The Vampire Bible

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 disclaimer:  The Vampire Bible (blog post #28 Vampire Bible as part of my 2014 – 31 days of Halloween) I’ve included the original information, as well as elaborating more. I continue to add (though I may, in time, have to make a 2nd page as I have a heck of a lot of information here

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Verullian lips & ivory teeth…

sweet Daggers caress your neck,

blood red wine flows in a stream

a lick,

blood ties bind

followed by a sigh

a delectable Bite

by ©KimMarie Ostrowski

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ARE you a vampire or just a FANatic of Vampires?  Are you researching about vampires, or maybe want to find what may not be so easy to find in the ‘books’ (especially the stuff you don’t hear often or maybe you just Want to know more? I’ve got quite the amount of in-tell for you! This I do hope will end up as the Definitive vampire resource!

There’s always new information popping up so this lens as well as its predecessors will be ongoing works, I will ALWAYS be adding to them. Right now I am working on some pages that some of the sections here, will go on as it is pretty long. This will help any loading times etc. I jut hope you can be patient while I figure out where to put what.

I am currently working on a Vampire Zodiac. The idea came to me while reading a book “How to get a Date with a Vampire” Simply put, once you are turned, you are no longer the zodiac sign you were, however they go on to write the previous zodiac with just “The Vampire Scorpio” which as I am a Scorpio, was described and had all the same traits. The way the author worded it, at least to me…sounded like there was a whole different Zodiac only vampires knew about! So basically I’m doing that author’s work for her! Stay tuned, I’m still figuring out what sign ‘replaces’ our original signs and what is most like each

Vampire DefineVampire n.

Sympathetically misunderstood victim of its affliction. A creature that feeds upon ‘some life force’ be it blood or some other bodily fluids or the human psyche itself and enhancing the id with sexuality.


“They are hunger, injustice, genocide, war. Vampire stories are a relatively safe way to explore human nature.”  If we can overcome, or at least negotiate, with our vampiric natures, perhaps we can also find a way towards finding a balance in the world around us.  -Anne Rice

As famous vampire novelist Anne Rice says in a Christianity Today article

 National Vampire Day

 March 10


The ‘Hogwarts’ for Vampires

The leading school for vampire education Fledgling or Ancient

The leading school for vampire education (From Vampire   Academy)

The Origin story

wow a TWISTED GREEK Romeo & Juliet! And we thought Shakespeare was tragic

Ambrogio longed to travel to Greece and have his fortune told by the oracle of Delphi, when he reached adulthood he did so. Delphi was the home to the Temple of the sun god, Apollo. This was also the home of the Pythia, known as the oracles. These oracles would speak of inspired prophecies by Apollo. Once Ambrogio saw the Pythia his fortune was quite cryptic and maybe a little morbid.

“The Curse, The Moon. The Blood will Run”

He could not sleep that night and so stayed outside the temple trying to contemplate the meaning of the fortune. With the dawn, he realized he had not slept a wink and as he walked back toward town he saw a beautiful woman dressed in robes of white walking toward the temple. Introducing himself, her name was Selene and was the maiden of the temple; she tended to the temple and took care of her sister the Oracle while she as in her trance like state.

The two would meet same time on the following days and falling in love. Ambrogio asked Selene to marry him and to return with him to Italy as it was his last day in Greece. She agreed, and he would go make the preparations and meet her at the same time the next morning. This angered Apollo as he took a liking to the lovely Selene and here was Ambrogio taking one of his maidens away. Apollo appeared to Ambrogio and cursed him. From that day forward the mere touch of Apollo’s sunlight would burn his skin.

Distraught and not able to meet with Selene, Ambrogio ran toward a cave that lead to Hades for protection from the sun. Hades,God of the underworld listened to the tale and made a deal. Hades would grant Ambrogio & Selene protection in the underworld if he would steal Artemis’ Silver bow .

Hades gave Ambrogio a megal wooden Bow with 11 arrows to hunt with and he was to offer his trophies to Artemis to gain her favor. As collateral Hades bade Ambrogio to leave his soul until he returned to Hades;  should he return without the bow he’d have to live in Hades forever never returning to Selene.

Ambrogio had no way of contacting Selene, oh he had parchment but no instrument to write nor ink. With his bow & arrow he killed a swan, using its feather as a pen and blood for ink he wrote her a note that he could not meet her but would find a way to for them to be together then left the note in their meeting place. Selene was devastated but as to not anger Apollo kept working at the temple. Again no Ambrogio, but another parchment with writing in blood containing a Love Poem.  For 44 days before dawn, Ambrogio would slay a swan and write Slene her letters and poems, then after draining the bird he’d offer the body to Artemis as tribute to the Goddess of Hunting, the moon and sister to Hades.

Hoping that even if he could not steal her bow that she would be honored by his tribute and would be able to convince Hades to remove the curse. Ambrogio had one arrow left on the 45th night, and missed the swan to sacrifice to Artemis as well as not having the blood or pen to write to Selene. Artimis seeing he was a good hunter and how dedicated he was came down. Ambrogio begged Artemis to borrow her bow and an arrow to kill one more bird to leave one final note to his beloved. Taking pity on him, Artemis agreed to let him borrow the silver bow and an arrow. Ambrogio had his chance and now ran in desperation to the cave that led to Hades. After realizing what had happened Artemis cast her own curse upon Ambrogio, that causing all silver to burn his skin with that pain he dropped to the ground. Artemis furious by the deceit, but as he begged for her forgiveness he explained his love for Selene, Apollo’s curse & the deal with Hades. He swore & apologized profusely that he had no other choice. She took pity on him and decided to give him one more chance She offered to make him

* a great Hunter almost as good as she

*Speed & strength of a god

*fangs with which to drain blood of the beasts to write poems

*in exchange for his immortality

The only catch was that Artemis was a virgin (goddess) and all her followers had to remain so and unmarried as well. They would never be able to touch again, no kissing, no ‘touching’, no children. Ambrogio agreed being they could at least be together. He left another note for Selene to meet him on the docks the next morning.  Upon receiving the note Selene ran away before Apollo could notice. When she got to the ship in the hull lay a coffin with instructions to have the Captain set sail and not to open the coffin until nightfall. The two lived in Ephesus in a cave during the day and at night worshiped Artemis at her temple. The years went by and Selene aged while Ambrogio stayed young . She fell ill and was on her deathbed, distraught he would never join Selene in the afterlife Ambrogio went to the woods & killed a swan for tribute begging to make Selene immortal as well. Artemis appeared thankful for his dedicated worship and made one last deal. She told him that he may touch Selene just once to drink her blood, that doing so would kill her mortal body, but from then on her blood mixed with his could create eternal life for any who drank of it. Ambrogio explained to Selene what had transpired and after much convincing he bit her neck and took her blood into his body. Setting her limp body down she started to radiate with light and levitate up toward the sky. Ambrogio watched helpless as Selene’s spirit met Artemis at the moon and when she arrived, the moon lit with a brilliant light and with that Selene became the goddess of moonlight. Everynight she would reach down with her rays to touch the earth and her beloved and their vampire children

The First Vampire Clan

Ambrogio moved back to Italy as a full fledged vampire. Legends trace him to Florence (Firenze) where he created the first vampire clan. Not much is known of this clan, with the same curse your soul went to Hades & you could return to Hades to retrieve it but could never leave. Over time the clan grew in size and strength and infighting began starting a civil war of sorts within the clan and many leaving to form their own.

It is unknown what happened to Ambrogio and his clan who stayed, but Ambrogio is believed to still reside in Florence.


Spell to Become a Vampire

(The following contains a ‘spell’, so by no means read out loud for there may be dangerous after effects)

With Selene being the mother of all vampires it is to speak ill of her. She is considered both mother and guardian angel among vampires.

Even though vampires are strictly made through each other (or seem to) though technically not a spell there are several poems in the “Vampire Bible” that are dedicated to Selene, and is a tradition to honor her as her Ambrogio did with poems. One of these poems seems to be a prayer to Selene asking specifically for her assistance in becoming a vampire, not exactly a spell but requesting the Vampire mother to send to the reader one of her children to turn them. The poem was originally in Latin but I’ve found a version of it in english:

Ode to the Vampire Mother

Oh goddess of the darkness

mother to the immortal

let me be reborn as your child

let your light absorb my own

Allow me passage to the darkness

as from your immortal womb

into the arms of your children

to whom I will call brother

Oh moonlight

let me be reborn as your child

guide the dark ones to me

so I shall be born again.

Other ‘origins’ theories

The Christian version is when Kane killed Able, he became the first vampire. According to one Hollywood writer’s imagination..In Dracula 2000 the First vampire or ‘Dracula’ himself was actually Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus and the reason why he shuns the cross and silver (he betrayed God for some coins of Silver.)  In True blood (season 5) Lillith is the goddess of the vampires. Judas Iscariot is mentioned as well.

In the News

New Orleans Vampires – History and Legend by Marita Woywod Crandle

Vampire Couple ties knot

Archaeology scientists find medieval remains of english vampires in Yorkshire

©Temple of The VampireI am a Vampire.
I worship my ego and I worship my life, for I am the only God that is.
I am proud that I am a predatory animal and I honor my animal instincts.
I exalt my rational mind and hold no belief that is in defiance of reason.
I recognize the difference between the worlds of truth and fantasy.
I acknowledge the fact that survival is the highest law.
I acknowledge the Powers of Darkness to be hidden natural laws
through which I work my magic.
I know that my beliefs in Ritual are fantasy but the magic is real,
and I respect and acknowledge the results of my magic.
I realize there is no heaven as there is no hell,
and I view death as the destroyer of life.
Therefore I will make the most of life here and now.
I am a Vampire.
Bow down before me.

Here you can red the introduction PDF


Medical Vampires

Before the days when we knew more about the human body and how it decomposes this was also a way one would have the blame of being a vampire.  Before the 1900’s when a body would be put to earth it would be the persons normal size. If and when they dug it up, sometimes a red liquid would be coming out the eyes, or mouth (this would be decomposition fluids) the corpse would be blamed for being a vampire. The Nails and hair look like they still grow; however this is not true, it’s the body becoming dehydrated so the skin ‘pulls back’. The Corpse looks ‘fat’ it’s bloated from the  chemicals in the body turning to gases to decompose.

First is Decay, then bloating/ marbling of the body, then purge (which I am guessing is when the blood and gases seep.

Porphyria  -basically the easiest way

porphyria-a-true-story-of-vampire  & porphyria-vampires-disease.html

Consumption –   this is a once (but old) common term for the wasting away of the body, particularly from  Tuberculosis (TB)


*If someone asks if you are a vampire and you are, then answer yes in the same way they asked you. Never deny who you are, because to deny that, is to deny any of us exist. (Besides they likely won’t believe you anyway)

*Donors are required and you may only feed with their permission. (If you cannot find one, you can contact your coven leader.)

*You are responsible for not only your actions as a vampire but anyone you have turned (as they say Guilt by association) Do not turn overly aggressive people, those with any mental problem(s), just want to become one, or to cure an illness. Personalities are heightened when one is turned into a Vampire. Which ever of the above are turned (accidentally or not) and they killed someone (again Accident or not) especially if it’s more than once, the same punishment will be imposed on you, that was to your ‘fledgling’.

*You turn them you train them
*If you are not a real vampire and you’re a Goth / emo poser wannabe, shut up, You give the rest of us a bad name.

*Coming out of the coffin? Just keep acting like yourself, and not insist, they’ll eventually catch on.

*need help? Don’t wait to be asked, offer it. Some of us are too stubborn  and/or prideful to ask

Living Vampires F.A.Q.s

‘Father’ Sebastian’s Vampire World

 The Blood is the Life – Dracula

I don’t exactly have this book, but I have 2 of the Dragonology books. I love them and well with all the vampire related books and paraphernalia I have I don’t need this one but still want it (or at least to see a copy).

(I will have a link at the end so you can check out my favorite vampire-related products. If you look this up, you can look through the book)


Vampires are UNDEAD which means they are not supposed to have a soul, (well aside from Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the self titled show)
 Technically they are demons as if you die for a time but come back, some times a malevolent spirit or demon will come back with you. That is the reason Vampires are considered demons

Vampire Hierarchy

(starting with youngest)



Sire (once you make another)







Check out  These Vampire Facts, on Random Facts


 The Originals

Vampires & their origins

in pop culture & ‘real life’



Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula was suppose to be based on Prince Vlad Dracul (see seal in the poll) but as I mentioned on my Scorpio lens, he did not create the vampire myth; but was the first to modernize the superstition. The first of those that wrote a vampire at the center of their stories were Lord Byron and Dr. John A. Polidori (having a friendly contest with Mary Shelley to write the best monster story). Legends & myths of vampires (in variations) have been around for along time predating historic record. They are known from across the globe from Ancient Babylon to India, Egypt to the ancient Greeks & even Chinese! So the vampire is truly an exotic creature. The original tales were that of demonic beings who fed on newborns or women to ‘live’ their afterlife, and nothing like the sexy seductive romanticism of the vampire we have today.

The Ancients     1400s – 1700s

The Wallachian Voivode (warlord or ) Prince Vladislav Dracul (1431-1476) otherwise Vlad Tepes (tse-pesh) terrorized the Balkans in order to keep the area from the Turks in the 1400s. Vlad was also known for his fearsome reputation as ‘Vlad the Impaler’, for the cruel, slow, agonizing way he’d killed 40,000-100,000 (however it has been said to be a possible exaggeration). He killed any man, woman, or child who broke the strict moral code against lying, cheating, & stealing. Though he was quite cruel there’s stories that he’d drink the blood of his victims (most of them do) but few others say he was not known to drink their blood. Vlad is historically honored in Romania as a symbol of Nationalism as the man who defeated the Ottoman Turks. He was born in the Transylvanian town of Sighisoara. He and his brother Radu were hostages of the Turks for seven years, learning from them lessons of Oppression, terror, & humiliation. In 1448 Vlad with the blessing of the Ottomans was aloud to claim power in Wallachia, however he was overthrown quite soon and fled to Moldavia. He then returned with the support of the Hungarians in 1456 and reigned until 1462. During this time is when he massacred thousands that got him his Impaler reputation. The wrath of the Ottomans was felt by 1462 and again Vlad fled to Hungary where; fearing his restlessness and willpower, King Matthias Corvinus (so that’s where that name in Underworld comes from) imprisoned him for twelve years and then in 1474 was aloud his freedom. He resumed his rank of warlord in November of 1476, his enemies were too numerous at the time and he was killed. In death Vlad was a definitive role in Romanian legends. From rumors of his demise and his headless corpse that was supposedly buried at Snagov near Bucharest but tales say the grave is empty and that Vlad, like a vampire had risen. One of these tales was that Vlad had gone into hiding to await the day he’d be needed again. Bram Stoker working on his Gothic novel Dracula and looking for a model for the character, came across Vlad’s information possibly around 1890. Dying under mysterious circumstances, his decapitated body never being recovered, his Name Dracul or Dracula having occult connotations & he  supposedly enjoyed impaling people. Vlad was the perfect fit. There were no vampirism associations with Vlad, until his book in which his Van Helsing character declared that “Dracula was in truth Vlad Tepes” The book was originally going to be titled the Un-dead but somewhere along the lines he or the publisher decided to change it to Dracula. This I take is the reason the squel by Dakre Stoker is titled Un-dead.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory de Ecsed August 7, 1560- August 21, 1614

The Hungarian Countess was said to bathe in the blood of over 650 (the number is debated though) young girls said to be virgins (as that is suppose to be the blood with magical properties) and to be the way to keep her young looking. The “Blood Countess’ as she was called; was the most prolific female serial killer in history, and was not caught until she stopped praying on the peasant girls and targeting the ladies of lesser nobility. Elizabeth was never tried or convicted, but was bricked up in a set of rooms in (the now Slovakian) Csejte Castle now known as Cachtice in 1610. Four years later she met her death. She was originally buried in the Csejte church cemetery, but local villagers made an uproar so was moved to the Bathory family’s crypt in her birth home of Ecsed

In the series Broken Heart in Oklahoma  there are 8 ancients 

Ruadan is from Ireland he can Fly and do magic as his specialties

Koschei-is from Russia and the master of Glamor and mind control  (is this who created the Winter Soldier?)

Hua- mu lan of China great warrior can create and control fire

Durga of India can call control and expel demons

Velthur-of Italy controls all forms of liquid

Shamhat- Babylon controls all elements of earth magic especially as it relates to living things

Amante of Egypt talks to spirits, can raise the dead, create zombies and reinserts souls into the dead bodies.

Zela of Nubia manipulates metallic ‘substances’

Vampire Beauty

get that Youthful pale look without the Blood Baths

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The Most Epic Vampire vs Werewolf Rivalries of All Time 

Now part of this is a catch all which is such a cop-out! Give me some time and I will come up with something (that’s NOT! a slide show) 


The Elders 1800s

The Novel Dracula is published in 1897, by Irish writer Bram Stoker.

10 blood curdling facts about Dracula

Icelandic Version of Dracula turns out to be Swedish in Origin

And in more way than one ties into the The ZodiacImmortal

The Vampyr  1819 by John Polidori

Varney the Vampire (1845-1847 in the Penny Dreadfuls) by James Malcom Rymer and Thomas Peckett Prest.

Carmilla  1871 by Joseph Thomas Sheridan Le Fanu

Dracula  1897  order a copy here


Masters  1900s

Vampire WWII story ideas:


Into the Darkness- Vampire actors

Jonathan Frid (RIP 4-13-2012) Barnabus Collins

Bela Lugosi- Immortalized as Dracula

Vincent Price May 27 1911 – RIP 1993

Sir Christopher Lee  May 27 1922 – RIP June 11,2015

Lee, Price & Cushing

Lee, Price & Cushing

Vincent Price

Vincent Leonardo Price Jr. (that has a really cool ring to it! even tho it makes him sound like a ninja turtle) born May 27, 1911, Was not only an actor but a writer as well. I’ve also seen the cover of a cookbook of his so I guess we can add gourmet to that as well. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri and studied at Yale.

In 1938 he made his movie debut with Service se Luxe and performed in many low budget horror movies. He’s had 3 wives and 2 children among them. Some of his most famous films are House on Haunted Hill, House of Wax, Theater of Blood (which I saw on the MOnster HD channel when it was available & man was that awesome looking in HD!) He was close friends with ‘Elvira’ (well I’m sure he was as I’m sure she showed many of his movies on her show.) Price had a dark humor, and was a mischievous prankster. (He looks it too)

He as well as Peter Lorre went to view Bela Lugosi’s body at his funeral upon which (as noted on Lorre upon seeing the body quipped “I don’t suppose we should drive a streak through his heart? Just in case”

There are some actors (especially those of the 20s -40s) who have just a photo or 2 alone that is iconic. There are at least 3 of Vincent price I find to be so. Then there is the ‘painting’ I came across of him as Doctor Strange from Marvel Comics which I think is a perfect fit! If only!   IMDB Bio


VINCEntenical (price)

VINCEntenical (price)

Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee was born May 27, 1922 -10 years after Vincent Price!

(I find this highly amusing for some reason)

Here is an interview with Christopher Lee for his movie The Wicker Man


In the 1970’s Anne Rice a rookie writer wrote her vampire tale Interview with a Vampire, through the eyes and voice of the Character Louie and other vampires explaining their stories of deeply obsessive, high sensory powers that only vampires come to know.

Bela Lugosi

  2 Dracula (Universal Studios Classic Monster Collection)

1 Bela Lugosi the scared to death Collection

Dracula Universal Horror


Ageless Wonders

Ryan Phillippe

These celebrities do not seem to age


Fledglings   2000s

The existence of any vampire, especially those newly turned vampires. Vampire is often a similar dilemma to the Civil War putting brother vs brother but its an internal civil war as human and vampire natures clash. The struggle to remain human and keep one’s humanity amidst the necessary change they must wreak for their own survival.  Some abandon their humanity altogether but often the southerner is tied to their past as so retains a modicum of humanity and history. Codes of honor, class, lineage and pride remain important making both Unnatural and natural creatures to us literally if figuratively. -Vampire Stories of the American South


In the 2000s Vampires became a big deal again. With a resurgence of The Sookie Stackhouse series of books and the TV series base on it called True Blood (however, those vampires in the books would be Ancients like Eric Northman and Elders like Bill besides the fledglings they turn), The 1990’s Vampire Diaries Book series being turned into a CW tv series, (the vampires in here range from being Fledgling, to Ancient with a story arch with “the Originals” family which later got their own spin-of) and then there’s the lesser fangless variety vampire..the Cullen clan from  Twilight  (which basically are more Revenant than vampire, though I HIGHLY doubt even Revenants sparkle.

Now if that was in a err.. Alternative lifestyle type movie fine but otherwise… why don’t you just have Tinkerbell come & sprinkle the sparkle on them? Its just insulting to the rest of us.) The vampires in here Range from Newborn Fledgling Bella, right up the ranks to the Ancient Volturi.   There’s also Vampire Academy which is outlined just below  and Shadowhunters which has some vampires in it, and will do my best to cover as soon as I can, and figure out how to incorporate those notes here.


Vampires prove to be fascinated by particular persons

with engrossing vehemence resembling the passion of love. It will not desist until it has been satiated and its thirst quenched by the victim it covets    -the Moth Diaries


Vamp Vids


The guy in the Ray Ban commercial that forgot his sun-glasses.. (I’m not 100% sure) but at least looks to me like its Mig from Rockstar (Inxs or Supernova, forget which one he was in.) but YES it definitely is him.

Voltaire’s Vampire Club.. as I was looking to see if there was an official video for it, I came across one with True Blood and being there’s actually a Vampre bar in that show.. it was fitting so I hope you like the selection (if not let me know to find another)

Lady Venom well just watch the video closely

I still think I would have been WAAAY better in that Blade Bloodbath (trust me on that one!)



Vampire Legends & Myths


10 Major Myths About Vampires


Vampires around the World

The Alp – Germany/Austria

The Alu/Ekimmu – Sumeria/Babylonia

Aswang -Philippines

Baobhan Sith- Scotland

El Chupacabra – Puerto Rico/Mexico

The Devil of Hjalta-Stad  -Iceland

Dearg-Dul – Ireland

The Dybbuk -Hebrew   (wait I thought this was more Demon then Vampire?)

The Gwrach y Rhibyn   – Wales

The Jaracaca/Lobishomen – Brazil

 Lamia  is Greek for Vampire

Les Dames Blanches  -France

The Penanggal – Malaysia

The Rakshasa – India

Sampiro -Albania

Strigoii- Romania

Tikoloshe -South Africa

Vampire Ladies – USA

Vrykolokas -Greece

Find the source book Here 

Vampire Folklore by Region

slavic-myth-vampires salvic-myths-striga


Vampire Society

Vampires around the World

Clans, Covens, broods, Nests and guilds

When vampires are actually sociable creatures, there’s a variety of names for groupings of vampires.

Clans are usually referred to for a family of vampires like the Cullen clan or Denali clan in the Twilight series. However, sometimes a clan, can be all the vampires in one town or city.

‘Brood’ has also been used as vampires brood around. This is usually a small group. Covens are larger groups (say for instance the gathering of a few clans like the Denali & Cullen Clan as well as their friends)would be a coven (however a Coven is also a group of 13 witches)  as for Guilds, those are more something along the lines of official Vampire associations or a Vampires Anonymous club.

Vampire society in ways is much like the humans’, they are not all aristocrats, there are those by the standards that are the trash of the species. They have their own hierarchy and different breeds or species if you will (like how we have different nationalities). Most of this is sadly unknown to humans except for a very rare few trusted ones and then they are ‘Blood Oath’ to never share the inner workings, for instance of the overall population, or just of the clans and covens (unless given permission) upon pain of death.

The humans that are, (depending on what clan and breed they are with) lucky enough to have this honor are usually family, friends, or a love when they were turned and may even be a familiar. These humans are no longer bound by human laws, they answer only to vampire law. They are seen and accepted (except the familiar) as a fellow vampire without being turned (unless they want to)

Writing a Vampire story?

Words usually used in Clan & Coven names

(other than Clan & Coven)

Horde * brood * Nation

House * Order *coalition

Nexus * Alliance *Nest

Court * Guild * Enclave

Connection * Association

Consortium * Federation

Conclave (meeting)

vampire Clan name generator

The Brood – consisted of Gangrel, Edge & Christian.

a 2nd brood was formed of Gangrel & the Hardy Brothers! (Jeff I can see as a vampire.. but not Matt)

Gangrel former wrestler

 Finding the picture of the wrestler Gangrel the name rings a bell. I think Gangrel may be one of the RPG clans (I have thumbed through a book or 2 but never read so whatever coven names I come up with if it’s the same as those its just a coincidence, but would like to know.

                    Real Covens & Clans

                                      New York Underground

                                       Ontario Vampires

Order of the Crimson Tounge

Bloodlines International


House Byron


House Crimson Moon

New York Conventus immortalis

House Eclipse

House Orleans

Sabertooth (Paris)

Court of Lazarus

Order of Iron moonlight



Vampires are frightening creatures in true legends, though they have lost, errr… some fang, so to speak over the centuries.

Bela Lugosi you could say started the ‘Hollywood hunks of hematology’ laying the suave, charming, debonair, sophisticated bad boy romanticized vampire out there.

The vampire population has been taking over more and more as well as evolving over the years. From the 2 fanged Dracula, to the rat like Nosferatu, ghoulishly razor-sharp more piranha that vampire like that in 3 days of night to others that sparkle, and only have human teeth.

Lately the vampire is the anti-hero winning over the audience, some being pathetic,  self loathing of their vampire side and still try to be human. Some are the children of Kings like Henry Fitzroy in Bloodties and others are cops like Nick Knight in Forever Night Or Alex O’laughlin in Moonlight. Some are like regular joes and are waitresses, entrepreneurs of Clubs or lawyers, politicians & so on. (Nice metaphors with the last 2) Some movies or TV series have shown them as isolated ‘territorial’ beings, others as a community and even more so some with a hierarchy of kings, queens Politicians and so forth.

There’s the cutesy vampire stories for children; one in which may have been the reason I’ve been a vampire fan since I was very young! Bunnicula! Other than my bedtime stories book, its the only singular storybook I remember reading. Movies like the Little Vampire and a variety of others. Now there’s DracuLaura of Monster high (WHY weren’t these out when I was a kid? I would have forgone the Barbies! aside from the one I won from a Cracker Jack box!!) and all her ghoulish friends (like Clawdine, Hyde, Jekyll, lagoona, and others.)

So weather your first set of fangs grows out as a toddler or later on as a teen (the WORST case ever of puberty!) once you’ve been fanged most likely you’ll be in the family for eternity (unless you’re staked)

As the Vampire line goes on some traditionalists still sleep in their coffins (pimped …fanged out I’ll bet), while others just find a nice bed in a dark basement.

Crosses or other religious icons and running water no longer work, some may be able to travel by day and others only by night. One way or another We all still feed on Blood or some other form of Life energy like the Psychic vampire.

Recently watched a season 8 episode of Supernatural where the Vampires would hunt on the sea. & Dean (& myself was like) “What You got to be kidding me you you mean you were vamPIRATES!?!?!!?” (LOL)

My video game  review  hidden-mysteries-vampire-secrets-ds-game


Vampire The Masquerade  (RPG)

     I remember seeing the books in the ‘Dragon’s Den’ which was a Sports card,comic where  some played the Magic Card game, you could find the polyhedral dice in the showcase, there were remote control cars  and other assorted fare. So I guess you could say it was a hobby shop in a sense.  I came across some of the books at my aunt’s and asked my cousin if I could borrow them. I am still working on reading through them for research for this page.
Some of the clans I can remember from the game
The following list was copied from  a link in the -as an easier way to type up the clans (as I did not want to spell them incorrectly)  they are the individual one page Clan (Character)  Printables 

Assamite  * Baali * Brujah  * Caitiff  * Cappadocian  *FollowersOfSet  * Gangrel

Giovanni   *  Lasombra  *  Malkavian  *  Nosferatu  *  Ravnos  * Salubri

Toreador  *  Tremere  *  Tzimisce  *  Ventrue

Minds Eye Theater: Vampire the Masquerade 1-Page Bloodline Sheets

Ahrimanes       *  Coyote (CityGangrel)   *  Daughters of Cacophony  *  Gargoyles  * Ishtarri

Kiasyd  *  Lamia  * Noiad *  Samedi * Tlacique *  True Brujah

There’s also a Sabbat and Carmilla but I think those are supposed to be like the governing factions -get Clan pins, Printables and more


My Favorite Stamp EVER!

My Favorite Stamp EVER!

Names for Vampire Males

Cassius   * Corvinus*  Darius *  Demitrius * Doran

Marius * Mordred *  Nicholai  *

 Roman *Valak* Wolfgang *

^Vlad (Vladimir)

(^ a too common ‘request’ which brings us to

The collection of Vampire names and their meanings  or  Father Sebastian’s way of naming

fortunately I’m creative enough to make up my own name or a few, if you want a name let me know. 

Vamp female names

Abigail *Anastasia* Asling * Camille

Gemma * Korina* Meegan *

Phantasma*Porphyra* Selene * Vannapire

Mine was Selene

but this time I got is


You were weak in life, but immortality has made you invincible.

Are Vampires Real? – click the pic for the bigger version

What Dark and hidden parts of our psyche are aroused and captivated by the legends of the undead? -Godsmack


 Vampire 411 –The Database

Eye color Depending on the age, a vampire’s eyes can change over time.

From Death (grey/silver) Blue to   Elder’s Blood red or  Black & Ancient Frost (-ed over)

Then there’s also the yellow color eyes of the vampires (which are considered minor demons in Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

The older the vampire, the  more powerful and more tricks up its sleeve!

There is speculation that if you chop off a limb it will grow back Just not decapitation (which normally is final death) unless demon branded. This is from a story jeanine Frost wrote for Home for the Holidays.

It’s wrong no matter the limb, you WILL not grow one back.  It’s like a human losing an arm and getting a prothesis, we can just take another arm and put it on us, let it heal and good as new.

Vampires are not always souless, not unless they lose their humanity which some can ‘switch’ off an on at will while with others it takes years (think of it as a pet dog or cat eventually becoming feral)

Being Turned -some variations

Other than being a ‘pureblood’,It may depend on the vampire species breed, scientists are not sure but here are a few ways one is given the dark gift

*ON RARE occasion some are simply turned, but haven’t died to become a vampire (usually a pureblood birth) sometime just drank the blood (or enough of a vampires’ but did not die, yet may have plenty of vampire ‘symptoms’

*sometimes you just need to be bitten & that’s all however other times

*You get bitten & need to drink the vampire’s blood

*even both of the above & then die

*sometimes you just need a taste of the vampire’s blood & nothing more (no bite or anything) most commonly it has something to do with the transference of blood.

*sometimes one of the above have to take place Under the apex of the full moon

Being Bitten wasn’t the only way to turn, there has been a variety of human ‘theories’  ahem…superstitions throughout the years of turning into a vampire (without being bitten). These are the following (along with other assorted information) as well as other vampire lore.

In the 19th century vampires supposedly arose from the bodies of dead people whose lives went awry in variety of ways.

Some folklore states if you died without being seen, you became a vampire

Your fate could have been doomed from the womb! If your mother crossed paths with a black cat or didn’t eat salt. If you were born premature, out of wedlock, or with an extra nipple or extra hair (or just with red hair). Born with hair (like myself) or a ‘red caul’ when you died the villagers, thinking you as unnatural, would watch your grave for signs of vampirism. Those who dined on the meat of sheep that had been killed by wolves were fated for fangs and if someone cursed you or suspected you of sorcery (black magic) you were likely to pop up out of your crypt and also if you didn’t receive a proper burial you’d end up in the bloodthirsty state.

Keep- a home for newborn or fledgling


Some blood flows like the consistency of honey, others more like a watery red sauce.


AB  Rare even synthetic is expensive, it’s like a fine wine

B+ not exotic just ‘plain ol’

O neg

When a vampire feeds, they taste the essence of that person’s life…good or bad. Sometimes they even catch a memory of theirs or if a musician may ‘taste’ the beauty of their talent in their compositions.

in the show Supernatural dead man’s blood weakens even paralyzes a vampire if not outright kills them

Don’t just bite necks… any artery will do!


In the vampire subculture there are  rules, ethics, and an established equilibrium  concerning  “feeding”  (whether psychic or sanguinary). Relationships are negotiated, and power-over, when given, is only after consent and understanding has been established between parties. There are, naturally, bad actors, but in many ways it is far more moral than the “vampires” who prey on various minority faiths and subcultures, tapping into their vitality in order to generate money and fame (or win souls). The rise of the “moral” vampire, reflects our own negotiations with privilege and power, of being “on top of the food chain”. We continue to be fascinated because we are struggling with curbing our own rapacious desire to dominate and destroy all that has been set before us. To ultimately redeem ourselves (on a societal level) through love, through a connection to something outside our ego-needs.


The main  set of ethics come from the Black Veil,  whose very first addition appeared in the late 1990s edition of the Vampyre Almanac.

The Smoke and Mirrors Act All vampires, worldwide, and of any age, must exercise upmost secrecy. Any vampire that lets a human(s) know of their existance may be terminated. Any human in knowledge that vampires exist must be terminated or, in vary rare cases, transformed into vampirism.

Sect. A   There is to be no evidence of existence. All corpses must be properly disposed of. All traces of attack or evidence of vampire presence must be erased or properly disguised.

Sect. B All offending vampires, depending on severity will on first offence receive a warning and increasing punishment for increasing offences. Blatant disregard for the Act or authority enforcing the act can result in termination of the vampire’s existence.

Sect C. Vampires are allowed to mingle within human society as long as they remain undetected. If one feels that a human may be suspicious, then by law, the vampire is to move on.

Business Venture Act Due to the times of world economy, vampire-only ventures will be allowed to integrate within the human populace. Vampires are allowed to employ a human workforce as long as the human(s) involved are completely unaware of their employer(s) or business owner(s)/partner(s) vampirism. Refer to the Smoke and Mirrors Act paragraph one.

The Transformation Act Any vampire with the self-control and ability to transform a human into a vampire must assume all responsibility for the new individual. New vampires are and must be referred to as “fledgling,” “neophyte,” “novice,” or “newborn.”
Sect 1. The transformed vampire must be taught “the Code” and the importance to abide by it. The transformed vampire must not be set lose without the knowledge nor the ability to understand how to control the Thirst.

Sect.1a  Any out of control neophyte will have their existence terminated.

sect 1b Any rouge fledgling will try to be rehabilitated but should it not work will be     given true death as for their maker punished by being put to ground,

Sect 2.  Any vampire that sires (creates  new vampires  without responsibility or in the act of recklessness will be prosecuted. This also includes the creation of vampire armies no matter the intent.

Sect. C   Children, includes anyone age sixteen years and under, are not allowed to be turned. Dooming a being to an eternity as a child is strictly forbidden.

Vampires are to abide by “the Code” or face a visit from the current enforcing  member and/or the cleaners..


One person read 75 vampire books during the time they were caring for someone and thinking of mortality themselves. They saw the pattern of how the interest in Vampires cycles over time. That time is usually when we are in a time of depression or mortality.  (Bloodties is also a 2 season Tv series)

I’m sure while reading all those books they read many codes of conduct an individual vampire had or the community itself.  They mention the tv series Moonlight if you watch the first 3 episdoes on the series (free on the CW seed) you will find out not only the community’s ethics but Mick St. John (Hawaii 5-0’s Alex O’Loughlin) Now I’ve read most of the House of Night Books in which there is a vampire school, and I’ve read and watched the Vampire diaries, watch ed True blood and am currently trying to collect the full series too read. Those are great series to read (and even watch) for some ideas of vampire ethics even if those may just be fiction or may have some validity to them within our world.

Other sources

Vampires, Blood, and Morality

Celebrating the culture of the Vampire

The Totum Lex Vampyrica  – Guidelines to South African Enviorns

The Atlanta Alliance  Vampiric Ethos



All vampires have basic powers they have when they first turn.

*strength- super human so you need to mind yourself when shaking hands with a human

*Super Speed-basically if you focus on where you want to be you’re there in the blink of an eye! Faster than the human eye can see but cats and dogs know when we are about.


Healing- Cuts heal up in seconds to minutes depending on how severe.  Broken bones may take a day or longer and so on but nothing usually takes longer than a month depending on the health (and feeding) of the vampire


*Enthrallment- or as geekdom would call it the old jedi mind trick.   Sometimes they can compell one to do their bidding, but also sometimes come with age (This is also known as Enthrallment or vampire Glamor) some say mesmerize, or hypnotize (let’s just grab a thesaurus why don’t we…. I prefer to use the terms Compell, and glamor mostly but Enthrall as well.

*Over time they can Shape shift (most commonly turn into Bats, wolves or crows/Ravens)  turn to Mist/fog. It is rare for a newborn or fledgling to be able to, however with practice…think of the animal you are familiar with starting from the bottom to top.

Fly- usually a human misconception. I think they got this idea from our super speed and disappearing.  The only way to fly is if you can shape-shift into a bird or bat. However… some who have tried to shift into one of those animals and fly have at times levitated. 

Disappear- Some just seem to as they move faster then the human eye can see however sometimes (with time) can turn into mist or just looks like a dark shadow.

Ghost Whisperer- can confer wth earth bound spirits, sometimes a vampire can even raise the dead (and I don’t mean by turning)

*Only VERY old  powerful vampires (ancients and originals) can move through walls

*Eating (and human food)  A vampire’s blood lust is centered in the nose. You smell it coursing through the veins, pumping through the body and once it becomes obsession, Your fangs drop ready to rip.

Some vampires can even eat regular food and its all together best if you can to blend in. Sometimes you need to add some blood to it, others do not need the added blood then there are some that are not able to consume any regular food at all even with adding blood to it.

Lonely creatures normally they are loners but there are times when existence gets to be too much and they search for a companion. There’s other times where they exist in Covens & clans

the fist vampires Kane & Lillith (our version of adam & eve)

Metaphors -Vampires are often used as a metaphor for sex,  STDs, addictions and other times like in the past, for plagues (Black, Bubonic, Consumption).

Saguinista-Believes humans are cattle and ONLY drink human blood and have no relationships between them.

Revenants  are not Human, but not quite vampire (maybe like half vampire) some come off as being zombies which in a sense they may be in a way. They are below vampires, but above zombies like borderline for each. A ‘Corpreal spirit if you will, but still have the thirst for blood. It may happen to those without religious backgrounds that ‘do not find the “one & only” god’ IF a revenant does not drink blood they will keep decomposing. Where as for a vampire they’ll just starve and dry out until they get some blood again.



Cure -The only ‘cure’ if one of the above occurred to you is you must kill the head vampire

*though sometimes some come up with a garlic & silver cure when the person is still human and before they have tasted human blood.

LapisLazuli  -This beautiful Blue stone that was used in Egypt to decorate a pharaoh’s’ sarcophagus also has a bit of vampire lore. It helps them walk in the sun; get a witch, they say a spell over it (as far as vampire diaries goes, but I do recall it being mentioned in one of my books)

Vampire ‘politics’ & laws

it is ‘illegal’ for a vampire to kill one of their own kind. This is Punishable upon being put to ground, true death, or even making another vampire or 2.

a vampire cannot enter a private residence without an invitation from one of its residents. However fraternity houses, Boarding houses & other ‘public’ types do not count also if its abandoned they can get in. That invitation used to have to come from the man of the house, but now it seems anyone living in the house, sometimes even friends that do not! Are able  to invite, So be careful

The older the vampire the more powerful they are an elder vampire may be able to put a glamor on a fledgling that is not sired by him.

The head vampire if you kill him, some of the folklore says all those he turned will turn human again, but most of them are that they die (truely) as well.

Fledglings & other Young vampires tend to change their surroundings a lot from room decor to cities. Once they become older (‘jaded’ dare I say) to their ‘gift’ or ‘curse’ depending on their Point of view that novelty wears off.

Sleeping death – vampires are either dead by day as they feel the ‘pull’ of dawn or with some of the newer portrayals never sleep at all. Staying behind dark curtains or in the basement while reading or something else to entertain themselves

If a vampire left his homeland he would have to bring homeland soil and put it in his casket, or just have some hidden somewhere near buy.

Once slept in coffins, now they just sleep in coffin like beds if even that.

Turning into a vampire amplifies your personality

let’s put it this way, if you were perky in life, most likely a vampire would not turn you! Either that or once you have become one we’d end up killing you. If you were a drug addict, your bloodlust would be insatiable

Vampire Witch- It varies for instance in Vampire Diaries you cannot be a witch & a vampire as if you are turned you will no longer have y our witch powers. While on the other hand… there has been quite a few times in movies and books that have portrayed the vampire as a witch warlock or wizard. In their own way with what powers they possess (ie: The basic Package) they are.

Vampire Zombie Vampires This I’ve noted as during an episode of the ‘Talking Dead’ (comes on after Walking Dead) Joe Maginello of True Blood was on & Chris Hardwicke the host asked something (really fast I couldn’t catch) about Zombies turning into vampires turning into Zombies. Anyway here’s the deal …

” Zombies cannot turn into vampires as they are already dead period just reanimated in someway & vampires do not eat dead blood (which makes them sick if not kills them …yeah I know it doesn’t explain the bloodletting between a vampire couple) anyway However if a Vampire turns someone they can (in the case of the Blade movie) become a zombie of sorts or a Revenant which is like a cross between a vampire and a zombie.”  As for an already turned vampire becoming a zombie … remains to be seen.

Vampire Database

VAmpire 411 part 2

Numbing the Blood Lust

Vampires (as far as Vampire Diaries goes) are able to parlay the thirst by drinking spirits of the alcoholic variety. Normally their kind are not able to get drunk in this fashion, other than if they drink the blood from an intoxicated human

A ‘Parent’ vampire, most of the time is called a Master or Sire but sometimes there is a difference. Sire Normally refers to the vampire who made you.

‘Sire Bond’ you are bound to your sire until they decide to ‘release’ you of their will (as you cannot refuse a direct command from them) & let you out from under their power or when they meet true death, this version is shown in the series True Blood. In Vampire Diaries, (the show at least) the sire bond doesn’t always happen, usually it has to be a really powerful vampire, or the one that was turned is in love with their sire. Neither the sire nor their ‘child’ may notice this. The Sire can unintentionally compell the ‘child’ if they say ‘They can’t ‘ do something they normally are able, they no longer can, & if parent vampire says I want…they will have their wish.

Resiring In some cases Vampires can be re-sired. There’s a Whole ritual that goes into it but you even gain their family’s powers. Its rare you hear about this, but for one example check out Yasmine Galenorn’s Otherworld Novel Shadow Rising (Yasmine has given me permission to explain the re-siring ritual I may start it here first, and if too much then may note it in another section if there’s room I will see what’s best. )

Basically If you change the blood you change the siring, but vampires do this with much thought, and usually never again. This re-siring or breaking of a blood bond is done without pain for either side bonded side, so long as you have not had sex or the vampire drink the blood of the one bound to them it can be broken. ITs not being turned again as you are already dead and until final death cannot do so again. So the ritual does not enact a turning.

Some items you will need:

(Clear) Goblet, sterling Silver knife w/ bone handle, 1 large pillar candle (I’d have to check if red white or black) table/altar, 2 pillows to kneel on with the elder vamp (or new sire) on left and the vampire to be re-sired to their right. Ylang Ylang & Jasmine incense.

Why Vampires Drink Blood

Usually this answer varies by story or type of vampire. Some vampires being the traditional blood suckers other being psychic. If you want comparative answer: blood for the vampire is the Electricity charge for Frankenstein; this is what keeps them animated. Usually blood is in the vampires body & depending on being fiction or non-fictional vampire may need to feed nightly, or once a week. Taking usually no more than a pint, (or a little from various donors if they need more) Blood is a symbol of life in Folklore and fictional vampires meanwhile of other cultural legends are thought to not drink blood but life energy.

Scientifically… Vampires’ blood kills hemoglobin (your red blood cells) which carry the oxygen through your system. This does the same for them, even though they may not need oxygen to breathe, but it keeps their muscles from stiffening and what oxygen they need in their body to fake out humans they can look as though as they breathe, until their own blood destroys the hemoglobin again & needs more blood.

As far as to digestion, they do not sweat (not normally) or excrete etc. in other manners so like water left near a hot radiator it evaporates or gets burned off as they use their ‘powers’

Vampire Donor Database  *  Vampire Rave Database * Vampire Palace  *

Lamia   Lamia is an old word for Vampire. In the Night World series books, Lamia are vampires that are born NOT made. They are direct descendants of Maya which in this series is the first vampire ever. Normally are named for things in nature and their family ‘crests’ are usually some sort of black flower, the same with their clubs, normally hidden to the human eye and named after black flowers.

Nests When vampires live together and drink each others’ blood it creates a nest. (See True Blood season 5 theirs as Pam says is on Steroids!)


Depending on Hollywood, and creative imaginations:

*Cannot Kill their own, freezing in place when trying to do so “Only the living can Kill the Undead” -line from Abraham Lincoln vampire Hunter

* Other times yes it can happen and is just as punishable by vampire law as those of mortals. However the vampire ‘Government’ is arranged, like Sheriffs, Sires, ancients etc like in True Blood decide upon the punishment, 2 of which are:

-To make a new vampire

-or go to ground for some amount of years and sometimes even both.

Vampire hearts beat so slowly it’s rhythm is imperceptible mortals


a revenant if I have yet to mention it, is described as a half vampire other times it’s a vampire that’s like a zombie. Being turned into a vampire may not have gone well  like not being drained enough of or  given enough blood to be turned  (in some cases it’s a cross between the two )


The Blood is the life

— -Dracula

Vampire Punch

  • Cherries (or other fruit) 1 cup muddled and 1/2 cup whole
  • Vodka 1 liter bottle
  • 1 1/2 cup Cherry Liquor
  • 1 1/2 cup Grenadine
  • splash (or 2) lemon juice
  • Cranberry juice
  • *Optional seltzer water or Canada Dry Ginger Ale (for a smooth flavor)

 Want to know what Zodiacimmortal is?



He’s a vampire. We’re a Predatory Species. We don’t have time to care about humans and their silly little lives.

-Rebeka Vampire Diaries season 3

Mark of the Vampire Queen

1- can Track Geographically

2-access mind whenever desires

3-gives soul (bond ) to full servant

these are the terms of the bond in the book

Mark of the Vampire Queen

Vampire wrestler Kevin Thorn

Vampire wrestler Kevin Thorn

Bite Me

 If there’s a remake of the movie the character is from, & you prefer the other one please note it in the poll comments

(sorry still have to work on setting that up)

Who’s Your favorite Vampire

  • Aiden Being Human (U.S.)
  • Angel (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
  • Barnabus Collins (Dark Shadows)
  • Bill Compton (True Blood)
  • Blade (Blade Trilogy)
  • Dingbat Dog
  • Count Duckula
  • Bunnicula
  • Claudia (Interview with a vampire)
  • The Count (Sesame Street)
  • Elizabeth Bathory
  • Damon Salvatore (Vampire Diaries)
  • Darla (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Marco (Lost Boys)
  • Decon Frost (Blade)
  • Dracula (Bela Lugosi Dracula 1930s)
  • Drucilla (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
  • Eric Northman (True Blood)
  • Henry Fitzroy (Blood Ties)
  • Jerry (Fright Night)
  • Jesse (Near Dark)
  • Jessica (True Blood)
  • Josef (Moonlight)
  • Katherine Pierce/Petrova (Vampire Diaries)
  • Klaus (Vampire Diaries)
  • Fin (Vampire Diaries)
  • Kol (Vampire Diaries)
  • Rose (Vampire Diaries)
  • Lexi (Vampire Diaries)
  • Lestat (Queen of the Damned)
  • Marcus Van Sciver (Blade tv Series)
  • Mick St. John (Moonlight)
  • Stefan Salvatore (Vampire Diaries)
  • Nikola Tesla (Sanctuary)
  • David (The Lost Boys)
  • Russell Edgington (True Blood)
  • Pam (True Blood)
  • Selene (Underworld series)
  • Willow as a vampire (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Severen (Near Dark)
  • Viktor (underworld)
  • Spike (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
  • Nick Knight (Forever Knight)
  • Dracula (Gerad Butler Dracua 2000)
  • Lacroix (Forever Knight)
  • Dracula (Christopher Lee in Hammer Fims)
  • Dracula (Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker’s Dracula)
  • Drake (Blade Trinity)
  • Vlad Dracul aka Vald the Impaler

The Human Vampire

James Spalding -Scotland

Elizabeth Bathory

Red Ferrell (1996)

The story of Gespar Robultette (1600’s)


The ‘REAL” Dracula

Spouse: Ilona Szilágyi    Children: Mihnea cel Rău (Son)

Parents: Vlad II Dracul (Father) · Cneajna of Moldavia (Mother)

Siblings: Vlad Călugărul (Brother) · Radu cel Frumos (Brother) · Mircea II of Wallachia (Brother)

I FINALLY found a Biography with a birth Month! 

and I say November babies (especially my Scorpio kin….I can feel it in my blood he is) be sure you really celebrate Dracula Day this October 20th

See more about the ‘Real’ Dracula


Dracula Castle aka Bran castle, NOT the real castle Dracula !!  Hunedoara castle and Poenari  evenvampire-order-of-the-dragon

 Castle Corvin where he was held prisoner for 7 years can in a sense be considered so.

water handicaps restoration work on Tokat Castle Known as Dungeon of Dracula 

Dracula from Devon, not Transylvania?

dracula as a guidebook

Survey shows Romanians would vote Vlad ‘Dracula’ president

The  was founded  in December 1408

 test Your knowledge of Vlad the Impaler

The New Annotated Dracula (The Annotated Books) 2 Dracula The Un-Dead by [Stoker, Dacre, Holt, Ian]      3 Bram Stoker's Dracula: Sucking Through the Century, 1897-1997 4Dracula: The True Story

Dracula The Annotated edition

The New Annotated Dracula (The Annotated Books)

I saw this in the Library (I think ) when it first came out, as a hard cover and I was DROOLING as I saw someone putting it on show shelf. I asked if I could look through it and there’s so much in it, it will be like you are reading the story for the first time. There’s a bio on Stoker, This history of Dracula in film and media, How the story came to be written, What the original title was to be (which later Stoker’s great Nephew used for the follow up to Dracula (see below), Movie posters, Mina’s Whitby glossary, Oh yeah & the story Dracula too! Like I said it would be like reading it for the first time.


Dracula continues – through great nephew Dacre Stoker

I’m very interested to see what the GREAT Nephew does with the story and character. I’ve also included the Audio book , paper back & Kindle formats below

if the review here does not cut it for you I also have somewhat the main one HERE I think it is possibly longer and I have some more facts and information

One of the reasons so many Dracula books came out was because Bram’s copyright (though owned by his widowed wife) was void so that gave Hollywood & other author’s free reign to basically ruin the great Gothic novel he created. Get your copy now in any format


Dracula: The True Story

I’m sure I have seen this before (maybe even more than once) but I don’t remember which version this is to give the review on it. Any time on Discovery, learning channel or the History and those sorts of stations if Dracula is mentioned I watch it, but they are all a muddle of information in my head at this point

Wrestler Vampiro

Wrestler Vampiro
Wrestler Vampiro

Vampire Detection & Slayer kit

Vamps keep away!

The following is a list of items you can use to repel or tell if someone is a vampire.

I can’t promise you that all or any will work in this current day & age as the new generations of vampires seem immune to most of them.

Garlic, crosses, holy water, running water (like a stream they couldn’t cross, this seems a running theme for the dead like the headless horseman)

Vampires can be Obsessive compulsive perfectionists, so by the rules of folklore they will feel the need to count every single seed (mostly poppy or sesame were used) before it can go on its way.

Spread tar around your window and door in the shape of a cross, with this the people thought that when the blood sucker would try sneaking in he would get stuck on the tar and would perish to a rising sun. (as if their clothing wouldn’t tear off!)

There’s been other tales of items said to spook vampires like Bells ringing, holy symbols (besides crosses) rain, falling snow & of course fire and if you are really desperate eating the dirt from their grave may also help stave off an attack

  • Garlic – Spritz (made) using a mortar & pestle or a food processor ‘mash’ garlic to a paste of potency.Put this in a bottle and add water. (holy water can be used as well if that will make you feel safer)
  • Holly – I do not recall any thing at all on this.
  • Bell – (small one) I don’t recall the lore on this but I think it may have something to do in the old days when someone would be pronounced dead, but actually be alive. A bell on a pole would be placed at the grave site and a string from the bell to the wrist of the dead that if they woke, they villagers could dig them back up.
  • Pocket Mirror -If you can’t see them in it, They’re a vampire as the dead cast no shadow nor reflection. Also there’s that little thing about Silver and Vampires….& Mirrors have silver in them.
  • Cross -Traditionally repelled by crosses however 21st Century vampires seem to have no problem with it. This could possibly be because they are so far removed from the legends that note why they flee at the site of Religious icons.One of these legends is Dracula having been banished (I forget the term) from the church) Another version is Kane is the original vampire (but I forget the rest) Also likely those ‘afraid’ of religious err christian  icons were likely so in their human life.
  • Vervain- has a burning effect on their skin and will weaken them if they drink it.Will also protect youfrom being compelled if kept on your person via necklace bracelet etc) or if you drink vervain tea
  • Silver- usually has a burning effect but doesn’t actually kill them however it does slow down their healing process. Pump them with enough they may land in a morgue or be out long enough to be buried again (However I cannot promise it will work on all types of vampires) The silver in mirrors and in film is the reason vampires cannot be seen in them. However the humans made digital cameras so now they have no way of telling a vampire from a human in a room.


Vampires avoid plants with healing & mystical properties like Garlic (kills germs) Aloe Vera, vervain (like in Vampire Diaries) which helps keeps them from compelling (also known as enthralling, or glamoring) you. and they had distaste for wild rose and Hawthorne too.

Killing or Injuring a vampire

What kills a vampire?the Sun (or UV ray has been used) – what faster way to decompose a dead body?

Beheading(decapitate)    (sometimes both is needed)

There’s some legends that say a vampire could only be killed by a steak made of Ash or Hawthorn (& no other would work) This is shown in the vampire Diaries tv series. and it’s spin-off  The Originals. The original family can only be killed by one particular tree’s wood. An ancient oak that was burned after they were turned. The Originals’ could only be killed (well more like put to rest than killed) by The White Oak steaks that were made from the tree when they were still human. This was because that tree had something to do with them being turned.(maybe it was like Yggdrasil the tree of life?)






Fang Fights

Is Killing a vampire Murder or not (click to answer on Quora)

Can Demons possess vampires

this was a question asked of me on Quora.    my answer...

Considering 2 things…

1. That vampires are supposed to have no soul

which would mean yes they can be possessed by a demon as there is not already one there. Even if they do have a soul, it would be weak being as even if they do not want to be a vampire, and don’t want to feed from the living (human or animal) they still do so that would weaken their resolve. However as they would be ‘good’ vampires would more likely to be attacked as Demons are considered to possess the weak. This is what would be considered a weak vampire in their world. One that has no problem feeding from humans and maybe barely having a handle on their humanity would likely not be possessed.

2. then we got to some if not all consider Vampires to be a (form of) demon

I don’t but if they are a form of demon then no they cannot be possessed by one

Are you a necrophiliac if you fall in love with a vampire?

 all I did was upvote the only answer that was written by  Hunter Stickney written short and to the point. I couldn’t have put it anybetter

Necrophilia is having sexual interactions with a corpse, as in something that is no longer living.

While a Vampire may not be alive anymore, it also isn’t dead either. It is Undead. So no, you wouldn’t be a necrophiliac, you’d be the main character in a teenage fantasy love story.

How would you design you own fictional vampires?

Party Time!

Duncan Hines is the BEST Red Velvet cake in my P.O.V. I’ve never come across one made from scratch that tasted as good, moist rich & smooth!

Plus the ADDED bonus of it looking like you just fed on someone’s neck! (the reson I call it Blood cake)

If you don’t want to make cake.. check out my Ravishing Red Velvet Recipes lens

Fang out & sit down for a feast!

#1 The Lost Boys

Near Dark

Dracula Untold

Fright Night

The Hamiltons

Salem’s Lot


Queen of the Damned

From Dusk til Dawn


The Forsaken


Kindred The Embraced  (TV) Widgets


The Perfect Creature & Vampire Journals I have in my DVD collection though if I haven’t included them I have to re-watch so they are not on the official list yet

Here is Father Sebastian’s countdown of the best though I do not exactly agree with the order nor can I stand to watch Bram Stoker’s Dracula or Interview with the Vampire any longer, for one… I never liked Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt in the costumes and make-up, it insulted me in a sense I guess you could say I guess they made them too ‘pretty’ .. (I usually go for Queen of the Damned for the music and well Stuart Townsed needs to grow some real fangs after that movie I just could not watch him in anything else as I always say… “Fangs make the man”

Coffin Crafts

 Bloody swag

pictured here are some of my favorite vampire products, some I own and others I still have to purchase (like that Coffin & the drum stick case)

A friend of mine had the stationery set and used it for one of my letters. The designs are basically Vampire Romance novel images but in a tasteful fashion

My favorite Vampire items and Suggestions via Amazon Widgets

THe Dracula Chronicle for all things Dracula and more

Ghost and Vampire tours

wamphryshadows – vampyric-gods-and-goddesses

True Blood Wiki *




14 thoughts on “The Vampire Bible

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  4. Since I came upon this realm I have felt that I do not fit in to society.. I am a loner who knows that there is much more out there.. I believe that I am a lost ancient shadow trying to find my place in a world that doesn’t understand the things I see, feel and hear.. All of what I read on this site makes sense to me, almost feels familiar.. What are your thoughts on me, can you give me an explanation as to why I am the way I am? I have much more to share if it interests you ?


    • THe only person who can tell you why you are the way you are is a psychologist or is it a sociologist… but I am no professional of either so I hope you don’t mind my stepping away from answering that. If I don’t know you I can tell you what I think from that statement. If you want you can share whatever you’d like….


  5. I believe I may have been “turned”, although I prefer the term “released”. Is it possible for a faerie to become a vampire, or do we just gain the blood lust?


  6. I also want to be a vampire because I think I am born to be something more than a human. I thing there’s something within me that I can’t understand. Please help me to be one.


  7. Hello , my name is Dani and I would love to become a vampire, I know you said for vampires not to turn other people just because they want to but I truely feel like I’m meant to be something more than human and I just think this would be an amazing gift or opportunity. Can you please help me I’m begging you?

    Liked by 1 person

        • i really want to be a vampire because i feel like i meant to be someone better and ive always felt like i am meant for something way more


          • I’ll have to re-read it again.. (I’m not the one who wrote it. Found it in a book or online ages ago) besides do you think we want mundanes making themselves into vampires should the spell even work?


          • Did you read the whole section? first of all spell was in minor quotes. I wrote not really even a spell. You really have to read that whole part where I wrote ‘spell to become a vampire’

            also written “though technically not a spell there are several poems…

            One of these poems seems to be a prayer to Selene asking specifically for her assistance in becoming a vampire, not exactly a spell but requesting the Vampire mother to send to the reader one of her children to turn them.


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