What are the financial implications to think about when you’re getting a cat? – Katzenworld


For anyone who wants ANY pet here’s a good read before going to get one.

You have a financial responsibility, can you claim them on your taxes… I have no idea.. that’s for H & R Block to tell you..

we Feed my cat 2 wet food a day and leave some dry food out. However we have started to give her one of those sheba things that you can break in half to give her at night so she won’t wake us.

the bigger cans are cheaper so if you want to start them out with a can for the day give them half in the morning and half at night leaving some dry food  in a separate bowl. as well as water (tap is fine and can be changed 2-3 times a day. So be sure to have a water and dry food bowl and an extra one for the wet. Glass/porcelain are best for the wet food, Metal or plastic for the  water and dry food.

You need a comb or brush

get them vaccinated and checked out as soon as you get them, preferably from a shelter. Also need to be neutered esp. if they end up getting out.

Toys esp. if a kitten walmart usually has one or 2 types for a dollar (usually a ball and something else)

Cat Tree! Something they can scratch and climb on.. the more cats the taller it should be.


Source: What are the financial implications to think about when you’re getting a cat? – Katzenworld

Animal Kingdom


Zi Approved TV seriesTuesdays TNT @9pm est Drama, Crime,  IMDB info  showrunner:Jonathan Lisen

Ellen Barkin, Scott Speedman, Ben Robson, Jake Weary, Finn Cole, Sean Hatosy,

The Subversive spectacle of this edgy manly menagerie of the Cody crime family is set this time in seaside So Cal (South California). The crowded house, the usually seems more like a Frat house is  run by mama known as ‘Smurf’. When Josh’s drug addict mother dies of an OD Grandma Smurf takes him in, of course with  his (spoiled?) Uncles’ disapproval as he is an outsider to them. They take advantage especially, Pope who take him on a few ‘jobs’.

Thankfully ‘J’ as he’s now called seems like a sweet kid, compared to his testosterone driven uncles (especially Craig.. really man you have to walk around butt freaking naked in, I think about every episode of at least the first six?  but hey… I won’t deny it… Nice ass!)  They are all loose cannons…

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