Service Dogs (& pets)


This Is Why Vets Don’t Want People To Touch Their Service Dogs

If you don’t read the above at least read this

ALWAYS ask the animal’s owner (even if it is not a service animal) if you may pet the animal.

Service animals usually have a vest to show they are on duty.

Do NOT keep someone with a service animal for a long time asking questions. Say no more than one or 2, and the article has respectful ways to ask the questions.

The article in the link above has some info on Etiquette with a ‘service team’.

When you are done interacting with the team, be respectful say thank you and wish them well.





Learn Animal CPR for the Pet owner




My grandMEOWmy was going through some papers and came across this. I thought it would be wise to have Meowmy Kim scan it and pass it along to you.

This is a brochure for pet owners on how to give your pet CPR if needed and what to do.

I hope you never need to use it but if so, You are welcome.


Animal CPR brochure

I just tested the link and it is not working. Please contact me with the form below and your email address and I will send the PDF file in an attachment.

( could it not be working because I removed all my files from my laptop?)


I just got a free Personalized Pet tag from Shutterfly!!


 Yes it was free (if you don’t count the shipping)  thanks to the coupon on the back of a shop-rite grocery receipt. I made my sully a personalized pet tag. A photo of her with her name and on the back a photo of me with name and number!

Ways to keep your dog cool this summer


Ways to keep your dog cool this summer

3 key things…

Lots of water to drink (or even play in)

A/C on (or at least a floor fan for them)

and be sure to keep windows open enough to get air, but not able to just put of car house