Harvest of Halloween Programming and Gifts (for all)

Some Nostalgic & some new programs and movies for the kids & you~

Treats for all!~

Whether you are young or a kid at heart there are some, no matter how old they get, will still love Halloween like they did as a child.  I even went trick or treating one more time after I graduated high School, but that was because we moved to a new neighborhood (and damn that was a smart thing to do! I got more treats than I ever did in my old neighborhood! So you could say I went out on top! Now I just go to one or 2 of my neighbors we are friends with to get some goodies before things get crazy)

Some still watch (any) Holiday programming like, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown has been playing sine 1966, and the Nightmare Before Christmas has been around since 1993 (wow! I thought it was ’98). It’s always nice to watch programming that goes with the holiday, although when it’s highly saturated like it is in December, it can also be a turn off. I guess it’s a good thing that Halloween does not have so many special movies (regardless of what age it’s geared toward) that have been around since the dawn of time.

This 2018 Target has an exclusive Universal Monsters Card series

Then there are those who love getting goodies & surprises,(like me) & where this page comes in to play. As far as I know, not many people give gift for Halloween as that’s what the trick or treating is, However I guess because it’s my favorite holiday and I call it my ‘Xmas’ my mother has always given me some sort of a gift and a few dollars for it. (The money I usually end up using for buying treats or something for my costume the next year)

I’ve got Ideas for making your own gift ‘whatever’, some suggestions already made, videos for the kids and a bit more. That plus if you check out my other Halloween pages you will find so much more.

When you are trying to put a Halloween gift together for someone (be it a host gift a friend or whatever the reason) First you might want to try to find out  If and

what the person is dressing as for the holiday

do they like horror movies? How about the classics

are they int ‘cute’ or scary Halloween

What they like about it

All of this will help you with putting something together you can  theme the items to what their costume will be, for instance.


Here’s a Ninja Turtle Cup and items I put together for the boy across the street from me —>

A Vampire gift ?     Give it to them in a coffin, be it just a small one with just candy in it or a jewelry box or purse size with various sized items or hell I’d love a life size one especially to be of use on Halloween when I’m not sleeping in it or using it as a coffee table!

(Other Coffin Options this trinket box
You can include a plush toy of a vampire or a bat  You can have candy and or toy bats have a doughnut with those plastic fang dentures, include something that makes your tongue blood red like that gum that ‘paints’ your mouth. Blood Orange and cherry flavored items are good

a Good useful item would be a back pack pouch  or ted the impaler teddy bear for those city builders or lego lovers

for parties these blood bags are awesome to put the blood in err I mean red punch

a witch? .. give them a ‘candy’ cauldron  buy a real or a plastic cauldron and add your eye of newt toe of frog all those weird candies you could even include that part of Macbeth on the card cover include something of a black cat like a  plush toy, something of each of the pentagram broom and witches hat symbols and purple and green are usually used when it comes to magic so you might want to put some crepe paper in those colors in the bottom (like you do with the ‘grass’ for easter)

Below I have an example of a treat bag, as well as what I am giving out, what my favorites are, as well as ideas for your treaters or just a gift for that special someone who loves the holiday.

Make your OWN Goodie Bag

* decide to include candy or non candy or both candy & toys etc. (or healthy sweet alternatives to candy)

*select: Witches Cauldron, Coffin Box,

a nice goodie bag (that can be used or re-used for trick or treating, a purse, or as a decoration)

or a Halloween themed cup (as I did here, including sampling of what’s in them)


*what to put in it – (be sure items are Age appropriate )

Fave candies & chocolates Gumball eyes Twizzlers, a plush ‘monster’ Halloween themed jewelry, toys like Halloween theme cars theme school supplies pencil notepad, T-shirt, (Pumpkin spice) Candle, Music and Movies

Here’s a little treat bag I put together for a toddler, and I’m not sure if or what type of candy she can have so I will wait to ask her daddy when they come before I put any in

Here’s the trick…if you get a treat you don’t like trade it!

Before Halloween work with your teacher/school to host a ‘trade party’ (or even the parents and kids on your street)

Bring in all the sweets they and their family don’t like.  You an use bags or disposable bowls to keep each type of treat together.

It can be set up as a buffet. For every treat you trade in, you get a ticket (or something) to hand in for one you like.

Or instead Each child can write a list of what their favorites are and can be put together that way.

Save me some smarties, Dum Dum pops Reeses’ and mini Snickers bars.

The Best Halloween Treats for Trick-or-Treaters & Halloween Parties

Not sure HOW they gather the information for this one but NEW YORK can’t be Hot Tamales. I never see any in the kids bags, usually its Reeses, Snickers, and assorted lollipops  but here is  The Most Popular Halloween Candy in Every State

Make your own Halloween Treat ‘basket’

Sorry it’s a bit shaky as I’m holding the camera while filming, and it sort of catches up abruptly (the battery died but I was somewhat fished anyway. I might redo it once Halloween is over so that all the goodies are here.

As I make a special treat bag for 5 or so children I know around the neighborhood…  a single gift (with some candy treats like Halloween themed set of Legos (one of those mini sets) makes a great treat for those your children are closest to or play with.(Those of which you at least know their names)

You don’t have to just give candy!! You could make small treat bags with a piece or 2 of candy also a small ‘toy’ or other item like a small puzzle/activity book why not include some crazy ones for it or at least a pencil. (Those kids could use it but PLEASE NEVER just give out a pencil. You are just asking to be egged or T. P.’ed)

as far as trick or treaters .. I like to give out a hard piece of candy like a dum dum pop and maybe a piece of gum, or a package of pretzels. For 2016 I am handing out one or 2 pieces of candy and a non-candy item. (I’ll let them choose)

My favorite candies to get



Dum Dum pops (as long as they are not Butterscotch or Root-beer

Mini Snickers

3 Musketeers

Peanut M&Ms

Halloween Presents

cat-treatsIf you have a family member that enjoyed Halloween as ‘Their’ holiday… Why not give them a special gift? Mom usually always gives me a few dollars (which I usually put toward the treats or something for my costume the next year.) sometimes she also gives me some other gift a few times I got a t-shirt or Nightgown (which was Halloween themed) She’s given me a Witch Bear (I had seen it in the dollar store) another was this set of Monster themed mini rubber duckies that came with a book.(another thing I saw in a dollar store)

This is the Basket for 2016 of what I’m handing out Non-candy wise

as I mentioned with gift baskets, if you will be hanging out for the night why not give something like a bag of candy (mixed?)

something to drink

a movie

Non candy Items can be

  • Mini Puzzle / coloring/activity books
  • Crayons, Markers or Color Pencils (to go with it)
  • mini memo books
  • stickers
  • Rings
  • Pin/button
  • mini figurines
  • small puzzles (like you get in a birthday party bag)
  • a hand made item (like the book marks below)
  • pencils  (Halloween theme of course)


https://www.foodallergy.org    * Education awareness & resources

Calling all the Monsters – China Ann McClain

This is listed on Disney site under A.N.T. Farm so I take its by one of the actors on that show.

Somebody’s Watching me- Rockwell

GHostbusters -Billy Dee Williams

The Time Warp- Rocky Horror Picture Show

Purple People Eater- Sheb Wooley (my all time favorite)

Monster Mash- Bobby Boris Picket

Adams’ family theme

Something Wicked this way Comes (Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban soundtrack)

I put a spell on you- Hocus Pocus (forget original artist)

This is Halloween -Nightmare before Christmas

THis is the Night- Weird Sisters (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

Witch Doctor

31 Days of Horror Sporcle Quiz series

Make your own Bookmark

All you have to do is print and Laminate and maybe, use a hole punch and a ribbon of Orange, Purple, Black or bright Green

Halloween Bookmark black catHalloween bookmark web
These Horizontal ones You can use Letter stickers to personalize the treat bag, even use it as a card tag. (in case you make each one personal to the child’s interests.
banner Bookmark cemetery
banner Bookmark haunted House red bg banner Bookmark Jack os orange

Making the bookmarks as a non-candy treat…

Why not (before printing) add a poem on it, or if  you know the children’s names  add them to the books marks, print and laminate! Another idea, make a book mark making kit… Include the printed book mark (on non-textured cardstock or regular paper) add a sheet of letter stickers, and a no heat needed laminating sheet the size of the bookmark, and a ribbon say purple or orange for the girls and black or green for the boys or just include a piece of each say 3-4 inches long of each for them to customize it how they like.

These also work great for parties as place markers on the tables

Halloween and Horror Related Subscription Boxes

Treat yourself or friend or family to a box for Halloween







Rue Morgue Coffin box

The perfect Box based on your favorite Halloween movie

Party activity  -Scary Stories

have them make up their own story & even more fun…have them act it out  (they can write/tell a full story) or have each child tell part of the story maybe setting a timer for one minute each (don’t forget to record it in some way)

Bloody Disgusting’s recommends THESE 6 Spooky Documentaries for Horror Fans 

IT (2017)

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

The Nightmare before Christmas

13 Ghosts

Monster House

Monster Family    (Netflix streaming)

The Little Vampire (original)

When Good Ghouls Go Bad

GhostBusters (originals)

Hotel Transylvania movies (and series)


Corpse bride



puppet Master

Demonic TOys


Hocus Pocus

The Worst Witch

Halloween Town series

The Addam’s Family

Warm Bodies


The Craft

Fun Size

The Crow

Jeff Dunham’s Minding the monsters

The Conjuring


Monster Squad

Poltergeist (original)


Halloween (Michael Myers series)

Queen of the Damned

Sleepy Hollow

The House on Haunted Hill

The Amityville Horror

The Shinning

Harry Potter Movies

Friday the 13th franchise

Nightmare On Elm Street franchise

The Classic Universal horror Movies

Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The INVISIBLE MAN, Wolfman


13 Halloween movies to watch



What’s YOUR favorite Halloween programs & treats ? – If it’s not on here, let me know You may find it next year!


I love feedback and comments, they help me know how I'm doing and what you want more of.

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