Halloween this was a fun one!  The characters dressed up, too funny and some maybe slightly corny jokes but all in good fun.

Day 13 – October 19

(actually the first day)

For the first fright of Halloween I GIVE TO YOU!

13 Nights Theme

The 13 Frights of Halloween ‘carol’ – (of course sung to the tune of 12 days of xmas)

On the first fright of Halloween my BOOfriend gave to me *(guys use GHOULfriend)

  1. a bat in my Bel-frey
  2. 2 cof-fins & a Bat in my Belfrey
  3. 3 Witches Brewing
  4. 4 Scream Queens
  5. 5 BAAAAAAnshineeeees Wailing
  6. 6 skeletons dancing,
  7. 7 werewolves howling,
  8. 8 Mummies rapping,
  9. 9 jack O’lanterns,
  10. 10 Owls in a dead tree,
  11. 11 Zombies Groaning,
  12. 12 creaking doors,
  13. ON the 13th fright of Halloween my BOOfriend gave to me…13 Blood Bags12 creaking doors, 11 Zombies Groaning, 10 Owls in a dead tree, 9 jack O’lanterns, 8 Mummies rapping, 7 werewolves howling, 6 skeletons dancing, 5 BAAAAAAnshineeeees Wailing 4 Scream Queens 3 Witches Brewing 2 Cof-fins & a bat in my bel-frey

Here’s a few Substitutes you can use as well

*Mad Scientists *Potions Gurgling *5 Draaagon wings * Hearse Wheels squealing * Ghouls *Trolls Tromping*Frankenstein *Angry Mobs *Gargoyles

the 13 nights of halloween

 or you could get the kids’ book  which I found this year (& last year wrote the 13 Frights of Halloween)

Here’s a great blog for ideas to make & decorate etc.


5 tips-to-minimize-spending-this-halloween

13 Frights of Halloween-Night 1 The countdown Begins- the first post to inspire making a page


I’m not sure what this was made with but we still have ours

If you haven’t started already get the front door decorated at least.

Usually if there’s no decor then that usually means doesn’t ‘celebrate ie: hand out candy.

Also be sure to get those yummy Treats (kids will love ya more if you get those mini Snickers & 3 musketeers etc bars.

You can also be creative with how you give the kids their treats. back in the day if it was more than 1 or 2 treats people used to get small treat bags & put a few pieces of candy & maybe a doll or or 50 cents (that was in the 70s & 80s when there was still penny candy (literally)You can find coffin shaped box or a small sized witches cauldron & put the treats etc in even if it’s just a small trinket box that looks sort of like a treasure chest would be good!

                                               What is your decorating Style?

haunted-decor & decoween

VOTE Cute or Creepy Halloween below (where the comments are)


Day 12 – October 20

Happy Birthday Bela Lugosi~ time to celebrate Dracula day

Suck to the dracula dad Claybox Hand Crafted Vampire Sucking Wine Juice Glass

vamp sparkle not

Here’s the Original POst  and here’s the Page it spawned

DRACULA DAY!!! just click the link it’s easier to just cover it in a page of it’s own!

These are on hubpages

The Real Dracula Vlad the Impaler The Insanity of Vlad the Imapaler

the history of vlad draculea tepes the impaler and dracula the vampire  *

Who Was the First Vampire Discover Truth From LegendPart-2 *

Who was Dracula: The true story of prince Vlad the Impaler *

Vlad Dracula The-Vampire

Vlad III Dracula of Wallachia evil villain or hero *

This is a mock Interview-with-Dracula a little fun *

Supposed to be a Vampire Diaries type character

Dracula's Castle

Click for Full size

Day 11 – October 21

Pick a Pumpkin & Carve a Jack O’Lantern day

Today is the day to carve your pumpkin as it will not get moldy and rot before Hallow’s Eve.

my 2010 Carving

My Carving from 2010 that came out PERFECT! (well to me at least) everyone seemed to love it

Jack O’Lantern History            They were originally carved out of Turnips! 

1 X Brass and Walnut Pro Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit1 X Brass and Walnut Pro Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit  and Sculpting Kit

Glow in the Dark Fang Pumpkin TeethGlow in the Dark Fang Pumpkin Teeth

What way to make your Jack O’lantern look more sinnister? Throw some ghoulish fangs in. Make him a vampire, werewolf, or some other fanged creature


More treats for all

Ghouls Night Out Halloween Decorative Garden Flag Ghouls Night Out 

Day 10 October 22

10 Owls HOOTING in a dead tree     Owl and Gargoyle items 

 The Halloween Tree

The Halloween TreeHalloween for me is pretty much all tradition. I try to keep certain movies til Halloween to read as well as a few books. Sometimes however you need to change things up or just add something to it. Halloween of 2011 I came across a book called the Halloween tree….. I looked at it and scanned a few pages and realized it was a kids book, but its by Ray Bradbury… So I figured to give it a try.

I’m glad I purchased it as I had fun reading it. It’s an adventurous journey through the history of Of Halloween from the time of the Egyptians. It took you through various History and ways of celebrating Halloween, So regardless if you are an adult or a kid It should be a joy for the both of you.

“Do not lose your way in the dark, O dear sweet dead. Come home and welcome here lost in the dark but always dear. Do not Wander  Do not Roam  Dear Ones Come Home, Come home”

Day 9 October 23

Devilish Demons Dancing

WWE’s Finn Balor as The Demon King

Image result for Balor Demon King

The Encyclopedia of Hell upon opening the book (you can look inside) names of Demons, a glossary of terms,  Satan’s master plan & this is supposed to be a ‘pirated copy’ of the book it says that was housed in Rome in the Vatican.

I have to say in the case of the book vs. movies, the book of ‘The Devil Wears pradawas much better. The movie didn’t do it much justice.   friend had given me the book to borrow, it was not my type to read, but I read it and enjoyed it. I felt the frustrations the character did and my friend said she ends up going through that at work.

I thought that necklace was cute I have one but it’s just junk jewelry.

// MP3s

The Insane History Of Female Demons


Day 8 October 24

Groaning Zombies shuffling

12 Zombies feasting

12 Zombies feasting

Don’t like the pic? Sorry but it’s the only ‘dinner table’ one I came across

cell-by-stephen-king (this is a review on the book)

Reaping Grimly- How to make a Traditional Zombie

I know its quite morbid, but it is that time of year where its ok to be.

Today’s Activity  is to write your own Eulogy

Day 7 October 25

wereWolves howling


The Wolfman

The Howling series

Silver Bullet (stars Corey Haim)

Frankenstein meets the Wolfman

Day 6 October 26

Coffins Creaking

HEY Drac….would you oil these hinges already

children’s Book bunnicula-the-vampire-bunny & the only title I can remember reading as a child!

I was already going to the ‘dark side’, but then I guess when you are an infant and Frankenstein tells your mom ‘Leave the Child’ well THAT must have been the ‘Baptism’ initiation whatever yu want to call it into the darkness.

What is a vampire’s favorite Dessert? ravishing-red-velvet-bcc

Some of my Vampire pages vivaciousvampires & voracious-vampires

(if either of the links don’t work I am so sorry; the site they were originally on closed & they transferred so I’m trying to juggle fixing those sadly the site hates me as it never wants to work right so It’s been a slow process and one reason I am writing this page as there’s a version on hubpages! but it’s messed up.)

Vampires-Encyclopedia  *  Real-Vampires * The-Vampyre-Society on hubpages *

and check out all the pages here in the menu (they are the most updated more often)

This is an interesting story and even more so town in Colorado

Day 5 October 27

Ghostly Gasps

 Have you a ghostly experience?

Please give me the details and I’ll include it here.

as for mine…. (remember these are all the same location)

#1   It happened in June I forget what year maybe 2004 or 2006 come to mind.

I was at the computer working somewhere between midnight and 2am, and I hear a voice like someone is talking, as if a door is closed and the tv low so sounds like a muffled mumbling.

I turn around in my desk chair and from where I sit I can see the whole apartment but the bedroom ‘wing’ in which the voice was coming. If a tv was on I would be able to see it flicker, but that was not it. I walk toward the bedroom but here & there I would bend down and listen to the floor but nothing. Look around the corner near my room and nothing is on, Nothing on in the room I hear it coming from.

When I get to the doorway I get a ‘flash’ image as if someone is motioning their hands in frustration on the window side of the master bedroom. They were either frustrated or trying to warn the person in there I’m am sure as that is what it sounded like. I shake it off to being my imagination or that I was maybe getting a bit tired.

 I go back to sit down and try to finish up what I was doing, I hear the voice again DIRECTLY behind me as if someone standing behind my chair with an airy voice. I turn around no one is there but though I couldn’t see whoever it may be I ‘locked eyes’ with the spirit in a spot in the kitchen it was still talking, 2 clear words came out, but I didn’t actually grasp what they were so I will never know (let alone be able to guess) what it wanted.

The next morning I explained this to my mother, she looked at me really odd and freaked out.

Turns out it’s my DEAD Aunt Eleanor’s (that lived in Texas) Birthday for more on Ghosts my lens Ghostly Frights

#2 My mom occasionally hears what she says sounds like a poker game going on in our kitchen. Also swears we have a ghost pet as well as she felt something (thinking it was my cat) jump onto the bed but nothing was there.

#3 This year (well 2015 in January ) There was one person besides myself in the room they were watching tv (which was to my right)  I had my head phones on and I’m not saying that it was a spirit but all of a sudden I heard a voice in my left ear as if someone came over to me to tell me something (because I had the headphones on) but my dad who was on the couch didn’t  I asked him if he said anything or coughed or sneezed (he had a cold at the time) Nope.. he said maybe it was the TV but how when it’s a foot away from my right, and another foot or 2 behind. It certainly didn’t sound like it came from what he was watching at the time. I can’t even remember what the voice said. Sadly I have yet to be able to debunk this aside from what dad says (but it was too close, and I didn’t have anything on (if I did at all)  that would sound that way.

 Ghost Law

Day 4 October 28

Scream Queensthrough the Generations

*Jamie Lee Curtis

*Barbara Steele

*Debbie Rochon

*Heather Langenkamp

*Neve Campbell

*Jenifer Love Hewitt

*Sheri Moon Zombie

(Let me know of your faves!)

scream-queens-gasp *

halloween-horror-marathon (2013)

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror-  iHorror author posted the/10-best-treehouse-horror-segments/

Terror on the TV

Day 3 October 29

Witches brewing

Witches' Brew for you

I recently finished reading  Voodoo in New Orleans by Robert Tallant.  Oh don’t worry it doesn’t actually teach you the craft, it’s a history book on how it started, how it became ‘corrupted’, about the Queens especially the most famous Marie Laveau  (which turns out there were at least two of them.

The original African rite, the priestess lifts he snake from the box and is supposed to lick her cheek which is supposed to give her a vision and power. There are explanations for what some items were used for that were given as Gris Gris, or how to ‘fix’ a person that has crossed you and so on.

Voodoo is actually a religion but some use it for dark purposes. The author notes that ‘Voodoo’ dolls were not used much in the craft, if ever. So how that came about (other than one part in the book)  I do not know.

Haitian_Vodou *   Louisiana_Voodoo *  West_African_Vodun

http://Authentic african voodoo



Make your own -teeny-tiny-leather-spell-book-tutorial.html

http://nightcat.hubpages.com/hub/realwitchcraft * all-you-wanted-to-know-about-witches-ii


No Rest for the Wiccan Witch ~ 31 Days of Horror

Halloween! (Holiday Series)2Frightfully Fun Halloween Recipes3Ghoulish Goodies: Creature Feature Cupcakes, Monster Eyeballs, Bat Wings, Funny Bones, Witches' Knuckles, and Much More!4.Kristen Suzanne's EASY Raw Vegan Holidays: Delicious & Easy Raw Food Recipes for Parties & Fun at Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Holiday Season5. Hungry Halloween: featuring Movie Monster Munchies, Bewitched Buffet, and Dead Man's Diner

1. This has some recipes in it for a variety of things. Also Halloween history & information and more.

2.I have this Ghoulish book of treats! Great for children’s parties or just for a little fun

3. Ghoulish Goodies: Creature Feature Cupcakes, Monster Eyeballs, Bat Wings, Funny Bones, Witches’ Knuckles, and Much More!sadly I do not have this but looks like they got really creative with whatever that is on the cover it reminds me of the aliens from the Simpsons


5. Hungry Halloween   Want this one and it looks  like it has templates for carving your pumpkin as far as the preview it shows.

Recommended Halloween Tricks & Treats by me on Amazon.com Widgets


Day 2 October 30 ~mischief night

Frankensteins Monster Day & Mary Shelley’s birthday

She called them… and THEY’Rrrrrr  Heeeeeerrrrrrrrreeeee

Their last supper er Kill?

If you haven’t already, time to plan your make-up  you can also go directly to  the Make-up page if you hoover on Horrifically Everything Halloween

If you are feeling brave…. you could always try these

 vintage Halloween foods that were more trick than treat

Day 1  HALLOWEEN & Samhain

Be safe

If you have a dark costume carry a flashlight or some sort of blinking light so cars and others can see you.

wait until your parents check the candy then you can have a piece.

31 Days of Horror Sporcle Quiz series

Halloween Calls
also known as SAMHAIN (pronounced S-ow-en) the time in between the changing of seasons. Which is usually seen around  October 31st to November 7th. It was also originally the New Year
Here’s another link to read on Samhain
Remember if you are handing out candy to leave your door a little open & a porch light (or front door light) on so treaters will know. We have a storm door so I leave that closed & locked & leave the inside door open with the light on, with the candy in sight.
Please be sure to keep pets indoors so they will not be teased or harmed (or by chance hurt someone they know because they don’t recognize them)
Go trick or treating at houses of people you know (or at least your own neighborhood)
Parents you should still check candy when the kids get home (if you do not go with them)
If you are friendly with your neighbors and their kids come to your house, give those kids something special (or a bit extra) I usually put together a treat bag for the kid next door and across the street from me.
Be safe with the costumes if you wear a mask make sure you can see otherwise use make-up you may be the costume of all that is most memorable!
This post may contain affiliate links. Which means if you make a purchase I may get a small percentage. Thanks for supporting Blessing Manifesting!October 31st marks the pagan holiday Samhain, not pronounced how it’s spelled, even though I usually still read it that way in my head after over 15 years. The standard Irish pronunciationRead More »

oh looking for more?

Wasn’t sure what section to put these in… but here ya go for my past Halloween Posts Keep in mind some information (or title)  may be outdated BUT I hope to some day do a new set of posts or do a page for each instead with some of the past posts sprinkled in.)

foreign horror  * Book of Shadows (halloween related books) * Horror on TV  *   ‘Upcoming’ horror movies (well back in 2014) *

Creepy Dolls   * Best ‘new’ horror movies  * 31 Days of Halloween * 31 Nights of Halloween ~ #4 Best children’s programming

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