Second Chance


Multiscreen MoTVision

Fox Wednesdays @ 9pm est. ### Rob Kazinsky, Tim DeKay

THE FRANKENSTEIN CODE (working title): THE FRANKENSTEIN CODE (working title) premieres on FOX. Rob Kazinsky as Jimmy Pritchard. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX THE FRANKENSTEIN CODE (working title): premieres on FOX. Rob Kazinsky as Jimmy Pritchard. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

Originally titled Frankenstein code (I don’t know why they changed it, I find that a more interesting title than lame old boring Second Chance)

The series will be in the mold of a crime of the week drama with the ongoing bigger plot of Kazinsky’s modern day Frankenstein (not so monster) being the possible cure for the genius’ Looking Glass CEO sister’s cancer, another is the Second Chance to make things right with his son. (Who I’m guessing will eventually think that the now reganerated pop is a half brother)

Of course we start the show with elder Prichard, a retired sheriff  sitting in his chair in his rob (really someone that age would were that bright of green & yellow together?…

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Doctor Who: The Drosten’s Curse


Multiscreen MoTVision

I started this 26th October and it has taken me I’d bet a full month to get through as I finished it on November 28th.

I wasn’t able to gain any momentum in reading it, as the writing or the typos the editor missed (unless the person self edited which is never a good thing) ruined any as I was getting into it.

The story was about a being that was and at the same time was not physical. It fed off the negative thoughts of the people in the surrounding area, this creature s the Bah-Zokar. The creature is in the golf course (great place for negative thoughts and emotions). When an elderly woman was young she found the egg which looked like a golf ball but without the dimples.

After reading this I much prefer to watch Doctor Who rather than read another book especially if it’s from…

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The Strain


Multiscreen MoTVision

season 2  FX  Sundays 10pm

I did do a short review previously for the delightful summer creepy chocko Gore thriller  is back. (Wooo that was a mouthful)

The premier was directed by the book’s author himself Guillermo del Toro.  We get some back story on hZi Approved TV seriesow the master came to be, and some ‘gore’ in this scene which is a total gross out. Unlike  Lost Boys with chinese food and vamp glamour (maggots Michael, You’re eating maggots how do they taste?)  these parasites that turn you into the vampires are not just maggot looking but wormy as well.   I won’t even explain the gory part as we don’t need you giving your screen  a puke bath (especially if you are at a public area) .

I read a review saying it’s missing the richness and sense of discovery of last season. I don’t  agree with that one bit. there’s still mythology…

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Into the Woods


Multiscreen MoTVision

2014 PG  2 hour Musical from Disney Studios

stars Emily Blunt, James Cordon, Meryl Streep as the witch, Chris Pine as Prince Charming , Anna Kendrick  and Johnny Depp & the ‘big’ bad wolf.

Instead of our usual fairytales, we have a mash-up story woven together into an annoying Musical.  OH Gods are they only going to sing.  My favorite Musical is Grease I love it,  but at least it’s not a constant headache through the whole movie; it has parts that are spoken and others  (pivotal parts?) where maybe you’d expect there to be a musical number.  Into the woods however I don’t recall one spoken part! and even if there were it still sounds like it’s a sing songy voice. It’s a never ending headache watching this movie!

Oh my gods!! Johnny Depp as the Big Bad wolf is more creepy than bad. I did love the sound of the song he did…

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What is a Voxbox


Around November or December I received my first Influenster Voxbox which was the Frosty voxbox. This was filled with a variety of goodies, and from my calculation was $50-$60 worth of items, that were complimentary and I just had to review them. Some of the items included were an Eco Tools finishing Hair Brush, Rimmel make-up remover, Rimmel kohl  liner, and other assorted things.  These I get for free but you do not just automatically get them.

They ask if you would be interested in in a certain type of product, beauty, woman’s sanitary item, food whatever

after that you take a survey to qualify, if you qualify it doesn’t take long (at least for the smaller items) to show up.

The last 2 voxboxes i received was a package of Carefree pantie Liners to test, and not long after that I qualified for a couple of coupons for Weight Watchers. NOt just any coupons, mind you! I can get a box of Weight Watchers ice cream most likely absolutely free even if it’s not on sale (I think it said up to $7.99!) there’s maybe 3 flavors I’m interested in so depending on what’s available I’ll get, I’ll even try one of the ones I wouldn’t normally being it’s to ‘sample’ and free!


You also have to remember, depending on your interests etc you may not receive the same box as I, or the same items.

Once you receive the item You go to the Influenster site check it in on your dashboard and then you can complete the tasks for bonus points. This however is not required, however the Survey you get from them after the campaign is over is. If you do not take the survey you will be suspended permanently from qualifying for more boxes.


I’m hoping for a box with some sunblock in it to try (esp. if it’s coconut scented!)

I  came across this video to better explain the process

and here’s an article the site had up on getting read for summer

Come and join the fun,  find my Influenster badge in the side bar and click to join!

TV Tuesday – The Night Shift


Multiscreen MoTVision

Last year I started to watch a medical procedural. I’ve never liked procedurals before as it’s pretty much an ‘outline’ show. By that I mean you know what to expect every week, someone gets hurt, they’re in peril, can’t the doctors help them, maybe a bit of soap opera drama thrown in and it looks like the victim can’t be saved & then they come out ‘fine’.

I was quite happy that I found out it was coming back for a 2nd season even though I saw headlines for Night Shift cancellation but I think there was another show with the name. All I can say is I am relived but at the same time that just adds another show to the LONG list of shows I watch on mondays (esp. once some of the others I watch start up again for their new seasons)

This show I watch intently…

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