Ghostly Frights

 There are living and the dead, there are day-folk and night-folk, there are ghouls and mist-walkers there are high hunters and the Hounds of God. Also there are solitary types  – Miss Lupescu….The Graveyard book by Neil Gaiman
The English word for ghost is from the OLD English word gast by way of the Germanic and old Teutonic gaisto-z. Linguists believe the pre-Germanic root word could have been ghoizdo-z meaning ‘anger or fury’.
The Latin spiritus ,which originally meant ‘breath or blast’. The meaning of the word we use today did not show up until the fourteenth century.
Don’t call them out, they hate it
Do not disrespect the house, furniture and possessions within
Never go in at night, that’s their time
The Haunting of Whaley House

Beyond the Veil

Some believe in ghosts; others do not.

The beings beyond have differences…

Ghosts are earthbound souls. Someone who died in their sleep and may not know they are dead is a ghost.

Spirits are people who died and crossed over but have chosen to ‘visit’ for some reason.  They know they are dead and have already made the transition to the other side of the veil. They may come back to give a loved one a warning or to even protect them, attend some function or to pass on a message.

There are those that hunt ghosts (& otherworldly beings) they are called paranormal investigators. which usually is only used for that of  the spirits, demons,  while Supernatural covers that are so called unexplainable like Vampires, werewolves, and so on.

So whether you like ‘real’ ghost stories, watching paranormal shows, or Ghost *Hunting Adventures (like the way I did that?) yourself I do hope very much I will be able to fit it all here!

*I do not Watch Ghost Hunters they bore me & put me to sleep… Ghost Adventures on the other-hand is much creepier to watch as well as more interesting. Plus the guys crack me up

Paranormal– usually pertains to spirits, demons and such ‘unexplained’ phenomenon

Synonyms metaphysical, otherworldly, preternatural, supernatural, transcendent, transcendental, unearthly

Mental para-phenomenon – any means of obtaining information in a paranormal way especially premonitions and past life memory

Physical para-phenomenon – involves paranormal influences on physical objects and events.  Levitation, healing, psychic, photography, material and de-materialization

 Ghost Month

I’ve heard that it’s May but looking it up it’s the 7th month of the lunar calendar.

“fifteenth day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar is called Ghost Day and the seventh month in general is regarded as the Ghost Month ( 鬼月 ), in which ghosts and spirits, including those of the deceased ancestors, come out from the lower realm.”

A ghost, as  Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy’s would find, could be many things. Their Hill House character Steven Crain, played by actor Michiel Huisman, explains it best: It can be “a memory, a daydream, a secret, grief, anger, guilt. But, in my experience, most times they’re just what we want to see.”  -about  Netflix’s haunting of Hill House 

Politically Correct terms

For our world that sometimes seems to have to be so P.C. (Politically Correct)

 you can also call them


-Etheral being


Types of Spirits

Manes– in Roman culture deities thought to represent deceased loved ones

Banshee – from Irish/scottish mythology usually seen as omen of death when you hear its wail.

Doppelganger– meaning doubles. The double of a living person or animal. I don’t see these to be a spirit of any sort. To me its just your ‘twin’.  They are supposed to be bad luck or a death omen. It’s said you should never meet (or see) your own as it’s an omen of your death. In Norse mythology they are seen as a ‘ghostly double that precedes the living person, often performing that person’s action in advance’

When I was in high school, I was out sick one day. When I talked to my then Best Friend that night or saw her the next day she asked me “were you in school….(today/yesterday) ?”   At the question I’m just thinking what is wrong with her!?  At my No I wasn’t she told me there was someone that looked exactly like me right next to my locker (or was it in front of it). That is one time I now wish there were camera phones back then~!

Ghoul– They are parasites and scavengers, eaters of carrion

Kelpie – Supernatural Waterhorse

Orbs– balls of light that float. Sometimes can be seen by the naked eye other times are usually noticed on video playback. One difference between an orb and seeing a bug on screen is the bug usually looks like a stick with moving wings.

Phantasm– something heard but not seen

Phantom-Physical manifestation of a deceased person

Poltergeist – German for ‘noisy ghost’  is common but very hard to get rid of. Not very friendly (unless it’s Peeves) It’s a MALEVOLENT troublesome and destructive spirit that creates chaos and mayhem. See the movie & you’ll get the idea!~They have the highest ability to affect the living world and make life a living hell. They rarely if ever communicate. Usually do not try to intentionally harm the living but do create a lot of damage. Some can be so malevolent they’ve been classified as demons by paranormal researchers. A mild one may seem to play what is more like pranks and the nasty aggressive types  could  turn the home upside down. Some feel teens and their adolecent angst feed the poltergeist.

Revenant – a revenant is normally like a half breed vampire. When a person is bitten but has not died yet sort of like Part human, but somewhat Zombie looking but drinks blood like a vampire.

Shade– literary & poetic mythological word for a spirit.

Shadowpeople– Dark appearance, Dark silhouettes usually seem darker than a regular shadow. These shadow people seem to not want to be seen as they flee the moment you spot them.  Some think them to be demons as some have been reported with red eyes as well as malevolent feeling that sometimes accompany them. Some just think they are watchers.    One person’s story

Wraith– apparition seen of a person just before their death

Elementals– are nature spirits and the belief are quite common in Ireland, Scotland and some other parts of Europe. Among these are Gremlins, Leprechauns, Pixies or fairies. (frankly I don’t find how the first 2 would be considered so. Dryads I can understand, maybe even Kelpies. The are called so  as they are the spirits that rule nature and they correspond to Earth, Air Fire & water. The belief at one time was commonplace however the Christian church convinced (brain washed) their followers that “elementals did not exist because they could not be seen” which basically means the Christian god does not either!


In the physical world Opposites attract while in the spirit world similarities attract

Ghost Stories

Hell House & Other True Hauntings from Around the World

Hell House & Other True Hauntings from Around the World

I have a copy of this I read a few years ago, I will have to search my files to see if I still have a review for it. The cover image has 2 ‘ruby’ like stones for the eyes and is a very thick heavy hard cover with glossy pages.

The anthology comes with, to mention a few stories…from The White House, Alcatraz, Hell house of New Orleans, and Amityville. In Europe there’s the tower of London, Theater Royal, The lady in Black in Poland, Castle of Ghosts in Denmark there are other stories from the Caribbean, Australia, Africa and Asia as well    Buy Now

DEMONIC HOUR-3 or 4 am

DEEP night- 4am

5 Ways to see ghosts

(sadly I seem to have missed one this was from the series Lets Fight Ghost)

Look into a mirror at night

Light a candle as you stand in front of a mirror

Recite the 3 refugees(?) chant 3 times then open your eyes and you will see a ghost.

Look between your legs

if you want to go ghost hunting… try these how-to-see-ghosts

The Banshee – legend

The Legend of the Banshee

A banshee is a female spirit in Irish mythology who heralds the death of a family member, usually by shrieking or keening. Her name is connected to the mythologically-important tumuli or “mounds” that dot the Irish countryside, which are known as síde in Old Irish.

The legend of the Banshee I know of may even be two together. I know they usually look like a hag in white with long flowing white hair. Banshees are a death omen they are sometimes locally called in Ireland Boheentha or Bankeentha with a lengthy  mysterious past so much so the toots cannot be found.

From the Banshee Mythology I know of The banshee was once a human woman who’s heart was broken and with that first wail of heartache turned into a banshee. When one hears the banshee wail it foretells of death for someone within the house that hears it. Sometimes it’s a whole family, sometimes just one.

The most famous of ancient times however was attached to The house of O’Brien Aibill who haunted the Rock of Craglea above Killaloe near the old Palace of Kincora. The method the banshee used in the past is much different from her current wailing (and hand wringing) of our time, but then again as time goes on or in certain countries legends of horror tend to become more Disney Fairy tale.  In the old Irish tales the Banshee was was found washing  the heads and limbs or blood stained clothes til the water was all dyed with human blood. This would take place before a battle or likely in a dream.

Normally shown as a tall almost skeletal waif with long white hair floating around the shoulders and down her back, with long talon sharp nails and sometimes with a cloak of sorts with a hood. Sometimes her appearance is that of a young beauty, yet the most popular I’ve seen is that of the fearsome old hag. She utters piercing cries that make your blood turn cold and possibly make your ears run red with blood.

There’s an episode of the tv series Charmed in which Phoebe turns into a banshee.

Banshee Movies

The movie Dead by Dawn is of a Banshee ‘haunting’

Scream of the Banshee (2011)  &  Banshee!!! (2008)  Cry of the Banshee 1970

  Get True Irish Ghost Stories via Amazon

a compendium of encounters with the supernatural reported and retold.

The ghostly stories themselves are pretty good in this book and I love the old fashioned way they are told.

The way its explained is that when we pass on, wherever we go our bodies leave waste energy something like a more volatile car exhaust. Meanwhile violent deaths are more like a nuclear meltdown. This is what leads to what we call hauntings. Ghostland Duncan Ralston

What kind of Ghost will you be?

Around the World

Yurai -Japanese Ghost

What are some Classic supernatural/mythical creatures from your  culture/country?

My own Ghost story

I can’t remember what year it was but I’m sure it was between 2004 – 2006, and between midnight – 2am. I was working on my computer at home typing something or playing online and I started to hear someone talking as if someone was in the ‘house’ (we live in a 2 family home in the top apartment) besides myself & family who was in bed. I turned around and from my desk I could see the rest of the apartment and if there was a tv on I would see the flickering glow from the rooms, NOTHING.

The ‘talking’ kept going on to the point I got up & started to listen to the floor, in both the living room & dining room, nothing coming from there either. Then I said maybe the cat walked over the clock radio in my parents’ room. I went over to the (as I call it) “bedroom wing” (which is my parents room on the left, the bathroom in the middle & my room to the right) nothing on in my room, nothing coming from the radio in mom & dads, but the ‘talking’ is coming from inside their room. Now I go to check to see if maybe one of them is talking in their sleep. Nope  both were sleeping and lightly snoring. The voice was frantic sounding and I got a ‘flash’ or vision like someone who is frustrated shaking their hands in front of them. This was coming from mom’s side of the bed and to me was like it was trying to warn her of something. I also took that frustrated flash as the disembodied voice being frustrated with mom not answering like ‘Why won’t you listen to me (or answer)’.

My reaction? I brushed it off in a way but thought it was creepy, but thought maybe somehow I can hear someone in the next house (even though it sounded like a live person in mine)

I go back to the computer and continue with what I’m doing then I hear a voice and feel a presence behind me, I so did not want to look, but I did and there was nothing there I could see. Then I heard the talking again which is now coming from straight ahead past dining room and was either in the kitchen on the step down to the indoor porch or a foot away under the lamp on the porch. If there were a person there I would have been looking right at them, no body,(literally)  not even some weird shadow or anything of the sort you usually hear about. That time I really got the creeps, enough to know that now I know how Scooby & Shaggy feels when that yellow stripe goes down their back. With not being able to debunk what was going on logically, I turned chicken and (can’t even remember if I shut down the computer) & went in my room to sleep.

The next morning at breakfast I told mom & dad of my err…’adventure’ and mom looked at me freaked out and told me it was my Aunt Elenor’s birthday (Yeah and she was dead for a few years even before that) So you go figure.

Assorted experiences from mom and myself

My mother has had ‘experiences’ as well as other family members

…. Mom has told me she hears in the kitchen like near the doorway something as if a poker game is going on. We also sometimes see a black shadow in the corner of our eye & think my cat has come in the room and when we look she’s not there. Mom has even felt as if Sully jumped on her bed but wasn’t there. I have experienced that last part a few times as well, and she’s not there not even a trace that she opened the door to get in.

Mom says she thinks Sully (my cat)  is sometimes being chased by a pet spirit. One time Sully was eating her food or drinking water & turned around as if someone turns when they feel someone is sneaking up on them. She runs through the house,  Guano loco as if something is chasing her.

Sometimes I will see a shadow or something I cannot explain in my room, Sully also sometimes stares into a corner of the room and all I can think of is a certain part of that movie insidious with that red-faced demon up in the corner of the ceiling.

I’ve smelled scents of perfume or cologne that should not be there, we don’t use even when its the middle of winter and none of the windows are open!

I don’t care what anyone says there is some sort (or more) presence in this house, sadly I do not have the equipment to test anything out.

October 2013 (one of the first 4 -5 days of the month, can’t remember which it was) I was watching tv or reading in my room and I saw in the corner of my eye ‘someone’ go into the bathroom or the  other bedroom. I saw it as a Black shadow like figure, average human height. I thought it was my mother and I had said something or other to her but didn’t get an answer so I looked in the bathroom no one went in, and I looked in her room no one was there. Looked through rest of rooms and when she saw me she said What? (While looking at me with a literal face like I HAD seen a ghost.) So I tell her what was wrong and she says ‘;you saw an ABBARIDGEON?

Me Huh.. What!?(Laughing our butts off) Do you mean APPARITION?

My Aunt Rose (mom’s side of family)  died when I was in grade school and I think I was alive when her husband George died, (though very little) So I think I just remember him in the funeral home. Anyway my mom said that before my Aunt Rose died, (I think my mom was there when Aunt Rose ‘saw’ this) she said she saw my Uncle George sitting on top of the dresser, mom said that’s when she knew my Aunt was going to die.

Another was after my Aunt Rose died, we got her train set that went around the tree. We had them out that year and at night Mom and I both woke up as well as the cat and went to the living room to find that the noise we heard was the Train on. No idea how or why. I know you are thinking we didn’t turn it off or the cat somehow turned it on or a malfunction but we DID turn it off and as for a malfunction it only did it this one time! We checked out the batteries and wires to make sure it wasn’t going to cause some sort of problem. Plus the cat was not near it, when I came out of my room he was sleeping on my parent’s bed. I’d like to think it was her way of letting us know she was ok.

summer or fall   2003   My Grandma Clara (same side of the family) told mom she saw a black cat on the chair at the end of her bed. The weird thing about this is 1. My cat is Black. 2. Gram didn’t know what color my cat was, never told her nor did she get to see her. 3. We couldn’t find Sully (the cat) for a long time the night before (when my gram says she saw a cat). 4. and the biggest weird part, My cat was (and still is) alive. We swear my Gram saw my cats astral self.

7 friendly facts about Casper the Ghost


I heard can be used to keep a spirit from possessing you

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ghostland.jpgGhostland review

According to the book, ^ “our bodies leave waste energy behind, sort of like car exhaust’

“That waste energy is released when a person passes on, All of that waste energy or ‘dead energy’ has to go somewhere. In a sense death is like an oil spill. Some deaths, especially violent deaths are more like  nuclear meltdowns. These are what people think of as hauntings.

  Negative ions are a well known repellant of dead energy. You may have heard some cultures use salt  to ward off  spirits, it is the negative ions present in the salt that prevent the dead energy from crossing  a salt circle.

Why do people like haunted houses 

See the source image

The Winchester Mystery House Exterior with the Witches’ cap on left

See the source image

The Winchester Mystery House: Haunted by the Gun that won the West

Winchester Mystery House Official Site

See the source image

Is your House Haunted?

Experiencing odd occurrences in your home or other places?  I’d advise to keep a journal of everything that happens. (More on that a little later) Just because you experience what seems like an occasional paranormal event, does not mean your house is haunted. If the the events are consistent daily occurrences  THEN you may have a real haunting.

To define, I referenced my American Century Dictionary

Haunt– (of a ghost) visit a place regularly  2. to frequent a place  while Haunted– Supposedly frequented by Ghosts Haunting  as a memory or melody that lingers on the mind

Occasional activity does not mean your house is haunted, however, if it is consistent then it could be a sign of a real haunt. Always try to debunk ‘paranormal’ events.

  1. First of all, no 2 hauntings are alike.
  2. Each type of haunting has its own characteristics
  3. to be considered haunted, the activity must be consistent and the spirit must be intelligent (able to acknowledge the living in some manner)
  4. Residual ‘haunting’ is when a loop happens. The same events play over and over again this can be every night at a certain time or during the anniversary of a tragic event.
  5. The next time a paranormal event occurs; stop and ask yourself if you are being harmed or threatened(Like “Get Out”) and not just being startled.
  6. If a spirit is harming you, then you need to get the help you need from a legitimate paranormal investigator or psychic medium. These malevolent spirits are unpredictable, feed on your fear and can become aggressive and violent very quickly.
  7. Always look for logical explanations first, and try to debunk what is happening before calling for help.
  8. Keeping a journal of your occurrences.  Write down what is going on. Lights flickering on and off, noises, and what? Include day,dates times what room (or where) it happened, even include where in the room it happened.(draw a diagram if you can) If  you are being attacked with scratches etc by the spirit take photos ad include them on the page or make a note behind them and in the journal as to where they are. Also if you can note the temperature of what the room is (normally) and what it was at the time of the occurrence. Who saw it happen and if it has happened before, who was home and where (including pets) You can find other suggestions below. Circumstances like Lightning, weather, even moon cycle  Do you feel threatened, Cold or hot spot, smells detailed explanation of what happened. What you did to try to debunk it, and the results. 
  9.  Always try to logically debunk what it is, try to recreate what is happening like opening doors and cabinets. and note finding in the journal

Electrical Events – Your lights turning on and off could easily be debunked as loose wires, loose bulbs, brown outs,old wiring, Wildlife gnawing at wires and many of other things. Once you have checked everything yourself. Once you fix any problem areas especially if you have hired an electrician to check the wiring in the house then it may likely be a  some paranormal activity happening. Spirits draw energy from electricity, batteries some even do so from people. Sometimes they even manipulate our appliances. Turning on tvs and radios, messing with the volume or the channels.  If any of these things are happening in your home, as in a calm voice “I know you are there, and please stop  playing  with  ____fill in blank_____ . If it does so, You know its an intelligent being, if it does not it may be a malevolent being. Also keep a note as to who was home and where they were at the time, including any pets. Write as many details as you can step by step even.

Unexplained Noises – Houses make noises, Old ones creek and new ones ‘settle’ but once you’ve lived there awhile you know the ‘normal’ noises of your house or apartment. So you know what is what. Hearing scratching from your walls may be some animal that got in and can’t get out. Knocking from your home  when there is no work going on, and no one in the  neighborhood has work being done nor does anyone else live with you could mean there is a presence.

Opening and closing doors 

This can be quite nerve racking, and makes you second guess your sanity or if you are being forgetful and careless. If you are questioning your sanity, you are not going crazy.   The doors (and cabinets) may open and close slowly, fly open or slam shut. If they are doing so in front of your eyes, first debunk it. Try to duplicate what is happening, a hinge may be loose and vibrations make it open, a door off center, maybe something is in the way of the closing mechanism (like a magnet). Jump up and down in front of it to create vibrations to see if the door/cabinets will open. Bump into it, give a gentle nudge as well. If these do not open the door or cabinet then likely a breeze will not either.

You can do same things to see if they will slam shut, first try to just hold it open, then let it go to see. If this does not work try a light tap. To see if it closes on its own. If it does on either then maybe there’s windows open creating a ‘vacuum’. If not then go on to the other tests one by one. I get a vacuum in my room. If my door and window are open and the others in the house then sometimes my door moves back and forth on its own making some noise, sometimes a slam.  Write your results in the journal mentioned. If the tests don’t work and everything is level (yes another test) then call a paranormal investigator.

If you have Moving Furniture and objects you can pretty much do the same tests be sure everything is level, doesn’t move by vibration and if you have a digital video camera you can even film, if it may make you feel better. Just be sure no one (including pets) could have moved the chair,or opened the door (my cat knows how to open doors)


Children Being Threatened

Physical Attacks (to anyone)

When You’ve had enough 

Children are  more open to the paranormal.  The young do not have the coping skills to deal. Teens and  older children can cope more easily unless being attacked in some way (physical, mental or emotional) Also most reputable paranormal groups will respond likely because the investigation is shot to the top of the list.

To find a reputable Paranormal group, scroll down pass the House Blessing section

Unexplained smells and odors

This can be an intelligent or residual haunting. I’ve had this occur plenty of times, even in the middle of winter when all the windows are closed. I know one thing if I smell watermelon, its the summer and its cut grass. Other times I smell a perfume or cologne or even the smell of a cereal. If I were to smell pipe tobacco then I would think my Pop-pop was checking in on me. Check to see if laundry or furnace is on. Foul odors could be gutters needs cleaning, Clogged drains, mold or mildew. (if its mold dilute some bleach with water and scrub down the moldy area and don’t forget to wear a mask or bandanna over your face, you don’t want to inhale that stuff) Take note if The A/C or heat is on and if that’s the time when you usually smell it.   All this smells can come and go as fast as they came or linger a bit.

Audible voices

Whispering, crying, screams in the night even music. Sometimes you hear these and it could be a neighbor blasting music, or thin walls in an apartment building. Sometimes I swear I hear my name called and when I go to where mom would be (thinking its her as usually its a female voice I hear) she didn’t call me, heck sometimes she’s sleeping! When this happens I think of it as one of 3 things, 1. Someone (living or not) is thinking of me and 2. a dead relative dropped by to say hi.(But WHO?? is the question! Honestly I would really love my grandfather to come and tell me the story he always did when I was little. I remember it sort of but not enough to tell someone else) Some spirit (if not relative) is messing with me. I really need to get some basic ghost hunting equipment aside from my tape recorder. If it’s music well this can be tricky! The first time my family went away while we lived in the green house I stayed home to watch our cat, (as I was not having it with Virginia weather) One night I start hearing what sounded like bagpipes, and I don’t live in Scotland! I’m going from window to window to see if I can see what house its coming from. Honestly those things sound haunting as is, but when you think its in your house or neighborhood its even creepier! I called my parents down in Virginia cause I was seriously freaking out. The sound was driving me batty and eventually I figured out what it was… The heat coming up through the radiators. They used to whistle and hiss. The darn noise was switching from room to room.

Feeling of being watched or Followed

You may think you are just being paranoid or tired or whatever reason you may think this. But honestly if you are feeling so in your own home (or some form of residence or business) you may not be paranoid.  When you have this feeling does the hair stand up on your neck or arms? Yes? Then you may have an invisible stalker. You see I did not say ghost or spirit for a reason. I consider spirits/ghosts to have been human once. I do not consider anything demonic to have been so, however I’m sure we could all be wrong and that someone really bad in life might become a demon.  If this occurs consistently and in certain spots then it may likely be paranormal.  But you must be sure there is no High Electromagnetic fields present, they can cause a “Fear Cage”

Animals Behaving Strangely

So I’ve included this after as your pets may be telling you something. They seem to be able to see things we do not. Another reason is My cat seems to have a ghostly friend. There are times mom has told me and I’ve occasionally noticed if Sully goes to eat or drink her head will snap around as if someone creeped up on her and is treading on her turf. If you know they play with the spirit, you know it’s likely not harmful.

Folklore to get rid of a ghost

(or old wives tales?)

Garlic – garlic works for EVERYTHING vampires, colds but ever seen garlic on doors or windows in various countries?

Mixed up shoes– point one away from, and one toward the bed. supposedly in a few days, the confused ghost will leave

Give it something to count – this I heard of for vampires but hey never hurts to try

sprinkle a cup of rice or even better sand in the haunted rooms each night the idea is to give them an impossible task so after a few nights they give up and leave. I have an idea for that one… make me a teenager again or my waistline from highschool!

Hazelnuts– They have been used since ancient times for ridding yourself of ghosts. If you are religious, ask a member

of the clergy to bless a few hazelnuts.

The pagans had ‘the great gathering’ normally referred to as Samhain. They would put nine hazelnuts on a string to burn them over a fire while saying  “Hazelnuts, nine in a ring/by the smoke of the Samhain fire bring/Protection to this house and those within/Blessed be this charm of nuts and string”

Missing Objects– put the same things in the same spot every day after you use them?  The day comes when (let’s say) the keys aren’t there. you’ve searched the house 5 times in every nook, every item with a lid and so on and of course nothing turns up. These things go missing for days, weeks, months, heck even years!  Now its one thing when it occasionally happens, its being absent minded carelessly in a rush, but when it constantly happens it’s time to take note (or get checked for Alzheimer’s). First always be sure no one borrowed it, try and remember the last time you had it and where you left it. Pay attention to it. If it belonged to a relative (family heirloom) or friend that has passed on it’s their way of saying we are here

Cold spots Sudden changes in temperature could indicate a spirit close by. The temperature drop is usually right before a ghost manifests it self in some way. This is when it pulls the energy from the room. These are usually in one spot of the room sometimes they move but

-check out the rest of the house and room for a baseline temperature,

-be sure all windows and doors are closed,

-check furnace and ductwork

-weatherstripping around doors and windows and replace any dried up, or cut etc

Is Your House Haunted?: Poltergeists, Ghosts or Bad Wiring by [Chestnut, Debi]

I am currently reading this book and mixed some of my notes from it in with my own knowledge and experiences. The author says there are more types of Ghosts then there are hauntings.    Is your House Haunted by Debi Chestnut

Demonic Haunting– is extremely rare. Not every house is built on top of sacred land or burial grounds. There are a few with the distinction and many have no activity at all.

I have some mixed in information from the book on your left with my research.  The book on your left says Paranormal researchers and some religions believe you should never say a demon’s name as they feel it gives them power or even summons them (inviting them into your home). There’s some that also believe when you know a demon’s name, it gives YOU power over it and has to go back to hell or at least leave your abode, and is what I believe. This is likely one of the reasons demons appear as something or someone ‘innocent’. They seem to mimic children especially. Calling out its name keeps it honest, for lack of a better term and you will not be fooled by its tricks. One way for sure to tell if you have a demonic entity ‘haunting’ your house or you. Have you heard any knocks? How many, are they coming in threes? That is a sign of a demonic haunting, their way of spiting the holy trinity.

Residual haunting- This is a time loop an imprint of a possible traumatic time or an everyday routine. it does not involve an intelligent spirit, it just plays like a movie on a loop (like your music player on repeat)  You may see people animals etc interacting with the environment even hear footsteps or smell some fragrance lingering in the air.  However there is no actual interacting with the living  and won’t make the lights turn on and off. It cannot be stopped or made to go away if anything in some cases it may fade over time. These could have been ‘recorded’ into the surrounding materials  like wood, Limestone, even foundation stones.  If building materials were recycled to build a new place, this residual haunting could move to another place.

You will want to watch family members behavior closely if there’s any changes (usually for the worse)

Demonic activity starts with Infestation which moves into oppression which is breaking down the person’s will you may feel like yu are being punished for instance…after this once one is week enough especially if they get sick then could go on to a Possession

Traditional/Intelligent Haunting 

This is what people normally think of when they think Ghost. There are many reasons a spirit could be haunting a spot. generally associated with lots of physical activity which might include doors slamming, noises, unlocking doors and other variations. You may even see a spirit as a full or partial body apparition. The spirit will interact with you, and be responsive to your requests.

-They are tied to the site or a certain person

-they died from a traumatic event like murder or car accident

-Unfinished business or task

-They don’t know they are dead (like if it happened suddenly or in their sleep)

-are somehow held there by a relative so distraught over their death and they don’t realize what they are doing. *not being able to let go is not emotionally or physically healthy for the living and can cause harm to spirit.

There are 3 types of spirits in an intelligent haunting

Benevolent spirit– kind-hearted may seek to assist or protect the living

Benign-will not be concerned with the living and instead will just go about its business. hard to classify could be part of a residual or intelligent haunt.

Malevolent– Their only goal is to inflict harm on the living. It could just be an angry or negative spirit or worse could be demonic or inhuman. a negative spirit is almost always malevolent, be it demon, elemental, or other types of angry spirit, they seem to hold a resentment to the living. These hauntings usually begin in places of distress emotionally or mentally especially that of abuse (Alcohol, drug or physical). Paranormal researchers believe they go after the weak as it is easier to take advantage of and control. Demons or elementals are usually summoned or conjured (invited) by the living in some way before they can take residence. Using a Ouija board, having a seance, or scrying can all (unintentionally) invite negative spirits. One may have been invited years ago but may lay dormant until something changes, like becoming more religious. If you do not know how to properly do or use any of the spiritual communication methods, then don’t. They are not games. A nasty person in life may return as a negative spirit (heck even as a demon) because all they did was make life miserable for others.

Haunting Time?

You may have heard of “Witching Hour”,  the time of day where the veil between the living and the dead is most thin. I’ve always heard it to be Midnight (however I really don’t get this being a coven of witches is 13. Witches believe in the power of 3s. the ’13th’ hour would be 1pm, otherwise why not 3am or 9pm to be the witching hour?) I mention the witching hour as there’s a

“Dead Time” however there are mixed opinions. This dead time is 3 am which was supposedly the time Jesus died. (oh like his birthday is Christmas which really isn’t?) Paranormal investigators feel the, for this reason, is most preferred by spirits to be more active, and so when paranormal activity is highest.

Another theory about this is that its not the ghosts or spirits being active but demons as they like to mock the trinity.

remember I previously mentioned ‘witching hour’ my research has turned up that there are varying theories to the actual time. There are beliefs to it being sunset, dawn, midnight and other hours during the night.

Dreaming of the dead

Yes! Ghosts can appear in our dreams and it would not be unusual. If you dreamt of having a conversation with a deceased friend or family member chances are you really were! Keep in mind however that having a dream with this loved one in it and an actual visitation or different.

Visitations- everything will be as it is in current time, nothing odd or out of place. IT won’t seem unrealistic.

Possible ley lines of Stonehendge

Dreams- things may be discombobulated.  Furniture is not where it belongs, things may move really fast or slow objects may be out of place and so on ‘wrong’.

Water & Ley Lines

these are a source of energy,  and huntings in places near and especially over them will be  very active and the spirits have an unlimited source of energy

Ley Lines– area grid of the earth’s energy. Sort of a spiritual longitude and latitude. Stonehedge is a prime example which is made up of a nexus of. If a ley line passes through it is believed that spirit activity is greater at these places, also paranormal investigators believe there are both positive and negative to keep a balance.  The negative ley lines are believed to make one feel uneasy or ‘just not right’ This does not exactly mean that there is a negative ghost or spirit there.

Water- many believe that if water be it a well, lake, or spring makes paranormal activity stronger.  Many who have stood over a known water line reported  slow warm feeling (warm fuzzies?), standing in something thick like a syrup, or a  heaviness in different parts of their body mainly their legs and arms

Portals– Some places have much activity, this is sometimes due to a portal somewhere on the property (in or out). These can theoretically be blocked with magnetic spikes; as magnets create an electrostatic barrier of energy. (its just a matter of knowing if the spirit or all the spirits have gone in before adding those spikes)

Haunted objects

Did you go on a trip and pick up some new item from an abandoned house, a native Indian burial ground, or a house where someone recently died? was everything normal in your home before the trip, and now that the object is in your home there are weird things happening? You might have a haunted object.

With he popularity of the Annabelle movie, also Robert which was made into a movie  both are real live haunted dolls. Annabelle is in the care of the Warren Museum in Connecticut. Yes, Ed and Loraine Warren were real paranormal investigators, as probably rolling in Ed’s grave at least. The museum it turns out has to move because of some zoning regulation. The number of ‘haunted Object’ cases has increased. Most, however, are not haunted. Everything on earth is composed of energy. Even we are when we die our souls (energy) go on to affect things if it so chooses. Also, many souls go on to live another life, this is why some people remember a past life or more!  These energies are composed of various frequencies (like radio ones) and waves. Through every thought, motion and action we are supposedly affecting everything around us, even things on the other side of the earth and so on. This is resonance, which happens naturally every day.

What NOT to do

-DO NOT show fear (they feed off it)

-use salt (when already-haunted)

-use of  an Ouija board or have a seance

(you are opening a door to the spirit world and will make things worse)

Ghost ‘busting’

Residual Hauntings – as these are a moment in time ‘recorded’ to a spot of trauma there is nothing that can be done, in time it will eventually fade away or you can move.

Traditional/Intelligent hauntings– First Talk to it.  Two things can come of this, you get the Spirit to leave, or if it may be a previous owner of the home a compromise for co-habitation. (what’s better than a ghostly burglar alarm?  Many don’t always know they’ve died, so in a gentle manner, you need to let them know they no longer belong in the realm of the living and to cross into the light. If it’s a previous homeowner and they do know but they just won’t leave and keep changing around pictures and things… then you’ll need to compromise with them. Let them know you understand they still love their home and don’t want to leave but that it is YOUR house now and will take care of it. That they can now go be with their family, on the other side. If there is a sign they have not left, let them know you are willing to compromise to share the house. Actually, if you are looking at houses or just bought a house when you walk in you can let the spirits know you ae interested in it/have bought the house and hope that you can all get along.

If being nice does not work, then stand your ground and in a firm, forceful (but not provoking) voice “This is our House and you are not wanted here You need to get out now! Leave now!” (you can also try this with negative spirits but also note they are not welcome and were not knowingly invited. Also make sure you are not scared when you say this, no one can take someone seriously if they are scared or seem intimidated. Think of it as if you were firing someone.

Been Shopping? If the activity started after you went antiquing think about things you purchased. Anything you buy secondhand could have a spirit attached to it so what have you purchased at tag sales, garage sales, thrift stores,ebay and flea markets etc. before the activity started? Once you determine what item is the one, then you need to get it OFF your property. If the activity has not stopped after this

Have your house Blessed

(especially when first moving into it)

Have a trusted member of the clergy (or whatever your belief) bless your home, or  You can take a few selected objects to the clergy to have blessed. It is best to have at least 2 objects from each room, once blessed place one item in the room opposite end from where the door is (or in the middle of the room), then place the other near the door ). If you are not particularly religious, bless your home yourself.

Always be sure whoever blesses your home works from top (attic, then top floor, go to basement, then do ground floor leaving back and front door open. The ground floor is done mostly to lead spirits out the front door so I’d say AFTER doing a back yard if there were any problems there… work from the back door to  the front. However some homes or apartments have the front in the middle so work from either side then go close all windows and stand at front door and cleans that room and you should be done. ) This may need to be done every week til those stubborn spirits get the hint. Once you are sure they are no longer there, you can put some iron spikes (or bury some small blessed crosses at the four corners of the house)

If you choose to DIY,  to start you must fill yourself with light and happiness and love, ONLY positive energies.


-RICE  (yes normally it is sea salt because spirits supposedly can’t cross a line of it, if you use it they won’t be able to leave the house. If ghosts are already in and around your home, use rice. On windowsills, around the outside of your home and even in bowls in the rooms. Sprinkle the rice around the perimeter of your home as close to the foundation as possible. The rice supposedly lures the spirit out. once you are 100% sure there is no more ghosts then you can have fun with the salt lines to keep malevolent spirits out. (if you want you can add a little voodoo with brickdust which is supposed to keep out those who mean you harm)

-1 WHITE sage ‘wand’ (if you can’t use scented or smoking stuff then use Saltwater)

Smudge or cleanse getting the smoke from the sage into EVERY nook and corner of your place. The smoke cleans out any negative energy or spirits. do this while say8ing “All negative energy or spirits are commanded to leave now through the open window and are never to return. I clear this house of all negative energy. You must leave” Once you have cleaned every room including the basement and attic, go back through the house and close all the windows. Finally do the spot where your front door is to finish off.

-FEATHER or hand fan to direct the smoke into the nooks and corners.

-2 NEW Candles  (NEVER BURNED) 1 Black and 1 White put in the window ( you can use a 3rd white candle to carry around to the rooms while blessing the house. Walk around (starting from the top of the house (or furthest from door) and go from Level to level room to room to order the ghosts and spirits to leave.

-A house blessing, for now, use the UNIVERSAL, Wiccan, Pagan, P2, )

-(optional) put some uplifting music on. Like Jazz but absolutely NO RAP, Hip Hop, Metal or country

-if you believe in it use holy water or holy oil (use a small clean container and you can fill it from the bowl at church. Go around your house and after cleansing a room put some holy water or oil on your finger and make the sign of the cross over every door frame saying

“I bless and clean this space in the name of the lord’

apartments are easier to do. Be sure all widow are open  Start at the far end and bless the rooms (including the windows, and doors and get into the corners too, as you work your way through the rooms. Pay special attention to the rooms that had activity. If you only have one door and it’s in the middle of the apartment do that room last. You want to drive all spirits to that room leave one white and one black candle in the window after you bless this room (this room needs a thorough blessing Every corner and you may want to leave the white sage bundle burning in here.(if there is more than one exit be sure to bless that doorway as well bless the fire escape if you feel the need. Be sure to be firm, but not provoking. You may need to do more than one blessing

Houses same idea but with a house you have a few floors. It is best to start with the topmost floor and work your way down. Yes, that means starting with the attic first! Be sure to get into all the corners nooks and crannies in the shadows (yes you can bring along a light if you feel safer) After the attic, start your blessing on the top floor with the room furthest from the stairs and work your way toward them. Be sure to pay extra attention to the rooms with the activity. Make sure you get the windows, doors and even under beds (best to do under those in each room first) I would even say the blessing as I go through the Hallway and down the stairs. Now before blessing the ground floor, you need to get the basement. Attic’s don’t bother me but unfinished basements do.  I just chalk it up to Nightmare on Elm Street, living a street away from it, and the way our basement looked in the first house I lived in! Now get a flashlight (just in case) turn that basement light on and get your positive butt down there. On the main floor, You need to go from room to room stopping at the entryway door. This is where you want to drive them out. Just be sure that any other doors (like a backdoor) is also blessed, do your yard as well for a thorough blessing, as you may never know.

 After you are done, go from room to room closing all the windows.

Finding a good Ghost Hunting team

PHONE  -normally they will NOT have a phone number on their site, but a form to fill out or maybe an email.  It’s acceptable. ONce they make contact be sure to get a phone number in case of emergency especially if things escalate. I would ask for a couple of references from past cases.

WEBSITE -Look at the Ghost hunters (paranormal investigation team) site carefully.  If it does not have the investigators’ names, likely they are not serious. Websites are supposed to be a form of advertising, so look through prospective possibilities sites very well, especially as you will have to invite them into your home for the investigation. Does the site contain good, quality content?  MOST paranormal researchers do not provide ‘magical cleanings’. When you speak to someone from any team,  ask them about it.

Fees-Legit investigators do not charge for their services. If they ask you to pay for an investigation, then look elsewhere. unless of course they are out of state or needs to travel overnight then you should offer to pay their travel expenses. (Gas and tolls and at least)

Qualifications- First off anyone with a Doctor in their name, be skeptical. Ask where they received their doctorate and what it is in.  Ask for their qualifications. How long have they been investigating, and what types of cases have they done in the past. Do not be afraid to ask for references from past clients. Many people want to remain private so its ok if they don’t, but they should have a few to be able to refer you to.  Be skeptical

Don’t be afraid to interview teams until you find the person you feel most comfortable (and safe) with. Don’t hesitate to ask for an initial meeting with just one or two of the members, one of which should be a founding member of the group. If a founding member cannot find the time to meet with you then reconsider using that group. If after this initial (in person) meeting.

Unless its an absolute emergency a good team will do some historical research before the investigation not oonly on the property but the surrounding area of the location

*before you let any investigation team in your home, find out what the protocol is for after the investigation and any services they provide once the ghost hunt has been conducted.

Is a spirit reeking havoc in your Kitchen?

turn on your microwave!

Microwaves have 2 really powerful magnets,so anyting sensitve to a magnetic field within 10 to 15 feet of the microwave will be affected when you turn it on

What to expect during an investigation

Once they determine if they need to do an on-site investigation it can be quite invasive.

A professional team will go into each investigation with a healthy dose of skepticism to determine if there is a logical or reasonable explanation to your experiences. As a general rule, there should be no more than 6-8 investigators in your home at one time, but may need more depending on the size of the location. None of them should be drinking or engaging in unprofessional behavior. The team should never show up with a production crew or reporter without your express permission if the investigation was set up through a news station or newspaper.  A professional team is supposed to keep all aspects of your case confidential unless you give them permission to put their findings on their website or in print media. It is quite likely they will have you sign a release as to what form of information can be used. This is quite acceptable as they usually only want to share their findings, while keeping your name and location private. 

The amount of equipment may seem endless, Video cameras,  EMF detectors, tape recorders, computers, thermal imaging camera and many other options.

The investigation consists of an interview. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions, each of which has a purpose in determining the type of activity and ghost that could be the cause. Don’t be afraid to ask what the equipment does, good ghost-hunters should be able to explain what they are doing and why it’s necessary.

Your statements will be recorded and need to walk the investigators through the house and describe in detail the events that had occurred. Try to have every witness of the accounts present or be available by phone. Send any small children to a friend’s overnight and keep any family & friends that have not witnessed events away the night of the investigation. Too many people interfere with the investigation.

Give the team (a copy of) any journal or notes you made, research you may have done,  and any photos, audio or video recording you have done yourself. If a pattern appears while they review your journal (or other findings) they will want to have a vigil that coincides with the activity. This is a long, protracted and boring for all Investigators and yourself. There may need to be more than one investigation needed before determining if the house is haunted or just experiencing some paranormal activity.  Just remember if another ghost hunt is needed it is much less invasive than the first.

After the investigation

The hundreds of photos, hours of video and audio recorded pretty much everywhere, are then reviewed and may take a weeks time (maybe more) to thoroughly comb over all of that potential evidence. Think about it this way, ever paused a movie and went through a scene frame by frame? Yeah its that tedious. Once they see something in the video that might be something that’s something that needs to be done. They are among other things, trying to figure out if what they are seeing is a trick of light, matrixing, or anyone’s shadows. The same goes for the audio which may need to be enhanced to hear better also trying to make out what was said and be sure it was not someone else in another room. This is one of the reasons why teams will listen to audio on the spot, this way they can debunk any ambient noises.

Once the data has been reviewed, every bit of evidence is double checked and put together like a puzzle from the eye-witness accounts, personal experiences of the investigators, and any hard evidence they caught while in your home. All of this should be wrapped up into one cohesive theory of if its a logical explanation to the ‘paranormal’ activity or what type of entity you are dealing with, their business, and if it’s a legitimate haunting or just general paranormal activity. Remember a legitimate  haunting is rare, as the activity needs to be consistent and either interact with or attempts to interact with the living in some way.

If they do not call or email after a week, then drop them a line to see how things are coming along.  They should meet up with you in a short time to go over any evidence and where they found it and how they can help you rid your home of any unwanted ghost or spirits.

Here’s Why We’re Afraid of Old Victorian Mansions

Danse Macabre

The Midnight Dance or as Neil Gaiman calls it The Macabray in The Graveyard book an ancient line dance

Rich man Poor man come away

Come dance the Macabray

Time to work and time to play, Time to dance the Macabray

One and all will hear and stay

One to leave and one to stay and all to dance the Macabray

Step and Turn and walk and stay

Now we dance the Macabray

Now the lady in the Grey

Leads us in the Macabray

The living may not remember but the spirits do, and only the dead ever remember the macabray.

Stepping gravely in a slow procession of five in a row)

“Gracious Lady, this I pray: Join me in this Macabray”

Taking hands  Living to dead  stepping past the lines of dancers in which  parted  as they went through

Here’s the only video I could find of actual people dancing, but I think there was a little more to it than this.

Danse Macabre Wiki 


  • an evil spirit or phantom, especially one supposed to rob graves and feed on dead bodies.
  • a person morbidly interested in death or disaster.

These dead scavengers are the parasites of the dead. They do not build but ‘re-purpose’ their city is called Ghûlheim was found long ago. No one knows who honeycombed the rock with tunnels and towers but no one but the ghoul-folk would have wanted to stay there or approach the place.  -The Graveyard book Neil Gaiman

Ghouls are strong, move fast, swarm,  they eat the rotting corpses (at least after a few weeks) with their powerful teeth (but if they are rotting why would you need ‘powerful’ teeth?). Impervious to disease and illness so it matters not what rendered the poor person to die. They especially love the Plague pits.

There’s always one grave in every graveyard that is a ghoul gate. Wander one long enough and you will find the water-stained, cracked or broken stone, which may feel colder than the others tombstones to which the name is too weathered to read or completely gone.  They are usually full of weeds or scraggly grass even covered in ivy plus they have that feeling of abandonment, repulsion and fear. You want to be anywhere else, but there. If a statue is on such a grave it’s usually headless or scabbed with fungus and lichens as to look like fungus itself. If it looks like the target for petty vandals (or any description above) Then that my friend is the ghoul-gate of the cemetery.

Opening a Ghoul gate (if you dare)   Skagh  Thegh Khavagah

Closing a Ghoul Gate   Wegh Khârados


Ghoul Available on Amazon

A haunting we will go

Ghost shows

  1. Ghost Adventures Saturday at 9 est. on Travel Channel (re-airs at midnight est)
  2. Paranormal Witness (Sunday 2 10pm Destination America)
  3. Ghost Hunters           (2016 last season)
  4. *Ghost Mine
  5. **Celebrity Ghost Stories BIO channel
  6. The Haunting Of…..
  7. A haunting

*No longer on air       ** Not sure if the series is still going

is there any I’m missing?

I mean Ghost Hunting…

It is widely accepted that high amounts of EMF increase Paranormal activity. Some elements like water (especially running), Limestone and wood are said to retain energy. Places with any or all these may have a high rate of haunting as well as being on or close to a ley line.

Tools for  Ghost Hunting

Feeling of Lightness comes from energies (spirits) that crossed over

weighted down by energies who are stuck here (ghosts)

Ghost show- the drama of what happened to them

Spirits- are more into telling you about a loved one they want to connect with

I was reading Zak Bagans book Dark World and he says that there needs to be a database for Paranormal Investigators to compare data, and identify patterns when cross-referenced.  With the information, a haunting may be able to be predicted

In the 13th season of Ghost Adventures at the  Reseda House of Evil, an image of a possible Demonic spirit was found

Here is the criteria Zak mentioned as well as other aspects I think need to be included

-Time & date (especially if it might be residual)

-Temperature reading


– Solar  activity

-Moon phase

-Proximity to water etc.

-Surrounding materials of the haunting (type of building materials, Stones, wood, etc & type if known)

-also, include audio/video & stills from each haunting

My ideas to include is

– age of the building

-Ley lines (are maps of these?)

– deaths in the building or traumatic event(s) in the general area

-Type of Spirit(s) reported at the site (‘Friendly/Protective. Mischievous, malevolent spirit or demonic  entity)

-has there been a use of Ouija board, a seance, satanic gatherings,  a possession /Exorcism there

-Any EVPs and what class?

Ghostly Adventure goodies

Most Haunted Places in America  *  Abandoned Places that will send chills up your spine

Catch up on the first few seasons of Ghost Adventures with the Amazon link provided?

Ghost Adventures Season 2     *   Ghost Adventures: Season 3   *   Ghost Adventures Season 4

 Ouija Boards

Use a Ouija if you dare…

though they call it one, it is NOT a game! Even though the phrase to using it, is to ‘Play’  it.

The Stranger Than Fiction History Of The Ouija Board

We are used to seeing the wide rectangular shaped Ouija board made by Parker Brothers or Hasboro and

sold in the toy section of stores.

Image result for Vintage Ouija Board

and now

NEWS: World’s Largest Ouija Board All Set to Summon World’s Largest Spirits   I think someone just opened a hell gate!

They can be in the usual rectangle, or in a circle even triangles and ovals.

Image result for Ouija Board Designs

This is a lovely handmade one with Norse Runes 

I have this keychain Ouija board which has a drawer with a mini Planchete in it! 

Take precautions to protect yourself & your ‘party’ as you should NEVER play alone nor in your home or a graveyard.

here is the  Ouija wiki page

5 Rules & regulations to using a board.

(see more in entry #18 on the Ouija   from my 2014- 31 days of Halloween series)

-Always cleanse it before and after using it with White Sage

-make a protective circle

-never use it when you have negative or skeptical feelings.  (Clear Heart and mind)

-NEVER use it in your own home or a cemetery

Take precautions to protect yourself & your ‘party’ as you should NEVER play alone nor in your home or a graveyard.

-NEVER EVER ask for a specific person (evil spirits and demons are known to pretend to be someone else)Many times people have asked, and it turns out  a malicious spirit, or an inhuman one. Also NEVER assume it may be who you are looking for (don’t even mention their name)  Always ask a few questions to see if it’s really them. You could also pull a trick .. like asking about if they remember something like a “the day we went to……(but don’t use the real place you went mention somewhere else, maybe even making up something else you did period.

-ALWAYS make sure it says good-bye

-Never take your hands off the board OR let the planchette leave the board (there is no pause button)

-Never Play Alone

Never speak saying your friends or your given name.

-Never ask when you will die,

-never ask the spirit how they died

How to
  * Board rules & how to ‘play

This one   from what I scanned is the best to heed (being as I cannot find the particular site I am looking for)

Image result for Printable Ouija Board Party TemplateThere are many different ways to make a Ouija board. If in a pinch you can even make it out of a sheet of paper, print this one out) or cut up pieces of paper. (just Burn after reading…I mean using it)  For best results one… it’s always better to make your own(Wood, and Limestone work best)  but for those that would rather just buy a ‘toy’ one.  Ouija Boards Amazon Search .  Whether you use the ‘toy’ type or make your own… The rules go for either!

The ZoZo demon

There is one demon associated with the Ouija. I have seen this covered in a couple of Paranormal shows and have read a few Zozo Encounters  stories on the web. But here’s is the Ghost Adventures episode dealing with ZoZo. Keep in mind, if you follow the rules you should not have a problem.

Now on to demons really quick (even if I already covered them)

As far as supernatural (and some others shows) goes demons have varying eye colors depending on hierarchy. Black, Red and Yellow. (I think Yellow are the higher class)

Signs of the Infernal

(this was covered on the 2019 series EVIL was in season 1 episode 3 titled 3 stars. Which had John Glover playing a businessman which seemed to be ‘afflicted’

#1 Possession

#2 Physical Pain

#3 Diabolical oppression (actually they posted this as 3 but I’m pretty sure it comes BEFORE Possession as) this is how they tire you out and so on to weaken you so they CAN possess you.

#4 Infestation -Takes over house

#5 Subjugation- Inviting the demon

#6 Diabolical oppression

I have even come across Ouija style Invitations while researching for the  previously mentioned Ouija post from 2014 (when I started blogging)

Now if in the case of this invitation you decide to have some sort of Ouija themed party I’ll give you some ideas.

-Have a board for each table

-deck the table out with white and black candles (1 each a pillar one would look good) or a candelabra of tapered them)

– Tell ghost stories

-have a signature drink or 2. Maybe one should be a cloudy blue to represent the mist of a ghost.

-Remember the loot bags we got as kids at birthday parties?  (I have to research that next. Never understood why that was) but why not make up a loot bag for guests with a couple of white and black candles, some sage sticks, seasalt, and maybe you can find mini Ouija Boards like my keychain or a mini doll house version, you can also include bottle openers, find some Planchette or Board charms/pendants  or even lapel pins or 2″ buttons.

-more ideas

Ouija-Board-Doorway-Occult paperback

Ouija themed novelty Buttons

here is the  Ouija wiki page

A ghost is an impact from the past on the present in every ghost story. That’s all it really is, no matter how you dress it up,″ he says. ″A ghost is simply an element of the past that refuses to live in the past and instead just encroaches upon the present that it alters the present. It changes the trajectory of the person who’s experiencing that little piece of the past… That link between memory and ghosts and between ghosts and the past,  –Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy Haunting of……. of on Netflix

Assorted Links

National Paranormal Society

book’em jano blog ~ghosts and the paranormal


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