Around a CAULDRON boil; brewing a rotting toil

Some of us love witches, other’s are still in the dark ages thinking we are the devil’s servants. NOT! So here to wake the masses up I have gathered what I can for you on e REAL witches and maybe even some on our annoying , insulting green faced warty nosed stereotypes

Here I’ve  gathered an assortment of ingredients, and no not Eye of Newt & that lot but of what a witch is (or at least what I think of them), Witchy Names , Types of magic, Supplies, the difference between the pentacle, a part or two (my favorite part) of MacBeth, some witches’ brew recipes, Book suggestions (I have in my library), some videos and even and at the end an interactive  piece, add your own line to the spell/poem I also have (or will) the keys to making a spell.

The Native Indians practiced nature revering religion of Shamanism. Wicca is a form of Shamanism and there are many similarities between Wicca and other shamanic religions.  Wiccan  Witches  believe in the 7 generation rule… one should be forever conscious of their actions and what the repercussion will be for several generations into the future.  If you ask the questions: Will it do harm to anyone or thing? and one step further  Will it do harm to any future generations. If upon examination that you can do so with out harming any living thing now or in the future then you are safe to proceed. Dark Witches do not heed these rules.

Well What is a witch?

Many think they are evil as most are portrayed as in the movies, while others may start out as good and then are consumed by the power. Are there bad witches, there are some who practice Black Magic (but so far I have not run into any, at least that I realized were) I think it’s safe to say that most of us are good.

A witch can also be known as a Wiccan (a recognized religion), There are Pagan witches…  and before I go on let me just pause here for a moment to clear something up  before I go on. Christianity has used ‘Pagan’ as an umbrella term for pretty much any religion that’s not christian. I’ve heard it used not only for the Vikings (also known as Heathens), but also Egyptians, and(start sarcasm here) did you know the Romans and Greeks were ‘Pagan’ too? There’s been others I’ve heard it used for awhile back and I just can’t keep a straight list of them  any more. There are also ‘witches’ called necromancers (though I more hold them under the ‘Sorcerer or wizard’ moniker but really what is a Wizard or Sorceress?sorceress or even Warlock but a witch. Now Maybe one might make the argument that a Sorceress/ sorcerer is just a more powerful witch (which is sort of how I see it, others may say it’s the dark version,( ahem Evil version) of a female witch while a Warlock or sorcerer is the evil version of a male witch or wizard

Neophyte -is basically a new witch or one that solely uses spells that are already written

Adept– Creates spells from scratch

Witchy names

Agitha        Ariane        Autumn   Belladonna    Brenna   Corvina  Cora

Divina    Echo    Eiriane  Fiona  Gwynn

Hazel       Horatia       Helice

Jynx   Kaly  Karma  Levina  Lyla

Millicent   Morgana     or     Morgaine    Narcisa

Raven   Rhiannon  Sabine  Serorphine

Tempest  Thierry Trinity

 Kinaladry (key-a-la-dree)

What is your witch name

The Triple Goddess

Maiden also Represents, Curiosity, pursuit of knowledge and boundless potential

Crone is the keeper of mysteries and arcane wisdome


Afraid of Witches?

Why?! The Green faces and long warty nose is more hag & a myth than the Witch. Witches can be light or dark (or sometimes grey as they may use both types of magic)

One of the symbols witches use

The Pentagram? There’s 2 variations

1. The Pentagram or Penticle is the star with pointing up is a ‘good’ sign. Its a protective amulet against evil. The pentacle normally means the 5 elements (or 6 as I put it) Earth, Air Fire, water & at the Top Spirit (with the center to me meaning heart (otherwise noted Love)

2. The inverted version where the point is pointing down …is normally used in Black magic & Satanic rituals. It symbolizes the Goats head, to which the point is the goat’s nose. Their rituals usually contain conjuring& blood if not sacrifices; however I have heard it is also used in good magic for binding spells (protection spells) but I don’t use it at all, ever.

Samhain jackolantern spell: I do this every year and it works!

 Witches do a variety of Magic.

 There’s traditional types of Spoken, Potion & Ritual

*Spokenspell  normally called enchantments or Incantations  can be that of a couplet (a 2 line Rhyming sentence, as Rhyming helps to to remember spells, also the longer the spell, the more complex and more of a chance you will make a mistake (which can have grave effects)

*Potion – just like Snape’s in Harry Potter, for you muggles think Chemistry class

*Ritual –  Casting a Circle, altar ‘Potion’, Saying an invocation, use of Insense or oil and candles maybe even a crystal  but usually always has the Spoken, Potion and some candles in it The witch depending on her spell she wrote or is following may make use of other types as well.)

Rune– Rune casting usually used for Divination here are the runes

Candle– The colors (and even smells) are used for different type of work. Say Green for Money, Red for love etc.

Cartomancy –  Fortune telling by interpreting a random selection of playing cards.  (see TAROT Cards)

cord(string)- Color like the candle varies and as I have no done much of this I’m not sure if the type (Leather, Cotton, hemp etc) of chord or string factors in

Crystal magic– Crystals are known to retain power. Each one is used for a specific type of effect

Tarot cards– usually used in Divination, this is not your standard deck of playing cards, however a standard deck can be used as such if you have been taught how. (I learned a bit back in high school but I can not really remember which suits exemplify Those of the Tarots, Cups, Penticles, Wands(or staff)  & Swords. THough I think Spades= Swords  Penticles & Diamonds I think  Wands= Clubs & Cups = Hearts but I’m not 100% sure on that.

oil &incense(as far as I can think of)

Chakra– The 7 chakras are represented by a different color for a different area of the body.  Mind, Spirit, heart & 4 others

Elementalmagic -Earth, air fire water  I have a book of Water magic (which so happens to be my Zodiac signs element)

Expression mentioned in Vampire Diaries. This is not a nature based magic, but magic through shear will.

Poppet magic – Some think Poppet (Doll) magic is evil, but the intent is only as evil as the emotion you put upon it.  Poppet Magi can be used for a variety of spells.  can be used for any sort of magic.   Method Here’s a sample spell I found & another

Dream magic

Numerology–   For me there is no simple way to explain this so I’m going to Wiki it myself pythagorean-numerology

Love, singing & dancing & sky magic.

Blood Magic     Read casting a blood Spell Blood is also sometimes used as ink

Necromancy  death magic (Though it seems to only be used as black magic, but I’m sure  light magic can make use of Blood magic as well.)

Herbal magic – Think of it as chemistry class or In Harry Potter terms,  Herbology class. Herbs are used in potions, charms and mojo bags.

Prophecy– When you use no tools. The vision comes in a dream, maybe when you touch someone or something

Divination– the use of tools like Tarot Cards to ‘see’ the future

lessing & Spiritual

There’s also Hoodoo & Voodoo magic done by that religion’s priest & priestesses

Santaria- sympathy dolls   The true story behind Santeria

What is the difference between Voodoo, Hoodoo and Santeria

Beauty – Madame Delphine LaLaurie (as played by Kathy Bates in American horror Story) is one to be frightened of. She uses the Elizabeth Bathory beauty regimine, draining the blood of the Young Virgins to remain youthful looking however no matter which you use blood,wrinkle cream, or some herbal poltice; you are supposed to brush or spread it upwards (as that tightens your skin) not down which basically pulls the skin down and makes wrinkles.

Types of witches

60 Witchcraft Traditions, Which one are you?

Which type of witch are you according to your zodiac sign? Find out here


Witchy Supplies & Magical Tools

As for the Atheme, which is a ritual knife for cutting herbs etc. That can be purchased but should ONLY be used when working and prepping spells. The Atheme is a decorative knife that is only used for spellwork. A few examples are Dragon Neclace atheme a Silver mini atheme an Ahnk   the athame: the dagger you shouldnt be scared of

Wiccan Wand Chakra stones & Crystals wand it’s usually better to make your own wand like if you come across an interesting branch or twig. Some prefer to use one that has already fallen from the tree, others like to ‘ask’ the tree if they may have the particular one that is still part of the tree.

Pentagram/pentacle -a 5 pointed star that stands for Earth, Fire Water, air & spirit. Is a protective symbol (like that of the sheriff’s badge.  A Pentagram Point’s ‘up’ (think of it as a witches’ hat on top of the 4 others)   & here is  5 reasons you should wear a pentagram  If you see an inverted one which points down that is the evil satanic version (which is reminiscent of a Goats head)

Familiar  Cats in the Coven: Why Witches Have Animal Familiars

Book of Shadows/Grimoire   Its sort of a journal for your mystical journey.  write your Spells and the 3 Rs in it.. rites, rituals & Recipes or  a 4th R for Reference charts (you copied in it, Like Symbols, )  or as Wiki puts it “containing religious texts and instructions for magical rituals found within the Neopagan religion of Wicca, and in many pagan practices” for more ideas you an read this ‘Free Witch spells‘ site.

usually there is a difference between the 2. Your BOS is usually your regular spells and so on, and is called a grimoire If its a dark spells book. (But you can have one of each) You can Buy one of the 2 below, find a Journal you like or make it yourself in some way. Some famous spell books are The Necronomicon (yes There’s are a real book with that name, and you do not want to mess with this if you do not have years (and that’s over 5 maybe 13 the least experience & properly know how to read the spells )  The Key of Solomon

How to Make a Pagan Book of Shadows   & The 4 things you should NEVER write in it

It’s one thing to purcase a Besom or a wand for a costume,  but it’s another thing if you intend to actually use it for ritual. How else would we travel? Brooms are faster then motorcycles, and faster than an Indy car. Plus they’re light weight and much more portable.  

Book of Shadows: A Spiritual Journal

Book of Shadows: A Spiritual Journal

This one is already made, just add your spells etc. for those of you that are not that good at books binding or hard to find that ‘perfect’ cover.  Buy Now  A friend bought me this one–>, and honestly I like the way the inside of the grimoire is set up better.  As I purchased it for a (different) friend, but You can look inside each on amazon! (So glad they have that feature!

<–Magic Spell Book: of Shadows / Grimoire ( Gifts ) [ 90 Blank Attractive Spells Records & more * Paperback Notebook / Journal * Large * Pentacle ] (Magick Gifts) Paperback  buy here

Little Adventures Deluxe Black Adult Cloak with Hood (One Size)
Cloak with Hood (One Size)   (optional)

Not only do our hats help us channel power, but our cloaks have a crackle of magic in them to. Plus they are a great place to store your wand, and if you made it yourself have extra pockets for potion vials, a pocket size spell book plus keep warm in the forest while gathering


WHAT’S THE Difference?

The Dictionary does a poor job of defining the difference between
Mage– pretty much same as a wizard. Seems to be the new word for a Wizard.   I hear it referenced most often by people who play RPG
Witch particularly a woman supposed to have magical powers..  these days are mainly part of the wiccan religion. a woman supposedly having supernatural powers by a pact with with evil spirits.. the old crone
      some witches are wiccan but not all wiccans are witches; some who claim to be witches seem to have disdain for wicca as if it is somehow less valid like it isnt as serious ,some take offense as witch was a word used by others to eliminate certain people, and dont like the reclaiming of the word.

Wicca and Witchcraft: The Differences

Wicca and Witchcraft what are the differencesWizard – male witch  Talented person, genius

Warlock– Dark male witch (usually satanists) man who pract ices black magic. known as snitches back in the persecutions. told on thier own kind and others

Sorcerer/Sorceress– Often portrayed as villains  the supposed use of evil magical power over people

Sorcerers are basically able to conjure something out of nothing, while witches use the energy around them and use their WILL to make their spells work and a variety of magical talents) Wizards are very wise with powers stronger than witches and usually need a staff or something of that sort. Warlocks are basically bLack or dark ‘witches’ but I associated them more with Satanists.

Then there’s the Alchemist of the middle ages which is basically a Chemist they would turn base elements into gold.

avataring– like communing with deity connecting with sometimes used as slang for drawing down deity. A Friend of mine mentioning that this has become a popular term was surprising to me. (If You’ve seen the 7th season of Charmed you’d understand) it sounds more (at least to me)  like something to do with a Role Playing Game (or another term for it) than something to do with magic.

witch and wiccan and pagan are the more readily used terms

Witch as a Metaphor

We’ve know vampires to be one for Addiction and Zombies to be for Consumerism but I’ve never herd anyone mention for witches. So I asked on Quora:

Many of Us have heard the metaphors for Vampires and Zombies; The main (cliche?) ones being Addiction and Consumerism. I never heard of any for witches so I asked on Quora   So far I got a few answers

Political deception, another “Women are mysterious, dangerous creatures to be repressed and controlled at all cost.”  (that would pretty much be the Puritain/Christian views from the time of the witch trials.)  I would DEFINITELY go with this one. Another Greed (though they had a false perception of witches) the unknowable side of humanity’, to the evils of untamed science,

Herbalists/Pharmacy, male fear of their attraction to women

  • fear of other religions/the unreligious.
  • female empowerment, whether positively or negatively framed
  • an external cult threat, in a backwoods cannibal cult kind of way
  • as a deux ex machina or inciting incident in a plot to supply the means of magic (e.g. Brave)
  • fear of the elderly, particularly eldery women.
  • using people for your own gain at their loss.

a Witch without a spell, is just a Bitch

(this was either from American Horror Story Coven or Witches of East End)


Me as a witch

(I put the door knob on fire)

©Kimamrie Ostrowski

Me as a witch (I put the door knob on fire)


Cats In Folklore: Not Just A Witch’s Familiar



So what goes into a spell?

The keys to a spell (as I see it) are

1. You need 100% concentration when you are putting it together as well when You are doing the ‘ritual’ for it.

2. a strong need or desire for it – “as I will it, so it shall be”

3. If you create your own spell (or ritual) Wording (which is so much better than someone else’s as you know what the intended result you mean for it to be) It’s personal and your pouring your energy into designing it, so more likely to work as its designed for your purposes and increases the overall potential for the spell to succed

3.  Wording. Keep it short and sweet (no longer than you can remember as previously  mentioned a 2 line couplet  that you can just chant over and over (3, 6, or 9 times) but no longer than a paragraph otherwise you run the risk reciting the wording wrong.

4 Proper Pronunciation  – Remember this needs to be read aloud so it’s best to read it in your own language. If you read it from another language you could mess up the pronunciation and get a whole other  result that  was not intended might or shall I say Likely backfire.

5. Always research what Colors, Herbs, Incense,  Crystals/gemstones etc help in the type of spell you are doing , the best day and even time for it to be done

Anything Positive  with the waxing of the moon from the Full Moon. The Night of the Full moon is the last day of the moons Waxing cycle which makes it the perfect day for Constructive Magic

Negative or destructive work – should go with the waning of the moon.  The night of the Newmoon is best night for destructive magic.

6. Keep notes  (here’s where your Journal aka book of Shadows  comes in)   Write down all the materials you need for the ritual (altar) , all your ingredients and measurements, the incantation (wording) Make note of the date and day you cast it, the moon phase  and the time you cast it You also should include what the desired result should be (so as to not forget the reason you cast the spell) and once it manifests write down the date it did.  If you do not see results in about 2 weeks to a month see if you made a mistake somewhere, clean -up the spell  and try it again keeping notes  (include the date time etc notes again


Grimore Shadows – The Witch Book Encyclopedia

Book of Shadows- The book of witches spells, and sometimes there’s notes of reference as well.

Grimore- book of Dark spells

The Witch Book: The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, Wicca, and Neo-paganism
The Witch Book: The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, Wicca, and Neo-paganism

Great for Research &amp; learning about witches etc everything you wanted &amp; need to know (even if you didn’t know you wanted to) at your finger tips.

Everything from Abracadabra to Zodiac. Tools, people events &amp; more.


Macbeth: Act 4 scene 1

Round about the cauldron go;

In the poisoned entrails throw.

Toad, that under cold stone

Days and nights has thirty one

Sweltered venom sleeping got, Boil thou first I’th’ Charmed pot

Double Double

Toil and trouble;

Fire burn

and cauldron bubble

Brew up more here!

this is NOT the Guestbook… if you don’t have a line to add then please do not post here!

a few ideas:

Casting Runes

Brooms Sweeping negativity from the room

(the Macbeth Witches- Prudence, Dorcus & Agatha)

Witchy items

Design Toscano CL69238 Witch's Cat Spell-Casting Wall SculptureCharm School Witch BraceletDesign Toscano CL69332 Witches Mystic Spell Book and PenEllie Shoes Women's Witch Adult BootsMagic Wand 15" (RWW15) -
1 Design Toscano CL69238 Witch’s Cat Spell-Casting Wall Sculpture Buy Now

2 Charm School Witch Bracelet Buy Now

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Ellie Shoes Women’s Witch Adult Boots  Buy Now

Magic Wand 15″ (RWW15) – Buy Now


Witches’ Brew


I’ve found a variety of recipes of what Witches’ Brew is supposed to be.

So here I have included a picture of one, and will also try my best to include the others I found, & don’t worry, I didn’t include the one from Macbeth!

For another receipe check out the 13 Frights of halloween!

Cook Time

Prep Time: *= Optional

Serves: 10-6 oz servings (estimated)


  • 1 inch stick of cinnamon {break into pieces}
  • 3 cups apple cider
  • 1 cup cranberry juice
  • 1 taspoon WHOLE cloves
  • *1 to 1 & 1/2 cup cup Rum
  • 1 tablespoon Honey
  • 1/3 cup BROWN sugar (tamped down)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6j2ajdVBvw
  • *Butter


  1. in a 4-6 inch sqaure of DOUBLE thick cheese cloth (100% cotton) put in the spices (if you do not have one then I hope you have a loose tea filter)
  2. put all ingredients in a small Couldron on the stove heat well but do not boil, strain out cloves and spices
  3. (COuldron Not available? Use the modern day one a crock pot or slow cooker, is suitable
  4. combine all the ingredients except butter.
  5. Cover & Cook on Low setting for 7-8 hours or high setting 3-4 hours
  6. Discard spice bag, Ladle hot punch into cups and float about 1/2 teaspoon button on top of each serving.
  7. **You can substitute 1-1 1/2 cup apple cider for the rum.

Witchy Books & Cauldron – Learn about Witchcraft & Wiccan Religion

1Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft (Llewellyn's Practical Magick) 2 Pagan Paths: A Guide to Wicca, Druidry, Asatru, Shamanism and Other Pagan Practices  3The Wiccan Rede: Couplets of the Law, Teachings, and Enchantments   4Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

1.Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft (Llewellyn’s Practical Magick) Buy Now    

2.Pagan Paths: A Guide to Wicca, Druidry, Asatru, Shamanism and Other Pagan Practices Buy Now

3 The Wiccan Rede: Couplets of the Law, Teachings, and Enchantments Buy Now

4.Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner Buy Now

Witch ‘facts’

from assorted media (books, movies etc)
  • Most Witches (like Scorpios) have an inner sense of direction, even in the dark
  • Witches know a shape shifter when they see one.

(A tingling feeling, Feeling of something ‘not right’ with the person or creature.

  • WARLOCK- slur against a male witch
  • Mabon Witches go home
  • Mallum Mallace-   Woman sees Fruit of knowledge ….Men see is Apple of evil.
  • Driving a spike into a witches footprint, roots them to the spot
  • Always carry some yarn or string with you
  • witches are born with the information regarding their deaths, it is forbidden to share it with anyone else. It takes powerful magic to circumvent what should be the order of life
  • The witchfinder is one of the oldest legends or so thought …a witches ‘boogyman’ “if you arein the early 15000 not good the witch finder will come for you. Supposed to be one of the original members of the Spanish inquisition who went above and beyond his calling to bring witches to trial and finally to ____ in the early 1500s. He’s said to be responsible for the deaths of thousands of witches. He almost has a knack (almost magical) for finding his prey and took great pleasure in getting them to confess and killing them in ghoulish ways.  When it was over, a powerful spell was cast upon him to serve them (the witches) in anything they may need.
  • (Spell to find familiar- From Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)I

Spirits of the Forest I pronounce my intentions to be. Come forth and seek me and equal we shall be (ring bell) Not as master and servant byt Familiar to Familiar to share our knowledge, spirit and our traits (ring bell) 

(I forget what this one was for)

Spider oh spider Pray/ Why do you spin your pretty white webs so fine and thin

You cat fat flies/ you turn them into pies

Spider oh Spider/ Pray do you not see

Here comes a big buzzing bumbling bee

He’ll spoil your fine net, while you fume and you fret

but no mercy you grant and no mercy you get

The Witchhouse

Tv & Movies

Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Legacies

 FX American Horror Story’s 3rd season subtitled ‘COVEN’

1 Practical Magic (Keep Case Packaging) 2 Salem Witch Trials featuring Kirstie Alley 3The Covenant
1 Practical Magic (Keep Case Packaging) Buy Now   Finally a movie with good witches in it
2. Salem Witch Trials featuring Kirstie Alley Buy NowOf what I read about the Salem witch trials (including a couple books sent from Salem)
     There are parts of this that sound like someone got the facts muddled.
3.  The Covenant   Buy Now

It seems the only people I have come across that like this movie are ‘witches’. I like it, but more likely for the wrong reason. It can be pretty cheesy with the posing and the grinning but for those of you who know who Taylor kitsch, Sebastian Stan or Chace Crawford are… well 4 words.. Taylor Kitsch in a Speedo!

The Worst Witch  
 Witches of Eastwick   
Witches of East End
Sabrina the Teenage Witch (both Network and Netflix incarnations)
The Worst Witch (Netflix series and the English tv series)
Charmed (original)
The Gates

In American Horror Story COVEN

In season 3 of American Horror Story the tale involved witches  in which girls attended Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional young ladies. A safe haven for young witches since 1868.  Jessica Lange plays Fiona known as ‘the supreme’ this means she has the strongest powers (either that or all forms of the powers) her character is Witch ‘Royalty’ which means the family descended from the Salem witches, which migrated down to New Orleans after the trouble in the north.

Though the Voodoo practitioners (who were there first) and witches do not get along

Concilium  – Coercion or Mind Control)
Transmutation (disappear and reappear)
Divination (or clairvoyance)
Vitalum (Vitale) balances the scales of Life and death
Decensum – power to project one’s soul into the nether worlds of the afterlife.
(other powers?)
Resergence- Resurrect oneself and other individuals
Black widow  induce brain aneurysms during sexual intercourse
Voodoo doll (injury transference)
 Testosterone is a known inhibitor which impedes ethereal (mystical) realm
The Warlocks in Apocalypses
Level 1- scrying
Level 2- teleport
Level 3- Nature= weather manipulation
Level 4- Alpha
Each can do some but not all ONLY the alpha can do all levels of magic.

In the NBC series Midnight Texas (adapted from Charlene Harris Novels)

Good witches were decedents of Delilah

The Father of Black magic is Theopolis (who has a twin)

Types of Spells

Dampening spells- protect against magical assaults in a building.


Summoning- to bring forth your ancestors, the gods or other spirits

Have a spell you’d like to share? You are more than welcome to post it.

Just please be sure you note what it’s used for, and Cast your vote for Witches Brew


Learn some magic – but be sure to will it as well





‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’: The Cost of Dreamwalking and Incursions

“basically possessing the body of an alternate version of yourself out in the Multiverse.” In the film, Mordo of Earth-838 explains to Strange and America that dreamwalking is the ultimate offense a person can do.  “It’s an evil, disgusting act,” emphasized Palmer. “It’s taking over the body of someone else. You can’t go and possess another person’s body, even if it’s another version of yourself. As Mordo said, it’s corrosive to the soul. That is not the kind of thing that magic should be used for.”  It’s literally invading a person’s consciousness. It’s body and soul theft. It’s carjacking your Multiversal self’s body, and using it against its will.”

 an incursion occurs when a being from one universe travels to another and causes a big enough footprint,” explained Palmer. “You can’t go to another universe and start stomping around and making big waves. If you do, it’s going to mess up the whole balance of the Multiverse, and it could destroy one or both of the universes entirely. The magical connection between those two universes should not be messed with.” The way the Darkhold corrupts you manifests in different ways,” reflected Waldron. “For Strange, it’s that third eye. For Wanda, it’s the burnt fingers. It’s just different things.”

‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’: Demystifying the Darkhold and Book of Vishanti

Understanding the mystic tomes at the center of the blockbuster.

darkhold=the Book of the Damned  a grimoire -This is the book of ultimate evil. There is a chapter about Wanda The Scarlet Witch.”

BOOK OF VISHANTI –“On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Book of Vishanti,” explained Palmer. “It exists in the space between universes, and is not for any one sorcerer to wield or keep as their own. The Darkhold has the quality about it where you want to possess it and you want to keep it. The Book of Vishanti is the opposite. It’s for everyone and all sorcerers. It’s a magical book that gives— if you’re good, it will give you the power you need to defeat any bad. It will fight the Darkhold; it is good, and it is pure.”


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Around the Cauldron / 3 witches Loom

write the next  line for the poem (spell)

add a line to the comments and I will include them (+ credit)


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