holiday Barbie


a beautiful gift tradition: Hoiday Barbie

My only problem is I do not see images of the Inaugural Holiday Barbie and the ones leading up to the first year this post starts on.


How to Make Braucherei Charms and Amulets from Safety Pins


Silver RavenWolf

How To Make Braucherei Charms & Amulets
From Safety Pins

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012

On my first visit to Preston Zerbe in my quest to learn Braucherei, I noticed that he wore a safety pin on the left sleeve.  Visit after visit, his shirts were always different; but the pin remained on the left sleeve.  After inquiry I learned that the safety pin on the left sleeve means “protection from harm”.  If you wore the pin over the heart, it worked for wishes.  Ladies running market stalls would use one large pin worn over the sternum to attract high sales and ensure a pleasant, busy day.  Sometimes smaller pins dangled from the larger pin, each small pin representing a different wish.

So, where did the safety pin come from, anyway?  Research tell us that the safety pin was actually invented in Greece during the 14th century BC; however, as…

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