What was the Most popular holiday toy the year you were born


What was the most popular Christmas toy the year  you were born


10+ of the most beautiful cats in the world


Oh my, I can’t pick a favorite they are so lovely the first one a Bengal is beautiful, There are the twins, the Scottish fold with those yes folded ears and I think the biggest eyes ever. Cool Chimera cat talk about a Gemini, Pumpkin and You really need to look at the 3 pages. (which  I just noticed there were 2 others before I (nearly) deleted the email I got.


10+ of the most beautiful cats in the world

My 2015 Best Of Movies & TV list


Multiscreen MoTVision

Its the end of the year and I thought to hold you over til the avatar awards ‘air’, that I’d do a best of list.

(I don’t know what happened but this was supposed to publish December 30th so a little late & a bit of a teaser before the Avatar Awards ‘air’

Terrific TV

#1 best show of 2015… Blindspot

The Walking Dead season 6 has been its best yet

Undateable LIVE

Scream – it had the same air as the movies did and felt like it was new (as if i had never seen the movies i mean)

Quantico -enjoying the mystery thriller

as well as  Young & Hungry,

Ash vs Evil Dead  – the camp cult horror comedy just as silly as I remember

Game… Geeks who drink


Thrilling Theater

in no specific order

I really haven’t been to the theater much but of what movies I wanted…

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The King of All Lists



I’ve been doing to-do lists for a long time. Every single morning, I wake up and write down exactly what I want to accomplish by the end of the day.

As I crossed things off that list, I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. Crossing things of my goal list is extremely gratifying.

In my opinion, to-do lists are amazing. They give you an outline of the day. They allow you to complete your goals and promote generating/implementing a routine.

They’re built for people that use the common excuse; “I don’t have time,” which, I’ve discovered, is quite a large number of the population.

Outline Your Day

Wake up every morning and write down exactly what you want to accomplish by the end of the day. Keep it short and concise.

Long lists prevent you from completing them, which knocks you down a peg at the end of the…

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#17 Bad Asses of Horror


I’m not doing this as a Tops list but these are my faves that have been in horror movies, be they the protagonist or Villain.

Heather Langenkamp Nightmare on Elm street


Michelle Rodriguez


Milla Jovovich Resident Evil

 What’s Next for Resident Evil

Neve Campbell -Scream

Shawnee Smith The Blob 1988



Luke Evans – No One Lives



(for the life of me I can’t think of any ‘bad ass’  guys, unless you want to count )

Patrick Wilson insidious & the Kick ass Demon hunter in The COnjuring

(I will note others as I think of them)


list-top-13-greatest-horror-actors/  * horroractorsandactresses  * classic-horror actors



So who’s your favorite Kick ass Male or female?

31 Days of Horror


So  I saw someone with the idea and I had a few topics of my own, and thought to put my OWN twist on it as well.

There are 3 more topics that are needed & I’m giving you the chance to help me think of the other 3. You can vote in the poll & even add your own idea there.


I would love your contributions to the lists themselves (Your favorite for each one, or make a list of one of the topics.

Let me know in the comments here or contact me with your full list for any of the following (if you have a wordpress account please let me know, I am new to this so I’d like to include you either in this blog as a contrubutor so you can at least post your own contributon to this one. it will be easier that way, contact me with your email address and I will invite you, bonus if you can think of a better title if I can change the name of the blog.)

  1. Best Universal Classic ‘Monsters’ movie
  2. Best slasher films
  3. Best Witch Films
  4. Best vampire horror
  5.  Best zombie horror
  6. Best ghost scary films
  7. Top Scariest alien films
  8.   10 up and coming horror to be excited about this year.
  9.  Top horror films u missed but need to see
  10.  Top 10 best horror trailers
  11.  Top other creature horror films
  12.    Best shark scary movies              –  Jaws (what other is there?)
  13.  Top 10 scariest scenes in horror
  14.   Top female bad asses in horror movies      Jamie Lee Curtis
  15.   Best foreign horror
  16.  Best demonic horror
  17. Best Sci-fi Horror
  18. Comedy Horror
  19.  Best horror movies with dolls
  20.  Best horror movies with animals
  21.   Top goriest scenes in horror
  22.   Best kill scene
  23. New horror characters
  24.   Best of 2014 so far
  25. Best home invasion films
  26. Best kidnapping movies
  27. Best horror Tv
  28. Best Childrens Halloween Programming



Z.I.’s Top 10 Favorite Horror movies


I thought to do my own Favorite Horror movies list. I will start with 10 for now, as that is all I can think of  and there is one that’s more sci-fi than horror but the monsters in it are pretty scary.   This is basically a general favorites list  but I normally do not consider Vampires as horror (not unless it’s the ghoulish fiend type ones of 30 days of night, or the tv series the Strain) There is at least one or 2 others on the list I’m not sure if you want to consider horror but I posted them any way as I am judging by

*number of times Viewed

*impression it leaves

*circumstances upon during or after seeing the movie (ie:being creeped out by the basement beacause of Nightmare on elm st.,  Hyper Alert after seeing Final Destination, or getting creeped out a bit after seeing War of the Worlds & there being red vines around outside and a light in the parking area is red)

* plus a few other things

  1. Jaws 
  2. Lost Boys 
  3. Final Destination
  4. Paranormal Activity  (& sequel)
  5. Insidious    (Learn about the web series)
  6. Nightmare on Elm St. (Original)
  7. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake with Eric Balfour)
  8. Pacific Rim
  9. The Conjuring  ( a Look inside the true story)   Here’s  a preview of
  10. Blade 

(Honorable mention to: The Walking dead yeah I know it’s not a movie but theMake-up FX alone are alot better than I’ve seen in the movies! And sone of the zombies are scary looking)

In a later post I will mention some of my stories of the after affects of  the movies