Nuggit’s 1st Birthday


Nuggit with all her gifts under the Card wall

Hello Katzenworld friends, and a BIG THANK YOU for all the b irthday cards! 

For those of you that are new to the blog or may have missed it, 

Back in March I posted an invitation in my favorite cat blog  Katzenworld. The invitation was to celebrate Nuggit’s first birthday with us and for the readers to send cards. Katzenworld published the post March 8th.

A few days after the post (or a week later)  the cards started coming in. Before any cards from Katzenworld I was surprised when Nuggit got a card from ! It included a coupon. I do like they send a card though that is nice. Petsmart just sends a coupon in an email. With the Coupon from Chewy I ordered her one of those pole toys with a few attachments. Ah here;s the name of it  Pet Fit For Life Interactive Wand Teaser, Toys & Storage Bag 8 Piece Bundle Cat Toy it comes with (2 feathers, a bright green ‘worm’ a mouse and a few other toys maybe one more to attach to the pole and others that don’t. all in a nice blue  drawstring bag to easily store away.)  When I was opening it for her, she had taken one of the feathers (didn’t give me a chance to give her a choice!) I took that from her,, then she took something else, I took that back and then she finds the ‘rope’ mouse (middle pic) snatches it and runs off like “You’re not taking this from me it MY present!”


Got her a fish kicker toy I found in the Dollar Tree, from Amazon  a Rainbow Cat Charmer,(think Rhythmic gymnastics) and some treats.  A few days or so before her birthday she received a gift from my pen Pal Alisa (mom said she guesses that’s her god mother) a Back pack carrier (in that first picture, that looks crushed)  As soon as I opened it up, she was checking it out, went in it, was playing with toys in and around it and she slept in it! So definitely a great gift Meow! (I think that was a thank you) 

Dawn and & Paul who sent in from the blog sent Nuggit a nice gift in memory of their kitty. Here she chose to play with the pink toy first (each one has a different expression on their face).  

Minus  the Card from Chewy, Aunt Mary, mom’s friend & from me… Nuggit received about 20 cards!   Which came from  Arkansas, Omaha Nebraska, Carlsbad and Fairfield California, Providence Rhode Island, Ohio,2 from Seattle Washington, 3 from Minneapolis Minnesota,  Rochester NY, La Grange and Grayslake Illinois, Johns Island South Carolina, Colorado Springs Colorado, Utah, a Postcard from France, If I count my aunt’s card One from Delaware, and My friend In Arizona (that sent the carrier). One of them even purrs. I will make a video of the cards. They will be posted her Instagram @Fuzz_Nuggit (now to get writing her Thank yous)

YES we got her a Birthday day cake. (it was mom’s present ‘for her’ lol. It was a chocolate mousse cake and I’ll admit I may have been a little bit of a bad cat parent, but she was watching me eat it and tiny bit of the mousse got on my finger so I let her lick it off. (It wasn’t straight chocolate and I don’t do that often with her) 

I hope I didn’t forget to mention anything, and I hope you all had fun celebrating with us. Nuggit had her 1 year Check up on April 19th and we used the new carrier. Nuggit needs to lose a pound or 2 but aside from that has a clean bill of health. So I will try to keep her dry food cut back to a tablespoon at a time (either with or between meals). 

a quick review on the carrier… I like it she likes to play around with it and sleep in it. I call it her igloo. I do however have a suggestion for the manufacturer to improve upon it.  It has a small backpack type hoop in back to hang it from something, but there is no handles for when You pick it up, to put on your back. So kitty ends up falling forward when you  pick it up to put on your back. There’s a strap to cinch around your chest and I think there was one for around the waist too. There’s 3 zipper openings for easy in and out. (Bottom front, and top) Its well ventilated and has a bottle holder with a small pouch for ear buds, money or some other small item  

2020 Reading Challenge


Multiscreen MoTVision

So I started 2020 off half way through the last book I started in 2019

Lover Unleashed (any notes you will find on the series page (the books are noted in order)

October 28 -…continued into February 5, 2020 not sure why its taking me so long but I do have depression and sometimes I just don’t get to reading. Its also a hardcover and ….489 pages so a little awkward to read when I go to bed (as I usually lay down on my side)

See the source imageCabal- Clive Barker

By the looks of the cover this HAD to have come out in the 80s. But makes me think of that “Stop the Insanity” LadySusan Powter which I think those commercials ran in the 90s.

February 10- March 31

Get more bang for your buck! Not only is there the Novella of Cabal, but 4 additional short stories. The first and…

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I made Eggies


I made EGGIES !

Have you tried Eggies?

When I saw the ad on tv I thought it was a good idea!

I wanted to try it, and we found it at a cheaper price then it is usually sold for, so we got a kit.

I think 6 of the containers plus the drainer if you don’t want the yolk.

Make deviled eggs and other finger foods, a nutritional breakfast to grab & go. So many things can be done with this, the only thing I don’t like, is the lack of at least a mini recipe booklet, for some omelette ideas (at least for those who eat them).

I’m not one for omelettes but I think the only thing I’d put in them is caramelized garlic or scrambling that up while I do the egg as well and pour it all in together. Basically the idea for me, is the fact you can season the egg then hard boil it instead of just a plain hard boiled egg that I usually put a shake of salt, has a bite, & repeats that over til I’m done!.

So this is my Eggies experience…

Instructions from the box

I hope it is ok I include the instructions from the box here. I thought it would be a nice addition so others would know before the purchase it what to do, not to mention after use, things fall apart, or get lost etc.

Of course I only scanned the Instructions into the computer taking no credit for them.

How to put the eggie contatainer together

Here’s how they came out scrambled

Here's how they came out scrambled
Here’s how they came out scrambled

Ideas to make

‘green'(food coloring) eggs with Ham

-after cooked wrap 1-2 slices of bacon

-Stuffed eggs (omelette) use 1 or more of following ingredients:


Ingredient ideas

scallions sweet onions peppers kimchi Mushrooms Spinach ham bacon sausage fish crab lobster crawfish cheese


Cook times

Sliced Eggie and bacon

Sliced Eggie and bacon
Sliced Eggie and bacon

Alternate uses for your Eggies

I went nuts when this landed in my brain.

JELLO SHOTS! Instead of just using one color, use all kinds.

Make them for the adults at Your Easter or spring get together.

This lens was one of May 2013’s Tastiest Receipes on Squidoo

This lens was one of May 2013's Tastiest Receipes
This lens was one of May 2013’s Tastiest Recipes

Why should you be chilling your cookie dough


Image result for chilled before baking cookies

Why You are supposed to let your cookie dough chill in the fridge and the proof that you should be doing it. 

I found the link above through a blog I follow which I love called One Good Thing. Keep in mind this is not just for cookies made from scratch, you can use it for instant as well as those ‘drop’ type.

I love Chocolate Chip Cookies and Sugar cookies. I hate when a sugar cookie is called such and its only called so  because the top is covered in it. That’s not a sugar cookie.

I think this might be one of the reasons I can’t stand store bought cookies. They have no flavor and don’t even look appetizing to me.


I think when i make any cookies next Ii’ll do this myself. Though we have a small fridge so likely I’ll only chill them for the 30 minutes to an hour. I wonder how they would do if I baked them in the air fryer as well. (That’s a post idea for another time)



You can also use this image I came across as a reference.

I think the All Brown Sugar and the Refrigerated over night are the most appetizing looking.

It Chapter 2


Multiscreen MoTVision

See the source image

Jessica Chastain ,James McAvoy ,Bill Hader ,Isaiah Mustafa ,Jay Ryan ,James Ransone ,Andy Bean ,Bill Skarsgård ,

Young Losers club Finn Wolfhard, ophia Lillis, Jaeden Lieberher, Wyatt Oleff, Jack Dylan Grazer, Jeremy Ray Taylor

The Losers Club have grown up and moved away, until a devastating phone call brings them back, Twenty-seven years after their first encounter with the terrifying Pennywise

as you can see by the image the casting for the grown up Losers club is spot on!

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Skillet Brownie kit


Every year for the last maybe 10 years I’ve Kitty and House sat for my

Aunt. She usually leaves me few goodies like a Starbucks gift card and a few other things (like a Shower gel & Lotion set from Bath & Body Works, chocolates and anything else in the past that I don’t recall. This year I came in to find my gift of a small pitcher (like she has) as well as a gift bag with this Cast Iron Skillet Brownie set and of course a Gift Card for Starbucks along with a Hot Cocoa mix and 2 on the go instant Coffee packets…or at least I think they are. (though I’m not a coffee drinker. few and far between)

If for some reason you want a sweet snack and its hot out. This is something good to keep on hand. My aunt always seems to be away that part of the month (or summer) that is really bad, either super humid , super hot or both.

I made this July 16th sadly I already had my mind set on it for desert, and sadly My aunt only had corn oil (the box called for Vegetable) but hey Corn to me is a vegetable so I gave it a shot. Also instead of using the little bit of water I used milk in its place. (it just makes stuff more moist as well as creamier tasting)

Now the skillet I don’t think it more than a 1/4 inch deep (1/2 inch might be generous to say)  That is not enough depth for a proper brownie. Now although It came out good, I wonder how it would have been with the proper ingredients.


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