Terrible Ticks & Horrible Harvest Mites



Ticks and Harvest Mites are small parasites that survive by feeding on different animal hosts, including mammals, birds and even humans if they get the opportunity. They can be a real nuisance for affected pets, often causing irritation, inflammation and sometimes infection and disease.



There are many tick species in the UK but the ones that commonly cause problems by feeding off our pets are the sheep tick (Ixodes ricinus) and the hedgehog tick (Ixodes hexagonus).

Ticks are mostly found in areas with long grasses, in woodlands or in heathland but they can be found in gardens if they have been transported by wild animals during their larval or nymph stages. They can attach anywhere on the animal’s body but are usually found around the head, neck and ears. Owners often mistake ticks for wart-like growths on their pets because of their size and colour.


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The Cats of Lanzarote, Canary Islands Part 1


Cat lovers.. Here’s a great blog to follow and just wait til you see the black beuty with the orange eyes!!!


Hi everyone,

Today I’ve got to pick up on an important topic… The poor stray cats of a small island called Lanzarote.

The island itself is part of the Canary Islands which is part of Spain and a popular holiday destination with many of the British and Continental European tourists due to the fact that the island is warm and dry (SUNSHINE) all year around!

For years the hotels and many restaurants kept cats in order to keep the vermin under control so many cats found a home in these places.

The island sounds like a dream come true right? Unfortunately it does have a dark side to it when it comes to the feral cat population…

Many of the cats on the island were and still are not neutered causing huge amount of kittens every year… We took a look at one of the feral cat colonies in a…

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DIY Crochet Pokeball!


Someone who liked/follows my craft blog posted this on their site.I thought they were quite cute plusCan be used to play catch, as a hackysack, or even as a pet toy. DIY Crochet Pokeball! PokemonGo Amigurumi.

I couldn’t resist! Found this FREE Pokeball crochet pattern on Pinterest and it went on my list stright away☺️ Still haven’t found out what all the fuss is about with PokemonGo, but I&#…

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Description Lists for Colors


Today I want to introduce some complete lists of colors for using in your writing. Here’s another one: Eye color: Hair color: Hope you enjoy these lists!

These will help you to better describe what you see in your head. And maybe show it to the guys being they seem to only know ‘Blue, Green etc, if they are not the artsy or creative type…Or that guy from Top Model

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I just got a free Personalized Pet tag from Shutterfly!!


 Yes it was free (if you don’t count the shipping)  thanks to the coupon on the back of a shop-rite grocery receipt. I made my sully a personalized pet tag. A photo of her with her name and on the back a photo of me with name and number!