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 What is ZodiacImmortal ?

ZodiacImmortal was my screen-name on Squidoo.com which has cut it’s tentacles. I wondered what I could do with some of my ideas, as I didn’t care much for Hubpages,  I really should say, for some of my pages it was not the right fit. I’ve been looking for a variety of blogs and writing sites, especially those I could make royalties from, even if I can’t pay for the hosting.

I don’t  remember if the screen name came before or after the piece I wrote which is on my Scorpio Sass Hubpage as well as the Full version (with more info) of Scorpio Sass here .

I  have a older  blog  on blogger,  kim-otodragonsfire.blogspot.com   Which I NOW use as an Annex & backup. Back when I first started it, I only posted something occasionally, as I didn’t really know what to blog about.  On one of my Squidoo pages (which they called Lenses) someone left a comment saying the page was a great blog.  (Squidoo wasn’t a blogging site, I’d call it more like an Article or page) and many of my fellow ‘squids’ had their own blogs beside their Squidoo articles.

So now with some of the information from some of my squidoo pages, I thought: “Hey, they can become a few theme blogs!”

Basically this is my main blog for any announcements, as well as anything not mentioned above, below or as one of my niche topic blogs.

If it’s October you will likely find Halloween related stuff (just check archives for October 2014, 13 Frights or nights of Halloween  I did a 31 days of Halloween posts or you can even click on the menu tab of 13 Frights (nights) of Halloween, or hoover on it and find more pages available under that as well as some of the other options. etc.

Then I have my Scorpio pages as well as The Zodiac (which I add more to both as I find new information and images. I always welcome information from others about the other zodiac signs.


I am not nor do I claim to be a professional beautician, Writer nor do I work in the film or music industry. However I do crafts and You can find what’s in stock or order something to be made for you. I also write Poems, as well as have a few stories in the works. Most of my beauty Knowledge comes from Experience and the information I picked up from reading magazines.

If there’s a problem or you have feedback for me, then please contact me with the form below.


Email ZodiacImmortal * Twitter @kymoDragon *  facebook KimMarieOstrowski * * Youtube.com/rocklvr76 *   pinterest.kymodragon/ *  
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tozipaz.tumblr.com you can get the whole ‘Run Down’ of my blog posts there

my pre-blog work hubpages.com   (or search those sites for ZodiacImmortal)

If there’s anything I did not  cover you’d like to know, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Daily (or close to it)

Movie Monday

TV Tuesday-Television series review or Trash tower  Tuesday (can be a movie or TV series)

Wicked Wednesday -Horror movies

Thursday -off day

Friday Bind- Book review or a movie review and likely curated news (via links)

Once a month to every other week

Miss Musings Writing Essentials
Writing Wednesdays


Most days is a toss up but usually post specific on
Thursday salon day (Hair or nails)
Fashion/Fitness  Friday


I try for once a month, even if its just a link or something I found I like and want to try or thought my readers would be interested in.

When I start or finish a project or find something

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Tuesday – something re-purposed
Wire work Wednesdays
Thursday-Thread’ (or Yarn) related sewing, Cross stitch, Crochet, knitting etc.
Friday Weekend Project

about your Author


I love writing and reading and am currently just posting my writing all over as I have written on squidoo for at least about 7-8 years (I signed up in 2008)  now, and the site sadly clipped it’s wires. (it’s their own fault, they kept making too many changes and it was fine before they started that, so in this case change was not good!)

I’ve started writing on bubble news and you can find an annex for all this on blogger (see the websites below) and my other WordPress blogs

I tried writing a story (vampire, being as they say write what you know) years back in 2005 I think & sadly I stopped pretty much for the fact that the Ethan Hawke movie about vampires was somewhat the same idea (or at least part of it)

I am now working on 2 stories one about a writer, and another is a zombie ‘story’. The zombie story however I’m doing in a way I haven’t seen done as a book. I also have notes for another story, one set in the future; problem is someone else might have to write that. I’ve got the  ideas just not the plot(s) or characters or the story itself.

see more in the facts

Facts about me 

-I love Horror movies as well as thrillers, mysteries, action with some sci-fi thrown in, same goes for what I like to read as well as my favorite tv shows.

-I have written over 100 poems written and 3 have been published in anthologies Carvings in Stone, Forever Spoken and I forget the title of the other, and have received Editors’ Choice awards.

-I’m a nut when it comes to Halloween…or Oreos! There’s even a certain time I get a craving for them (this I believe is due to when I’d sleep over my friend Natalie’s house, here mom would give us Oreos and Milk  we had to be in bed either 9 or 9:30, but we were aloud to stay up and watch a movie. I’m telling you, you can just about set your watch by it!)

-I enjoy making jewlery, so far it’s mostly only been bracelets & earrings, which I enjoy giving as gifts or if someone wants to commission me to make something.

-I have a lovely beautiful black cat named Sully after my favorite band Godsmack’s lead singer Sully Erna.

Gee could we be cat people

-My Favorite Charity is Best Friends animal sanctuary, and Sully an I would love to be able to make a donation on behalf of my Blog Followers (at the end of 2016) So please as a gift

and please just leave a memo its for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Even if everyone donates just $1.00 each we will be able to send *about $1000 (or more)
*I’m not sure if Paypal takes a percent when you donate/gift money. So for $1.00 to actually be donated it might have to be $1.50.
-I will likely slowly add some of what I’ve written on Squidoo, here  so it is still online  if a certain page doesn’t work with the new site and I hope you will like what I post. If You cannot find it here likely it’s on one of the other sites  noted or one of my other blogs.

– I’m a big reader and in 2013 I read 38 books, 2014 didn’t count and this year I’m not counting, just trying to get books read and sold or donated. Though someone on a reading group I’m in on Facebook is already OVER 100 books read!

-Each year we have a ‘Cabin Fever Reliever‘ usually in February before, after or during the weekend of the 18th/19th. (a family friend’s & my mom’s b-days!)

– Movies that I  love to watch that a lot of people you know don’t seem to like

Pacific Rim, Battleship, The Monster Squad

Things to do in winter

writing, reading &  crafts

Favorite singers (any genre)

Sully Erna of Godsmack

– Writers that people should be reading 

Janet Evanovich (Stephanie Plum Series)

Yasmine Galenorn (Otherworld series)

J.R. Ward (The Black Dagger Brotherhood)

Favorite tricks to kick start your writing juices

I re-read through un-finished poems & that sometimes helps get a few more lines if not finished.

You can find what I am currently reading here   or on my Goodreads 

1. Which song is your go-to song, and why?  any by of Godsmack or Hold the Heathen Hammer High by Tyr

2. Who would you dress up as for Halloween? as an actual person? Not likely, I follow tradition and dress to be scary (2014) I was an Egyptian Priestess Mummy

3. If you could have a conversation with any person, alive or dead, who would it be? my Pop-pop I would love to hear the story he used to tell me when I was little

4. Which virtual game do you like the most? I don’t really play games much. But my Favorite arcade game was Rampage which I have for one of the older playstation systems. (We still have Playstation 1 & 2 & Sega Saturn! that’s how into video games we are here!)

5. Which book(s) are you really fond of? Stephen King’s Cell; love the metaphor (there’s a few others  see #17 )

Yasmine Galenorn’s Otherworld Series   Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum series J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood

6. What is your craziest aspiration? After going to around 10 Godsmack concerts, it would be nice to at least get backstage even for just a minute to meet them. (or for their traditional 8:15 tequila shot.. &I don’t like tequila but still)

7. If you were to create a piece of art, what would it look like? as for paintings… not good at drawing or anything but I have done 3 so far. 8x10s. They’re supposed to be the ‘Elements’ collection. First was water, 2nd was a cemetery (represents Earth & Spirit and the bat in it air) and the last is a volcano

8. Is there any poem or quote that has stuck with you?(also see # 12)off the top of my head

“I have nothing to say to you, but through the mouths of my cannons” – Frontnac  (sp?)

9. Is there anyone whose hair you really envy? Loved the ‘Voodoo Queen’s in American Horror Story: Coven or Lagertha’s braids in Vikings. my hair is down to my butt so I’d like to get something done with it like those

10  Why did you start blogging? I had a blog before hand but was never really into blogging much maybe I just wasn’t sure what the ‘point’ was but I started my blogs on here because I wrote on squidoo for a few years and it closed down and the pages that transferred from there to Hubpages well they don’t all work so well with the site. So I’m trying to work some of those into pages on my blogs.

11  Where do you find your inspiration? variety of places, another blog may give me an idea or I liked what I read so I reblog it. A magazine article like an upcoming one I will post (hopefully today either here or on my Multi Screen Mo_T_Vision one as it’s sort of  to help with  the holidays
12. What’s your favorite quote or poem?  one of mine own or not? If not my own… The Raven by Edgar Allen poe I know it’s sort of cliche but I haven’t read many others. Another is by a friend & a bit of humor called ‘The Public Fart’ can’t read it without laughing my butt off!  As for one of my own, I’d have to say Storm or Through the Eyes of the Gods (both published Storm in anthology Carvings in Stone on page 89 and Through the Eyes of the Gods  in the anthology Forever Spoken.

13.  What’s your dream destination?  There’s a few places I’d like to travel Australia, Hawaii, Poland, Czech republic, England, Ireland
14. If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why? My Cat sully cause she’s a spoiled brat!
15. Is there a childhood memory that got stuck with you? not that I can think of at the moment
16. Do you have a favorite comfort food? Oreos (when I’d go to a friends house and sleep over, her mom always gave us Oreos and this was about 9 or 9:30 we’d have to at least get in bed. SO if I get a craving for Oreos you know its within the 9 pm hour.
17. What’s your favorite author/book?                Authors = Yasmine Galenorn, J.R. Ward & Janet Evanovich                                                                                                                         Books= The Paths we choose by Sully Erna    The Stake by Richard Laymon Murder on the Prowl by Rita Mae brown & Sneaky Pie Brown   Lethal Legacy by Linda Fairstein   *A Flaw in the Blood byStephanie Brown  The Physic Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe  I’m the Vampire That’s why by  Michele Bardsley  A dirty job by Christopher Moore

18. Is there a random act of kindness you either witnessed or performed? One I often do is give my extra coupons (that may expire that day, or if I won’t be back before hand) to the people behind me.

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13 thoughts on “About Contact

    • Most of my posts have comment blocks (at least the last few I know did) hey no prob. It’s how everyone gets exposure. I wish I could find something with affordable ghost hunting gadgets to post but man they are so much. A friend of mine Friday night was telling me about his own ghost experiences, I thought I might get to try to do my own investigation but sadly he said someone is now living in the house.


      • You don’t need to use technical equipment to do a paranormal investigation – leave that to the technical experts. You can use your perception and intuition, along with your other senses. Watch for sudden changes in temperature, odors, unexplained noises like knocks, footsteps, whispers, etc. You can also use L-Rods which are inexpensive.to purchase. .


        • I meant for proof. I do have a tape recorder (and I do mean tape!) L-Rods I don’t believe in..(I just wish it was a digital one as I think the software to listen to it and clean it up comes with it. That’s the one electronic I’d like. (& either night vision camera or the thermal Do you checkout the page I have on Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures? I made a widget for anyone that is looking to get into investigations of some of the gear the guys use


          • I am no into electronic equipment, however I have been out on paranormal investigations with a technical crew. I will however check out the equipment you have listed…this stuff is usually beyond my limited budget but I like to look!


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