Painting lovely gray turning sweet depression!


Something more than nothing

In the eyes the heaviness crumble

Into the direction of darkness

Light is vanishing

Colourful painting is turning black and white

Taking breathe is difficult

No oxygen cylinder has power to give new hopes

Eye’s drying

Mind is fainting

Suddenly the black n white painting

Gets some color, filled the heart

Like a wine red art

Beauty of smile given courage

Mixes more color

Red, blue, green primary mixing

To secondary mixing

Making fine art

Darkness swapped by lightness

Eyes getting some liquid

Dry life getting wet

Turning black and white

To Rose full of colours.

Beautiful world

Like a greyish white pearl

Make it with your will

A peace!!

Without much chaos

Love fermentation in mind

Beautifies the sea shores


String is attached with world

And covered by the softness

Of love of each other

Tenderness grows in magnetic


Utilize with sustainably

For future meets too


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The Egyptians Mourned cats in Unusual way


We’re already well aware that cats were extremely important to the ancient Egyptians. A carving in the Valley of the Kings says, “You are the Great Cat, the avenger of the gods, and the judge of words, and the president of the sovereign chiefs and the governor of the holy Circle; you are indeed the Great Cat.”

When a pet cat died in Egypt, its human family would go into a deep state of mourning. Part of their mourning ritual included shaving their eyebrows.

(my cat pass July 2018 and I was really heartbroken for the next 5-6 months. But even I didn’t shave off my eyebrows)

Check out the slideshow of cat facts here

40 Reasons to own a cat [Infographic]


My favorite Cat blog Katzenworld  posted this and I added it to a post to keep for my own reference. I hope you will subscribe to their blog

for all their great articles including Infographs like this and Product reviews by Numbia, Oliver, Renegade & Freya (the 4 cats owned by Marc and Iain. There’s a few things on here I had not heard about

Service Dogs (& pets)


This Is Why Vets Don’t Want People To Touch Their Service Dogs

If you don’t read the above at least read this

ALWAYS ask the animal’s owner (even if it is not a service animal) if you may pet the animal.

Service animals usually have a vest to show they are on duty.

Do NOT keep someone with a service animal for a long time asking questions. Say no more than one or 2, and the article has respectful ways to ask the questions.

The article in the link above has some info on Etiquette with a ‘service team’.

When you are done interacting with the team, be respectful say thank you and wish them well.