#18 Ouija

Doing a Double Dose today as I don’t think I will  be able to get online tomorrow to post. So I hope you enjoy this & have a great weekend!

 Ouija halloween

Being as there is a movie out (or  to be released) ,  I figured a post on the Ouija board  would be a good idea.

The Spirit board is not a game, it has been around for centuries and unless you truly know what you are doing, I suggest not to dabble with it.

I do know however no one heeds the warnings; so in hopes to keep you safe, I wanted to include some information of ‘rules’,

  1. The Number 1 rule NEVER ask for a specific person.  Many times people have asked, and it turns out  a malicious spirit, or an inhuman one. Also NEVER assume it may be who you are looking for (don’t even mention their name)  Always ask a few questions to see if it’s really them. You could also pull a trick .. like  asking about if they remember something like a “the day we went to……(but don’t use the real place you went mention somewhere else, maybe even making up something else you did period.)
  2. Never Play alone
  3. Never in your home or cemetery
  4. cleanse the board before use (white sage, and salt will do nicely)
  5. Never speak saying your friends or your given name.
  6. Never let the pointer leave the board
  7. Never take your hands off the board (for any reason there is no pause button) one hand off & the portal is open
  8. Make a protective circle (salt would be best to use or brick-dust or both)
  9. Make sure you do not break the circle.
  10. Always say good-bye

This site here http://www.dragonoak.com/Ouija-Board-Instructions.html is the MOST informative for rules & precautions.

Well look here here’s one image that will help me out with the rules!

Ouija Rules I’d chain the darn pointer to the board lol

On this site http://www.ghostwalks.com/ouijahowto-article.htm They mention rule for not playing alone that it’s not true being most of us are not Psychic, this is not true, even the best can make some sort of mistake or a spirit could be more strong than they are. Certain people of the zodiac esp. Scorpios have the power (if they open themselves to it)  This does have some questions to ask the spirit before conduction the questions you want to ask.

Here’s one a link i found that has a few rules I had not come across before, though I might have thought of in passing. Like how I mention Protection by cleansing as well as a ring of salt/brick powder)

http://www.theparanormal.me/2012/04/ouija-board-rules-how-to-play-ouija.html mentions to place a  silver coin (real silver)

There is a variety of designs  Triangle, Circle, and the standard board alone


The same goes for the planchette, the somewhat triangle-shaped object that points (some do call it a pointer) to each letter. Some are made of wood, other metals, some are not even in that triangle shape.

I’ve heard it’s usually best that you make your own board & ‘pointer’   instead of using that mass-produced piece of plastic from Milton Bradley or whatever ‘game’ company.  Wood and  water retain energy so make your own but you must be positive when doing so.  Instead of cutting it all up, if you can get a piece or 2 of a tree that has fallen on it’s own I’d say is best, if not then see if you can get a ‘ring’ from someone cutting theirs down as well as another piece to make the planchettte.  Then all you have to do it figure out how you want to design your board. Of course you want the traditional, Letters, Numbers, Yes & No Good bye with the Sun & Moon. Sometimes though there are other characters as you can see in the circular board.  Just do a search on Ouija boards to see some of the designs same for the planchette.  In some cases I have seen a small hole in the pointer to include a pen or pencil.

The  How to    http://www.wikihow.com/Use-the-Ouija-Board-Safely

This is a GREAT page that gives you warnings, how to and more! there’s a few notes after as well please be sure to check these out to avoid trouble.

ouija_research cases *  real-ghost-story


I have found 3 places for history that frankly I thought I couldn’t write a better history on the board so I’ll just include the links.

museumoftalkingboards.com   * http://ouijaboard.info/about/   *http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ouija

–facts & crap—-

In my ‘Very Scary Almanac’  as of the 1993 copyrite of the book Dracula has been portrayed in 162  movies and Frankenstein in 112.

Allhallows eve (Halloween) the Celtic  Festival of Samhain(Lord of the Dead), ghosts and evils spirits are believed to ram the land. The holiday on November 1st was changed by Christians as a celebration of  saints (All saints day)

November 2nd is All Souls day which has an English legend that if 2 people are stumbling around a darkened room at midnight on this day they will never see each other again.


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