Kitten care (all about Nuggit)

On Tuesday April 6 2021 My Father and I were hanging out with my neighbor 2-3 houses down. He started trying to fix or remove his awning which was damaged in a storm and when he did… He found a cluster of kittens couldn’t be more than 1-2 weeks old. Wherever the mother was we are not sure. So we left them (my goodness I just wanted them all to maul me. I don’t remember seeing such small kittens up close and they were so tiny and cute and honestly I felt like I was watching an episode of TooCute! So went home and the next morning

I woke earlier than I usually do and went to check to see if the mom came back. She did and 3 of the kittens were gone. I go back home and deal with the day.

We’d gone back to Ray’s in the afternoon and and I went to look to see if the last kitten was gone.

Sadly No the mom didn’t come back yet. So I was talking to a few people I know that work at the shelter as well as ask mom etc. They said the mother likely wont come if she didn’t already. So mom told me I could bring the kitten home to try to care for it. Sadly we did not have any experience dealing with all the cuteness, cries and frustration from not having the proper supplies.

They fed me a little milk with water just so I would have something to eat. I know we aren’t supposed to but I forgive them for that. Kim is a very caring hooman meowmy. She showed me to one of her landlords but she is afraid of cats for an experience she had as a child. I plan to try to change her mind. Kim thought of naming me Fidgit as I move around a lot. Then she called me a furry nugget. Her mom liked the sound of that, and someone she knows that works at the shelter when she mentioned it in a chat he replies hahahahah and liked it too. But she’s worried it won’t suit me when I’m older. Also we don’t have an official gender yet.

On thursday the 8th we… yes meowmy, my Grandpurrrents and I all went to Petsmart to get supplies and any help anyone could give them. Meowmy Kim was surprised that I was quiet on the drive over, and that I’m a good little kitty. The lady at the adoption area helped us out. She said she thinks I’m a girl and helped us pick the right formula and gave us a bottle which we saw none on the shelves. There was a black and white cat missing part of a leg that was looking on like it wanted to help too. There was a big cat named brutus I think he’s a special needs cat. There were a couple of black cats as well, one seemed like a fraidy cat though. Kim has been telling me about her cat family or those she previously had. The last one was a black cat Named Sully (after her favorite band’s lead singer) which passed July 2, 2018. I see she still misses her, and i heard her say she felt a tiny bit guilty about me being around, but it might be only because Sully got jealous, yet she liked company and mommy said even made friends with a couple dogs.

The Kitten Pawsics

For those of you that need help if you ever rescue a kitten 1-2 weeks old We’ll tell you what we learn so you won’t be in the dark as my Furever family was. Something tells me Meomykim will do everything in here power to get the landlords to say yes to letting them keep me. But she’s pretty sure they will.

to start, as soon as you find a little one like me,

  1. always call a local rescue or a NO KILL shelter. If you cannot have pets, are allergic to us, or it is just not the right time to give one of us a furever home. If you are keeping it, You can call Best friends Animal sanctuary besides your vet to help you with what you need to do and show you how. THere’s also a few how tos you can watch here
  2. Have a TALL box so the kitten can’t crawl out.
  3. if you have to care for one be it a day or for a time, as soon as you find it… go to the local pet store and get Kmr Milk Replacer For Kittens there’s liquid which to me is best to get than the powder. (its easier and you won’t add too much or too little powder)
  4. a small scale that gives you grams and ounces to weigh the kitten so you know their weight, this determines how much to feed it.
  5. HAVE LOTS of RAGS.. OLD worn t-shirts especially (with some warm water) are good to get us kittens to poop as well to clean us up
  6. EQUALLY have shirts (and wear those) when handling Kittens (that are not litter trained yet) .
  7. The microfiber facecloths that kim has included in the supply list below are so nice and soft and warm. One of them is my Kitten blanket. she even wishes there was one big enough for her! I like to burrow in it and suckle on it as I am currently teething and sadly the only teething toys kim was able to find on Amazon all said they had catnip. ( Mom refuses to get one with catnip as she remembers reading something maybe on Katzenworld, that When a kitten gets catnip it will likely be ‘immune’ to it when its older and won’t do the catnip crazies..
  8. They also purchased Petstages® Kitty Cuddle Pal Cat Toy. Really its a buckwheat ‘beanbag’ you can heat and put back into the cuddle pal to keep the kitten warm when its bedtime. (see recomendation list)
  9. Kittens need to be stimulated by the mother to relieve themselves. To do this use a warm wet old T-shirt rag to rub their privates. You can also pet them down the spine to help them go #2
  10. a NEW toothbrush to ‘brush’ them with. It’s supposed to mimic the mother cleaning them. (meowmy also has an extra eyebrow brush/comb duo and uses that too.
  11. hand towels to wrap them in when you have to clean them up. Also face cloths as after cleaning them an older one is supposed to mimic the cat mom licking them. Meowmy usually sits me on a face cloth to dry my tail and butt, but wraps me in a warm towel or something that will keep me warm. For anything else that’s wet and so I won’t get sick. (although I usually crawl right out, I get mommy in trouble doing this.
  12. a Basket (or container) to keep everything at hand. (when you go room to room)
  14. When its time to learn to use the litter box USE NON-CLUMPING CLAY Yesterday’s news is great and less messy than any other litter I’ve ever used. (to get her to go in the box, get a little of their urine on a cotton ball and put it in the box.
  15. To ween off bottle you can try a teaspoon with some of the formula and if she laps it, then try a small saucer (or a small jar lid like we will try)
  16. when you can start adding wet food to their diet, start with Fancy Feast Pro Plan a little of that and a little of the formula mixed together. Royal Cainan is a good one too.
  17. Teething Use one of their toys. (or I suggest trying one of their bottle nipples they aren’t using. Just put it in the freezer. You are not supposed to let them ‘bite’ you. (although no matter what I did to try to get nuggit to stop it, wouldn’t work she’s still a Catpire.)
  18. Clean nose and face with a little warm water.
  19. My vet told us that 10 months I should be on Cat food. Though I graduated from Kitten food earlier than that! Mewmy was worried i was getting Chonky
  20. Wish I had found this last april.

Here is Meowmy and my Supply recommendations.

Friday Meowmy was still trying to wrangle me and get a handle on feeding me. I move my head back and forth. But she’s able to do a good job on feeding me, when grammy does, she gets formula up my nose, on my face and that stuff makes my fuzzy fur sticky. Meowmy gets mad. She is trying to keep a record of my weight (maybe weigh me every other day, as every day sounds too soon. Mommy is not sure if she should wake me up when I’ asleep and the 3 hour mark comes up as she was told every 3-4 hours to feed me. YEAH!!! I finally pooped! well sort of. It was just a tiny bit…

‘Nuggit’ seems to love being near me. Talk about warm fuzzies! I’m smiling more and don’t feel down in the dumps. I’ve always had a cat the first one was when I was 3 or 4 and the before now the last time one of my fur babies passed It was a month before I got my Sully. That was NOT a good month. So Since Sully passed some days are ok and others harder. But there’s certain times of the year that is like a sledgehammer I miss her so much. Sully also helped me during my depression. She is the only reason I did not hurt myself. She cheered me up and made me smile when I needed. Well this one is off to a good start. When I pet Nuggit it just calms me so, I feel like I’m going to doze off.

Saturday the 10 meowmy tried to weigh me (with her jewelry scale).. and I’m 6.95 oz kimmowmy let me crawl around on a soft throw blanket on the floor so I could get some exercise, but I kept going back to her to snuggle. She just can’t handle all this cuteness! (and as they keep saying.. I move around too much… and though I am not running, I am fast…i’m going to be a cheetah when I grow up…. well I was so fast I crawled right off her and fell. I made her feel so bad. She kept kissing me and saying she was sorry for the rest of the day and even the day after.

If I didn’t mention it, she is trying to keep a Diary for me. Of my weight as I grow and my progress. Kimowmy also started an Instagram for me, whatever that is. When I woke up in my box while Kim was answering some email I piddled and started to poop on my blanky (one of the facecloths in the recommendations list)

Sunday 11… Goodness I woke up before Nuggit. Was Early… I don’t usually get up before 9 or 10 the earliest but have been. Was starving and not long after Nuggit woke up too. Its tricky trying to feed this Fidgity little one.

Log book

Here’s a layout idea to keep track of Your kitty’s progress.

Date Weight Length Amount to feed feeding Slept (hours) Pee’d pooped Activities

This is pretty close to my idea above…

Another idea is seperate Spreadsheets for When They fall asleep as well aws wake up

a Feeding spreadsheet as well Feeding and medication * Weight chart

BIG PURRRsonality

I LOVE when she wiggles those tiny furry ears of hers. When I tried to get her to do it again I was petting them and saying to wiggle them again and she turned around and gave me the paw NO KIDDING! Like she was going to swat me. I LOVE the feistiness. She also sasses us as well. So if Nugget does not work when she’s older and is definitely a girl I might call her Sassy. (I’ve also thought of Piper because of her yell) I also thought Pandora (as in the Planet and real moon of Saturn I think it is or maybe its jupiter I forget which). I thought when I looked ‘she’ was a he until the lady looked so I figured I’d just go along with it for now until we can take her to the vet. (Definitely a girl an d Nuggit is official) She loves to climb on me and does not stay still. I love when she looks at me. Her Eyes are blue but I know all kittens are born with blue eyes, though I really hope they stay blue. We were also told she may be a Calico! She’s my little lion, if you heard her ‘Roar’. Mom calls her Chewbacca,

Hear me Roar

The First Week

Wed April 7- Tuesday april 13

Turns out Nuggit was actually YOUNGER than I thought when our neighbor found her and siblings. She wasn’t even a week old (let alone 2) She was just a few days old. So between the 1st and 5th is when she (still waiting on a Vet visit for an official gender.) Was born. Each day Niggit gets stronger, and you can see her eyes open more and the beige color markings seem to get more pronounced and ‘brighter’. I love the way she looks at me… OH. MY. GOODness!!! I swear I feel fur growing on my heart when she does… the ‘literal’ warm fuzzies. She loves when my dad holds and plays with her (we crack up seeing him with her. This big guy with this little kitten).

Today (the 13th) he was holding her up with her facing him and she put her paw out like she was trying to reach him (or just smack him in his big nose). The other day Mom and I were in the living room and mom was like she ran to you. She also tries or does climb around my face. Today she also took a ‘walk’ around the blanket we put on the floor so she gets exercise. Nuggit sleeps through the night as far as I know. I think the first night maybe 2, I might have woke early I guess I thought she would and was afraid i wouldn’t. Now the past couple days I’ve woke up before her and shortly after she does! She loves to cuddle up to me, so she knows I’m the hooman mama. Mom says Nuggit Smacked her. Nuggit has a habit of kicking herself in the face. I LOVE when she puts her paw on the side of her head as if to say she’s got a headache, or in front of her face like a face plant saying “oh no”

Today mom brought home some mc d’s for me, and as soon as i put the frie in with my nuggets  she ran over to the fries side. i thought she was gonna steal one lol   she was crawling on my face today. just had to get help to get her out of my shirt which she crawled into through my neck… and proceeded to the back of my sleeve.

Now we were planning to keep Nuggit but there was one piece of the puzzle before it could be official. Check with our new landlords. THey’re nice and I told mom they probably will (though She’s ‘afraid’ of cats). Well he called to let us know he’s going to be doing work on the pipes and to not use the water for 3 hours. SO while he was on the phone, mom asked and YES!!!! She’s officially ours.

Week 2

wed 14- Tuesday 20

As of this afternoon (the 14th of April) we have had Nuggit a whole week, and thankfully got the ok from the landlord. Don’t know what I would have done if they said no.

Thursday I tried to take her weight today, but with my small jewelry scale. I think she might be 8 ounces. Aww she was licking my hand today. So because of that I thought to try to see if she would lap her formula out of small jar lid. OOPS! She tried but got it up her nose and sneezed and not just once or twice. I think I saw some tiny teeth in her mouth one of the times she yelled for food. This afternoon I had put her bottle on the floor where she walks around. She walked right over to her bottle and started pushing it like a bulldozer. (She does all the good stuff when she’s in my arms or I don’t have the phone in hand.)

Its friday and she woke up I heard her crying, but by the time the fog left the brain she was quiet again. Dozed back off, then she woke again and the lungs on this one! I swear she gets possessed by a banshee at times. (mmm maybe I should put some ear plugs in my ‘care basket’ which I keep some rags, a toothbrush to brush her head (its supposed to feel like the mother cleaning her). I had to runout on an errand to make a drop at the post office, I felt a bit guilty leaving her. Maybe cause she was asleep when I left. Not sure why but guess I’m having a little separation anxiety.

OMG!! I could rent her out to be a car or house alarm!!! WHy the cops aren’t here every night on a domestic dispute call (when we clean her bum after she does her jobs) is beyond me. She slept alot today (probably from all that yelling! Little Banshee.. speaking of she’s getting lots of nicknames like my cat Sully had! )

SHen got close to my face and put her mouth on my nose as if to bite it. (She is teething) but she didn’t I think it was meant to be a kiss or love nip.

I ordered myself a Kitten shower present (a few days ago) If you order one, I advise to get 2 sizes larger, so it not only fits you, but will fit your pet inside as well.

Womens Pet Carrier Shirts Kitten Puppy Holder Animal Pouch Hood Sweatshirt

I saw this and thought it was the cutest and great for my kitten Nuggit as she was just a couple weeks old when I got her so its in a sense a ‘kitten shower gift’ to myself. I love everything about it. The paw sleeves and that you can put your thumb through it, the ears, and most importantly, the pouch for kitty (or doggy) to snuggle in. The pouch has a couple zippers on the inside you can unzip to throw in the wash. I just advise if you order one, find one that is 2 sizes larger. I ordered a 2XL and it fit more like a large (apparently these were made for people without boobs. And even without those, you need room for your pet. Aside from the size snafu, its a great Idea, I love the way it feels and can’t wait for Nuggit to use it. When I wrote the seller about the problem with the size… I was satisfied with the solution.

Saturday mom gets me up so we can run out (without appointment) to find a vet. No one answers their phones, we either get disconnected or its an answering machine. So we go on a bit of an adventure.

Tried our local, but new people took over (though Sully’s old vet is supposed to still be there but isn’t in at the time) and they’re the ones whose system disconnects when you call. Then we try a place my aunt goes, and the guy (an ‘orderly?) was an ass! Thinking I took it away from its mother. But I gave it right back. (NEVER mess with me when it comes to cats. I may not be a vet, but I’ve had one since I was a toddler. So I know enough or better than the average ‘casual’ pet owner. (I’m not a pet owner, I’m a fur mom, and if I had my own house likely I’d be one of those ‘CRAZY’ cat ladies. Also my Aunt and Uncle Volunteer at the shelter as well as one of my former co-worker’s sons who I check in with on Instagram or facebook from time to time.) Last place we could think of (without going to the Emergency place near my Aunt cause it would be expensive) was in Ardsley. We get there and I see a pilates place where it used to be. But mom asked someone sitting in the parking lot and he said it was in the next plaza. Feline Veterinary. The receptionist was nice enough to come out to find out what was wrong etc. So we explained that Nuggit has a sore bum. (Not really an emergency but I’m sure to her it felt like it) Then the tech came out, So we got a 100% she’s a girl lol… and back to older as she’s 3 weeks they said. (so much for the chance she MIGHT have been born on my nana’s birthday as I think that puts her to the last week of march) Then the Vet himself came out. So we got some liquid (I guess its to clean the afflicted area) and a small tube of salve was $50 I could ONLY imagine how much the ER place would have been (and I hear they are not all that nice let alone having a good bedside manner)

When we were home mom was holding her and she put her little paw on mom’s nose as if to say Thank you

On the 18th mom got some much needed questions answered from someone at Best Friends Animal Society. The girl that deals with the Kittens wasn’t there, but the lady that runs the cat area Looked up the questions online. Those Answers are #12 -17 of Pawsics. And later in the evening, I saw Nuggit scratch her ear for the first time. She seems a lot fluffier this evening.

Its monday the 19th for the first time she woke me early crying. Someone is starving this morning. Once she was fed and sleepy, we went back to bed. When she woke later I got up later was wailing! So I guessed her bum was hurting again, so I took care of that cleaned gently as I could and put her medicine on her as the others were at the laundry. Laterafter mom and dad were home, she was pooping (or as I call it in her case ‘Spooting’) I was trying to calm her down and went to give her a kiss, and she bit my top lip. Not sure if I had to stop just to not drop her (from trying not to laugh) or if it actually hurt. After every time she goes to the bathroom and tires herself out from yelling when we clean her off (no matter how lightly we do it) she dozes off, especially after a feeding. She found her way over to a couple of my old tank tops and dozed off on those. THe problem is after she wakes up she goes to the bathroom then falls asleep again. Sometime this week we are supposed to take her to the vet for check up and whatever else. Saturday or yesterday, I started to make a toy for her. When I had it mostly sewing (was supposed to be a small kick toy. I could not resist. It sort of looked like the cap ‘Loretty’ (played by CCH Pounder in NCIS: New Orleans and here ya go. (Dad says she’s already a ham)

Week 3

Wed 21- tue 27

Woke up at 6am and tried to calm her to figure out what she needed. Then… she bit my nose. OK You’re hAngry.

Had an phone appointment and Nuggit Climbed on me to say hello! Tried the laser pointer to see if she’d just watch it to see what her focus was. She followed it slowly but not fast. She even pet my face today (or what seemed to be).

THURSDAY 22 My First Vet visit.

Sadly mowmy not grammy were aloud to come in for my check up. We didn’t like that. but they dewormed me, gave me a pedi and cleaned me up a bit. But they didn’t tell meowmy what my length and weight was so she could put it in our records.

Nuggit has been hanging out on my bed today sleeping, walking and running around and playing. She went in her carrier on her own while running around the living room.

EliteField Soft-Sided Airline-Approved Dog & Cat Carrier Bag

EliteField Soft-Sided Airline-Approved Dog & Cat Carrier Bag

I chose this not only for the price but for the size (not too big for a kitten and didn’t seem to be too small for when she gets bigger. (a Carrrier is supposed to be at least big enough for them to turn around as well as sit up in)

There’s plenty of pockets for rags & toys, for bottles, and even a zipper in back to put on your luggage (that I use for wee wee pads). When she gets bigger we can always keep a can of food, dish and a bowl in the pockets. There are 3 zippered areas one to put them in, on the opposite end you can open it for them to peek their head out, and then there’s the front where you can open to pet them or watch them. Easy to carry by the handle or the shoulder strap.

I recommend it for any kitten or cat owner esp. if they will be adventurous.

Friday 23rd.. Aunt Pam Uncle Jim and their dog Maddie came over to say hello before they went for a walk in the park. My Aunt couldn’t get over how small she was. (Never had a kitten this small). SHe bit and picked up that ‘ hot pink “X” toy (it spins). Playing with the edge of the box that was supposed to be her litter box, but guess its now her play box.

Oh my goodness, She hissed. I’ve heard it before but wasn’t sure what I heard. She was sleeping on me and I coughed and scared her and she hissed at it. Smacked me in the nose. she’s climbing around

Sat 24

She bit my lip….again (2x) bit my thumb, FIghting with the litter box. tried to get her to eat some wet food with out of a jar top but too stubborn. Mixed some of the food in with the formula in her bottle and she eats that way… LOL She kicked herself in the back fof the head like ‘Ooops Upside your head’ She’s finally able to clean her back leg and some other areas sje was too small to get to. She got to walk around the house today a bit, I think she was trying to figure out which bedroom to go in.

sunday 25

Oh She fell out of the shamwow I was holding her in (likely drying her off). OMG I am so crying. a little stunned for a bit, but she turned out to be fine. She forgave me and we both fell asleep…again! She was bouncing around the bed and I think she tried to jump on a pillow that was at the end of the bed, and she jumped INTO it. She needs to meet a grown cat to teach her the cat things I can’t

Monday 26

playing a lot and walking around house as well. Trying to get her off the bottle to just eat out of a dish. OMG Shes Lunging, and hopping and ‘charging’. Ordered some stuff from chewy including a few toys as she started playing with a couple toys that was Sully’s (our previous fur baby) she pooped better today it at least had some density. (and the reason why the vet wants us to start giving her the wet food

tuesday 27

Just cuddling today, plus its a bit chilly in here today. Drank quite a bit of Slurry today (the wet food mixed into her formula) from the bottle today a full bottle today. She cuddled on my shoulder and went to sleep awww. So she’s playing with Sully’s old ‘crazy cat’ ball (oops make that fat cat brand ball) Forgot if it was earlier today or yesterday.. she tried to eat a piece of my blueberry waffle.

Week 4

Wed 28th

She used her scratcher Cactus for 1st time today and tried to climb it! Chewy came with the toys but she still loves Sully’s old ball. Mom sent dad and I to do Nuggit’s laundry. (Rags and stuff we wrap her in or dry her with) as soon as I get in and she heard me, her head whipped around. She missed me for sure. 11pm she’s sleeping on my neck/shoulder area

Thursday 29 she’s running around the living room StILL won’t eat wet food from a ‘dish’ . She came over and gave me a kiss. Walked to me and in my face with head up like she was trying to kiss me the way I give her kisses. Playing under the couch around the front leg been at it all day.

Friday 30th

gave in and fed her bottle, can’t figure out how to get her to lap formula out of the ‘dish’ let alone, wet food. Played in living room a bit. Went in my room we both had a nap and just hanging out the rest of the day. Her ears opened more now you can sort of see in them. Hasn’t done her ‘constitutional’ as some call it. She sneezed and then I smelled something.. She farted when she sneezed. She did it again later. Was writing a letter to a pen pal and she’s walking around attacking and biting the letter to me, same for the envelope I’m sending. Walking all over the letter as i write it not to mention swatting at the fountain pen nib. she also likes the shirt I mentioned above. Slept in it played a little with the ball on the pull string

MAY 1st

She’s a hungry baby today. Finished a bottle earlier than normally does and already on 2nd bottle (but plain formula due to someone not communicating properly.. I’m chalking it up to possible early alzheimer’s on their part.

Mostly just resting today. I think we tired each other out from yesterday. Exploring more, and ‘climbing’ the coffee table (Where leg is there’s some slats and the bottom shelf).

Frisco Cactus Cat Scratching Post

Frisco Cactus Cat Scratching Post

What does one say about a scratching post?

To start mom thought this was funny and cute. My Dad has a couple cacti. This is going to be her starter scratcher as Nuggit likes to climb so we are definitely going to need a tall cat tree when she’s bigger.

Nuggit took to this pretty quick. I just rubbed her paws on it as if she were scratching it and she did a little scratch, climbed it a little, and played around it as well. Came in three parts, easy to assemble and cute for a desert or western themed home.


may 1. She’s climing scratcher Was trying to get her to bed And kept meowing. For her into living room to run around to get her tired then tried Again including a lavender sachet at the corner to whole foods on her Tried a tiny pc of cheese then when mom sat down to eat her chicken Nuggets woke right out asleep like whiplash.

Sun 2 My baby maybe your homework old now but in about a week will have had her homework she put my face today finally got her to eat a little of the kitten food but I had to put some chicken on top of it. Was going to give her nose boop’ but at same time she was going on her hind legs when I boiled her she fell back like the cat with the finger gun video Awww aside from me She loves to cuddle up to grumpy cat plush mom had given me on year and it sits next to moms old teddy bear

I like hanging out with our Grumpy Cat

Mon 3rd High it are more food bUt still likes a bit of formula. Crazy play…she’s so fast and obsessed with the area near drawers near desk But it got mail today. Ronnie moms friend sent her blessings and $10 to get something for her on her. Went to dollar Tree for some vinegar came out with 2 cat toys. She learned how to play with that ball track thing pretty b quick.

Tues 4 She was trying to French me she was looking my lips and face so sweet I was going in kitchen and sort of ran asking nugget if she was gonna get me then she started running toward me. Finally got a normal poop so vet can do test make sure everything is good. Her butt looks much better than when we first went. Was a good girl today. Explored a bit more. Even brought her on porch for some fresh air.

Week 5

wed 5 Cinco De MEOW brought her sample to vet requested her records can give her some dry kitten food now so got a bag and ordered the interactive play & feed balls . she was playing tug of war with the shoe laces my lil toughie. Just noticed her left eye has what looks like an upside down question shape beige outline to it. Bit my cheek twice

Thurdsay 6 Running around kitchen A lil chilly in apt today. Nuggit climbed on me while i was on floor. cuddling with me sleeping Eating well Vet says results came back and she’s in good health

Fri 7 Whole month adopted and already 1 month old as of at least last week. Amazon came today with the dry food and play and feed balls. She is unruly today. Meow for something can’t fig. Doesn’t sound like bottle one . she sbuggled up to me for a nap. Makes me feel so guilty when its time for her to go to bed. Looking at me like what did I do? I was bad meowmy? As if I’m punishing her.

See how big I got since the last photo in this wagon

Sat 8 A chill in house. Mostly cuddling up to mom or I if not playing. Got old carrier out and went through the stuff we stored to see what she might like and is big enough to use. Also got out the cat bed the old round ball track was in with it and the cat face bowl. Sadly not shoots blanket. Worked on making her a baby blanket. Just have to iron and infuse the layers together before I sew it. Was playing with packing paper slept in back of my neck for a nap then slid down and flipped and I think stayed asleep whole time!!!

Sun 9 MEOWthers

day She learned how to get on the couch and the ‘arm’ pillow . mom and i walked in and there she was. She jumps at it and climbs up the sheet we have on the couch. Watching NASCAR race in living room and see night ‘trot’ and she has the top part of a sock I took apart that said “I have issues” not sure what’s wrong… She’s been rubbing her butt on the floor. Her butt looks 100% better and the vet said she’s A healthy girl. She spent the day with me in living room cuddling with me. (Was a little chilly). Played and ran around but not as much as usual

May 10 Heard her get up fed and played. When I went in my room she followed me 😀 she fell asleep on me, so we both took a nap. I call it “kitten Zen”. She eventually slid off me and onto bed. Playing with my hair a lot today. She’s like all our cats rolled into 1 she Sits on my shoulder like Andy from work dead Goes on my back like Tiffany. Bites my nose like our friends cat gizmo. Walks all over and lays on laptop like Maisy. She ‘helps’ like a few of our cats did…Tom jerry, Jonathan We also say she’s not just cat… She my little lion for her roar, sometimes looks like a wolf pup. Strikes like a snake and generally reminds me of the lynx from the pet food commercial.. Oh yeah and when smaller would have the floof face like a baby cheetah. I let her run around the house today just left my room door open and we keep the other bedroom and bathroom door closed. Playing with my feet today. Had to go out for my 2nd covid shot… Was happy when I got home and it was only half an hour I think that I was gone.

tues 11 Lots of sleeping today!!! on both our parts, for me it was the side effect of my Covid shot. Mom picked up permanent litter pan, as the baby is bigger now and the size of the cardboard one we were using.

wed 1

week 6

wed 12

woke up before Nuggit, then heard her (she was probably just chilling in the box and heard me) Went to bathroom before I took her out, and I hear dad say something. I told him how could she be there when she’s in the box… When I got out I looked and that Little… Jumped out of her box and went to the Kitchen. So I ended up having to poke holes in the box that she sleeps in (until she’ big enough to sleep with me, or be trusted not to get herself into trouble while we are asleep. Have to put her play box (one of the 1/4 boxes cartons whatever they’re called, the food comes in. to put over it so she can’t get out. OMG so cute she’s playing with her shadow & boxing it!! Oh shave me lots of kisses while I was on the floor. She’s got such a rough tongue. Its like rubbing course or extra course sandpaper on your face and lips. Feels quite exfoliating! Ran around my bed like a loon. up body pillow down the blanket and vice versa and attacking pillow corner. Just WATCHING HER WARES YOU OUT!

thursday 13

She did it again! Walks over to me, looks me in the eye and SWAT on the nose! LOL She climbed up from the bottom of the couch. where my feet were. Can’t quite fully jump directly on couch so she jumps, then climbs up (we have a sheet covering it ) and came to say hi. Then got on the back of the couch. She laid down with me o the couch and fell asleep between the back of couch and my bent legs. She wanted a bottle around 6pm but I usually give her a bottle around 5 or 6 so I ‘Gourmeted’ her food. I dressed it up with some of her crunchies,egg yolk, and formula. She ate it minus maybe 3 bites (ate the rest later)

I saved this to use when I had a cat again, to use as treats, supplement the food etc

friday 14

She’s climbing on the dining room radiator (there’s covers). Beating up on the solar (‘bobbles’) animals I have on the sil started with the flamingo, bites, smacks etc… then wacks the shark off the ledge. Exploring WAY too much. Slept on my neck/shoulder area nearly needed a neck brace to straighten it back out. Was playing with her with the shipping paper that came in one of her packages. She FLEW at me over the paper and I swear she slid and I thought she was going to rip it.

sat 15

My leg pillows were stacked which she climbed up, and rolled down.. I want to know if that was on purpose, cause she looked like she enjoyed it.

not sure why but nuggit jumped up on the edge of her box she sleeps in, Balanced on it, for about a good 30 seconds or then fell in. From hanging out in the living room today with mom while I helped a neighbor with something, to playing and sleeping near dad on the couch, then me on the floor while we watched The Rise of Skywalker, She hung out with mom most of the night in her bedroom. Being as Sully used to lick cantaloupe I cut up a piece into minced pieces, and she smacked it away, well that’s one trait of Sully’s she doesn’t have.


Sunday 16

Walked toward INTO….headbutting herself in the mirror. Explored the master bedroom, well under the bed. She found Maisy’s ‘Tunnel’ among the bins in dining room.

monday 17

Had to go out to get my Fishing License dad’s expired too, so the 2 of us and our Neighbor Ray (which we go fishing with) went to Dick’s Sporting good to get it done but they aren’t able to do it for some reason. So ended up in Mohegan Lake Walmart to get them done. went to the pet section (so missed it and checking out what 99 cent toys they have..Checked to see if they had any kitten wet food as we can only seem to find Salmon or chicken. Got a box of Fancy Feast of 24 cans which not only had those but ocean whitefish and I think turkey as well. They had kitten collars so grabbed one to start collar training, also they ha these fruit slice mice and the Watermelon one looked the best so grabbed one of those. They also had can covers that fit BOTH small and big cans (FINALLY). Don’t think she likes the collar, tho maybe its just the bell.

Tuesday 18

Pouncing A+ Halloween Cat A+ So I rotated the toys so she would have different ones to play with.

She’s wearing the collar but she scratches her head near her ear.

week 7

wed 19

Today we got a visitor. Meowmy’s Aunt Mary and she brought along a Kitten shower gift!!! A Green bear with a peace sign on it. Mom asked if it was a care Bear. (Meomy HATEs the way they look now. The official ones look like Knock offs! She’s Glad she saved the ones she had in the 80s! )And she made me my own Quilt!!! Its ‘Krazy Kat’ themed. though not sure if mewmy got the cute tag in the picture… I thanked Aunt Mary my going to sleep in her purse!

Meowmy wasn’t feeling well today, kept feeling dizzy then later she felt more herself which then led to her being up so when it got to 3 or 3;30 early Thursday morning… she took me out of my bigger carrier to see if I wanted to eat a bit and play as well.

THursday 20

She found the hiding spot in the couch. (just a little storage area.) She Fell asleep on top of the small Photo albums we have in one of those cloth bins under the coffee table.



Happy 1st Birthday!

Currently working on setting up her 1st birthday celebration post. You will be able to find it below once it has published. in a new tab)