Howls in the night

Bark at the Moon

In the era of the Vikings, in Norse mythology there were warriors who were called berserkers, some thought they wore wolf pelts however it , turns out the word means Bear Skin or Bare Skin) that sound as though they were shapeshifters. They worked themselves up so much before a fight, it is said they actually turned into the animal.

The World’s first historian, Herodotus living in Greece in the 5th century traveled the known world learning first hand about the people he met. His book ‘The Histories’ (originally written on papyrus scrolls) records him learning of the tribes that lived around the Black Sea, and of the Neuri he says “each of them changes themselves once a year into a wolf in which he remains for a few days before changing back into his human self.

Prehistoric cave paitings show people dressed as wolves. Doning wolf heads and pelts, to capture the spirit of the creature. Transforamtion is said to permit men the Vigor, Cunning, & hunting dexterity of the Wolf (or whatever attributes that you see in the animal)

I know he’s not a werewolf (were fox maybe) but I loved this image

What is a werewolf?

Since 1913 when ‘The Werewolf’ Motion picture was first established in the film industry there have been 100s more made


1. a Human Transformation into a wolf

2. Clinically more modern use of the word is in reference to a mental illness called lycanthropy in which a patient believes he or she is, or has transformed into, an animal and behaves accordingly. This is sometimes referred to as clinical lycanthropy to distinguish it from its use in legends.

(wait…I thought the ‘Clinical’ meaning) was someone that grew too much hair (or too fast)

Lycanthropy is the transformation of a human into the form of a wolf, & takes place by magic to satisfy the taste for human flesh or by the desire of the gods as punishment for wrong doing.

Werewolves are men who change into wolf form, however it is not unknown among women and children. (Usually a metaphor for puberty and the onset starts around the time) You move around like the animal however, you supposedly are able to retain your human reasoning.

If you are harmed as a wolf, then you bring that injury back with you to the human form.

One of the ways you are suppose to determine if someone is werewolf, is that they have a pentagram in their palm, or hairy palms.

Normally the ability to change yourself into a werewolf is hereditary, bitten by a werewolf or a ‘talent you can learn’

Some legends say that if you intentionally transform you must hide your clothes carefully because without them, you can not turn back to your human form.

also there’s plenty superstitions abound on how you can become one OTHER than being bitten or a spell. If you are murdered, the son of a priest, eat a wolf, drink from haunted water or from a wolfs paw print, if you are born on Christmas Eve, conceived under a new moon, or sleep at night in the open with moonshine on your face.

The Hounds of God

Those that men call Werewolves or Lycanthropes call themselves the Hounds of God, as they claim their transformation is a gift from the creator, and they repay the gift with their tenacity, for they will pursue an evildoer to the very gates of Hell.

-The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

A new Wolf can only be made around every 13 years

“under a blood moon a man bitten is a man cursed”

  • -Red Riding Hood 2011

The Wolfman (1941)

The Wolf Man (1941)

The Wolf Man (1941)

I wish they would show these movies on Syfy channel again

I think they did every October when I first got the channel.

Andrew Viceroy commented on your answer to: “If vampires, zombies, and werewolves are all metaphors for certain human personalities and/or behaviors (e.g. zombies represent mindless consumers, vampires are abused abusers, etc.), which one do you think is the most accurate?” -from quora

I wasn’t asserting that there was one interpretation for any monster. In the spirit of mythology, midrash, and now, fan fiction, metaphors and reverse-engineered metaphors for any of them can change with the author. I’m simply interested to hear which ones resonate with people and why.

I could see addiction for vampires, given that there can be some internal conflict about turning another person, as well as some evidence for a heritable component, but only in a limited way concerning the latter. An addict is more likely to pass their addiction through their children than non-addicts are—that is true, but not so much in the exchange between people they’re attracted to. Vampires can give their ‘affliction’ to total strangers if they want to, without any say from the victim, while in real life, many people encounter addicts all the time and are easily able to refuse their influence, even if they’re in a romantic relationship with them. The thing that vampires want is *inside* the potential victim. So if it was an addiction metaphor, to be consistent, they would be craving something in non-addicts. That’s not sobriety, because the blood perpetuates the addiction, which sobriety wouldn’t do. Personally, I’m more inclined to see vampirism as, simply, the desire to dominate another by making them subservient.

Especially since The Walking Dead, speculation on zombies metaphors has exploded, but I grew up hearing about the ‘mindless consumers’ metaphor more than anything else. Does it work? I don’t know. Zombies want flesh and, unlike vampires, are never morally conflicted about doing harm to get it. The idea that people who are numbed by the seeking of material things, regardless of the consequences may or may not be an exaggeration, as most people are conflicted about their consumption affecting the lives of others, at least consciously. That said, there is an argument from history that this wasn’t always so (we were much more willing to ignore our exploitation of, say, cheap labor in foreign countries that supply our ‘toys,’ but now people are much more conscious of that). There’s also an argument from psychological evidence that people with more wealth are more likely to rationalize the exploitative ways they get that wealth, and that we become desensitized to the ‘things’ we have, so we need bigger and better things. The latter is only evidenced up to a point though. Apparently, once we get to a certain amount of wealth, having more isn’t significantly more satisfying (I think I read it was around 85K yr when the studies were done 5–10 years ago, so adjust for inflation, but what’s important is that there’s a turning point).

werewolves as abused abusers (too). They have a conflict of interest when they’re in human form. That works really well.

‘You know you’re a werewolf when’

Gut wrenching pain in all your bones as they and your organs undergo the transition from Human to animal and your perceptual awareness changes.

-Your tongue gets dry and you get thirsty

-Have an abnormal fear of water (akin to a rabid dog)

-You have a unibrow,

-your nails grow abnormally fast & long.

Repel and Kill    

       Wolf’s bane (herb)  =  repels them

Silver (usually)   =   kill them


Are you a werewolf?

Becoming a werewolf

hair in the palm or a pentagram in the palm

(birth mark that looks like a crescent moon or pentagram)

  • different visual capabilities,
  • sharper hearing and a
  • better sense of smell.
  • faster than most humans

True life & Fiction TYPES of (were)wolves

*Silver Thorn

*Silver Back

Grey wolf

Dire (from Game of Thrones)

Red Wolf

Arctic Wolf





*denotes types I thought of

(if writing a story you can use these as types and yes If I know of one from a movie or tv show I will post it)

Wolf Magick: Wolf Entities


The Alpha of ALL alphas

(or at least called so in the Alpha & Omega book series)

a group is called a pack

Ways to turn into a werewolf

Of course either being bitten nor scratched by one there was a way to choose it.

Drink the water from a wolf track.

MAGIC SALVEs were sometimes used by humans to transform into wolves and rubbed over the body One ‘receipe’ included

Fat from disinterred children, hemlock, aconite,poplar leaves, soot or cowsbane (not wolfsbane!?) sweet flag, cinquefoil, bat’s blood,deadly nightshade & oil. Some also included Booiled Wolfsbane, opium, Foxgloves & bat blood

However the salve alone was not enough, you woud have to also speak incantations (tho’ the above & following are not the ones that were used together.)

“I __(insert name)____ offer to thee, Great spirit of the unknown, this night of (date) My body my soul, on condition that thou grantest me, from this night to the hour of my death, the power of metamorphosing, nocturnally, into a wolf. I beg, I pray, I implore thee -Thee, unparalleled Phantom of Darkness, to make me a werewolf, a werewolf!”

“Come, Oh come!””Tis night! Tis night! and the moon shines white over pine and snow capped hil. The shadows stray through burn and brae and dance in the sparkling rill.

Tis Night! Tis Night! and the devils light casts glimmering beams around. The maras dance, the nisses prance on the flower enameled ground. Tis Night! Tis Night! and the werewolf’s might makes man and nature shiver, yet its feirce grey head and stealthy tread are nought to thee, Oh river!

River, River, River Oh water strong, that swirls along i prithee a werewolf make me. Of all things dear, my soul, I swear, In death shall not forsake thee.

Wolfish Names

Boris  Fenrir   Fridolph   Lykaios  Luna     Lucid   Lucius  Marfrok Mohegan Nashoba

Rolo   Saris  Selyna   Tunstall  Ulf  Ulrika    Ulrik  Varg  Wolfe

Silverthorn   Greywolf   Dire

More wolf names and meanings

Werewolf the Apocalypse RPG -get Clan pins, Printables and more
While the main legend of how to kill Werewolves is to shoot them with a silver bullet (or some other silver weapon); there is another legend of how to get rid of the werewolf without killing the person within that’s never or rarely seems to ever be mentioned. The wolf sheds its skin at daybreak. If you find the skin and burn it before the next Full moon The curse will be lifted and the wolf inside the person dies.

beware full moon history werewolves film

Wolf’s bane has an interesting background too

If any researchers for TVD delved into the history of wolf’s bane, they might have discovered that the herb is considered toxic — in real life. It is lethal to humans and animals, even if it touches the skin. In ancient times, it was used to kill wolves or as a poison for weaponry.

In folklore, the plant is totally associated with werewolves and vampires and was considered a protective flower. Throughout time, it was considered an aid to fight the mythical creatures or as a cure for werewolves.


Like with someone else’s question about Fledgling Vampires and how many MPH  they can go… This is just a theory question.
To start we have to figure out what the average weight is that an average  human can lift.  (let’s say 50 pounds)
add supernatural being, animal behavior, and muscle mass to the picture (for what to factor in off the top of my head)
also you’d have to factor in if they are in a rage (or just relaxed) I figure the example (as I watch the show) was in a rage.
(Anger and adrenalin always make us stronger)
Also basing on a newborn vampire… is really nothing. While Fledglings are stronger than a human they are best left in a cage while getting a grip on their new ‘life’. Vampires and werewolves are pretty much tied in strength. It just depends on HOW old the vampire is, and I don’t mean as in Human age! How long they’ve been a vampire.  The older the vampire the more powerful. For example, Klaus of the originals would be able to beat ANY werewolf or vampire as he is (was) the oldest of any ‘living’.
with all that I’d say top weight a werewolf can lift is upwards of 500–1000 pounds…actually come to think of it more.. I think I’ve seen vamps and werewolves lift cars before and  I think they weigh 4000 pounds
(looks it up   Average weight of a car  The average car weighs in at  about 3,000 to 4,500 pounds  for a compact car,
4,500 to 5,500 pounds   for a mid size car or a sedan.)
Which states both are pretty tied for strength.  ALSO depends if the vampire feeds on animals/synthetic blood or human blood.

Theoretically, what would be the psi of a werewolf bite?

I would think You’d have to find out an average of what a Wolf’s bite is. Using  say 5 wolves of varying size. (depending on their weight) from there I’m sure you can get an average to figuring out what the average pressure a wolf’s bite. (add each of their bite pressure together, then divide by 5 (the number of wolves I used as my example)
then you’d likely add that to the psi of your own bite  so you could figure out how much a person does then add them together.
and that should give it to you.
As for how to measure the pressure of your own bite, please let me know if you figure it out as
here’s an average for both ( via Bing search)
The maximum bite force for a human male with normal teeth is about
777 Newtons, or 174 pounds;
for females, it is about
481 Newtons, or 101 pounds
. For comparison, normal chewing exerts 70 pounds per square inch. Human bite force differs throughout the jaw, as teeth closer to the hinge of the jaw are able to exert more pressure.
and wolves
A wolf’s normal bite force is around 400 pounds. If it is protecting itself, a large wolf can bite down with over 1,200 pounds of pressure. Large cats are very strong. A Jaguar can reach 700 pounds of pressure, and Siberian Tiger 950.
So for a werewolf  I would guesstimate at least One  thousand some odd pounds of bite pressure. And that’s not only considering its a human with a Supernatural ‘mutation’ curse whatever you want to call it.

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Battle for Alpha Supremacy

This was a video which I guess sadly was taken down. I am trying to figure out how to do this. If I want to as a poll for favorite or list all the Werewolf characters I can think of and figure out who would win in a fight between them all.

Lucius (Underworld)

Priest  (Silver Bullet)

Please any you can think of please list in comments I will appreciate your help

Movies & TV

An American Werewolf in London

An American Werewolf in Paris

Legend of the Werewolf

The curse of the werewolf

Return of the vampire (1944)

THe Werewolf

Kiss of the beast

Monster Squad

The Werewolf vs the Vampire woman (1970 Spanish)

Cry of the banshee

Company of Wolves (1985)

Underworld (movie franchise)

Wolf (1994 ** Jack Nicholson)

Cycle of the Werewolf

Silver Bullet

Ulvetid (Foreign)

Werewolf (Tv Series ** Chuck Conners)

I was a teenage werewolf

The Boy who cried Werewolf

THe Company of Wolves (graphic transformation scene)

Hemlock Grove (Netflix series & Best transformation I’ve seen to date)

Werewol\ves on Wheels (1971)

Orgy of the Deadd

Frankenstein meets the wolfman

Curse of the werewolf

Cry of the werewolf

How to make a monster