Why Insuring Your Cat Makes Sense

Here’s another from my favorite cat blog!

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Cats cost about as much as dogs for a lifetime of care. This includes premium foods, vet visits, routine preventative vaccines and medications, and average unforeseen expenses. It is somewhat easy to calculate how much food your cat will likely eat in lifetime with cats overall having an average lifespan of 15 years. Using the 15 year mark, it would also be fairly easy to figure out the cost of routine wellness visits, vaccines and other preventative treatments. It is the unknown area of unforeseen expenses that can be a serious issue for the unprepared cat owner. For example, cats are agile and adventurous, and that combination can lead to a broken bone. It can easily cost over $1,000 for vet care for a broken leg, and even more if orthopedic surgery is needed. Thankfully, pet insurance is a preventative measure that can help cover most of the cost.


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