holiday Barbie


a beautiful gift tradition: Hoiday Barbie

My only problem is I do not see images of the Inaugural Holiday Barbie and the ones leading up to the first year this post starts on.


What was the Most popular holiday toy the year you were born


What was the most popular Christmas toy the year  you were born

Drunk Holiday Carols


So one of my favorite Comedians, Jonathan Sadowski posted a few of these on his twitter account a couple of days ago.

Grandma Got Hungover with a reindeer

Frost the Beermug

Slur ride

Hark! My Uncle Harold’s drink  and

It’s the Fost Monderful Time of the Year


Do you have any of your own?

I like the Dominic the Donkey song  so for that I guess we can change it to

The Drunken Ass?

The Real Reason For The Season


Each year I encounter something that most Pagans know, but the general public is oddly oblivious to. People who casually complain about the dark and don’t know about the shortest day of the year, or even when it is. I know this because that is when I mention that soon enough the days will be getting longer they blankly stare at me and say, “Really? When?” It becomes very hard not to do a face palm each time I encounter this, and its frequent. So I feel compelled to talk about the Real reason for the season.

Source: The Real Reason For The Season

My Zazzle store is now OPEN!


Here’s just one of the items that I have posted so far

Poster of Photograph of Pansies I snapped off on my camera. Came out better than I thought it would, and thought it should be available as ‘art’




Each Halloween Eve there’s magic in the pumpkin patch down the lane;

some say that what happens is tragic others say its just part of the game.

What spirits come out in the open many sorts to frighten you so!

With intentions of malice, they’ve chosen to come up from the darkness below. all manners of creatures provoking, approach us and fill us with dread as they cackle “We’re really just joking” White hoot owls soar overhead  out come spiders all spinning a snare  with a web to catch us in a trap.i think we had better beware; They could gobble us up in a snap

Black cats the color of midnight cross our paths in the darkness so thick;that we run into the next fright a witch riding off on a stick. A tree comes alive baring sharp claws, a scarecrow float over the patch flying bats are sure to give us pause wondering what will this night next hatch?

But the worst fear of all starts us quaking, It’s the pumpkin patch trolls that arise; up they popas we’re quivering and shaking at the horrible glint in their eyes then the leader of the trolls flees the scene while his head shouts “Long  live halloween”!

Trick or Treat & Happy Halloween!~

Artwork and poem by © Linda Dockey Graves