How To Make Sure Your Cats Are Contented & Stress-Free

For my fellow cat lovers and ‘PURRents ‘ (Cat parents) out there.

This has been for months now my favorite cat blog! I love the cat Angel Eyes they show often. You would think for ‘Angel Eyes’ they might be white with beautiful blue eyes but this Beauty is a black ball of fur with such AWESOME Orange eyes you’d think they are fake!
They have Tummy Rub Tuesday, Helpful articles such as this one and many other reasons to read. Like poetry? They have that on Thursdays I believe. So you get some ‘KITsch’ as well.

I hope you will subscribe to their blog


Stress and anxiety related cat behavioural problems and illnesses are occurring more frequently than ever before; this is mainly due to the ever increasing cat population that sees our cats that sees our cats living in multi cat households or being forced to share territories and live in close proximity with strange cats. Behavioural problems and illnesses are not only stressful to the cats, they can be very upsetting for owners and are one of the leading causes for cats being put up for adoption or euthanased.

Stress and anxiety may lead to unwanted behaviours such as urination and spraying in the home or stress-related illnesses such as idiopathic cystitis and over-grooming and some cats may excessively groom, sleep or eat as a means of self-soothing.

This problem usually occurs when a cat does not feel secure and relaxed in his or her own home and may be due to many…

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