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the Essential Herb and food pairing guide


Ever been on a diet and wanted to for lack of a better term  ‘spice’ up your apple slices or berries etc? But what do you pair with them?

Well here’s some answers for you.

I’m not a big salad person, esp not leafy kind. I may have a few leaves of baby spinach (raw) or sautés for a very short time in some garlic  and have some black olives and some cucumbers  but that usually is all. I do love my fruit salads though. So this

Essential Herb and food pairing guide    chart is great for me as You can make a very interesting salad with.


Now to just find what goes with red or white or Moscato wines!

(frankly I don’t like wine but the moscato I love! I’d drink while eating a steak dinner!


Ramen with a twist


while I was pet sitting at my Aunt’s over the holidays I brought along one of my favorite food staples..a few packs of Ramen DSCN6095noodles. 1 beef 1 chicken (can’t remember which I made here) and one I bought from H mart ( I think it’s a korean store) which was a veggie flavor which had a bit of a bite (I’m not one for hot food but they were giving sample and got it cause dad and I liked it ..its great if you feel stuffed up!) The main reason we were there when we purchased the soup was I was looking for black garlic (Nissan brand) and dad was looking for Kimchi (he puts it on hotdogs!!).  Well they didn’t have the Nissan brand noodles in black garlic

and frankly if yo click the link, you’ll see the reason I was looking in the store for it! Nissin Demae Black Garlic Oil Instant Authentic HK Japanese Ramen Noodles (5 Pack) between the price and the shipping forget it! Besides I just want to try it (even though I’m sure I’ll love it I don’t want to buy more than one.)

So I made the beef or chicken flavor noodles  and I think the night before I had infused some olive oil with the black garlic and some rosemary.

I made the soup as I usually do (I like my noodles a little tender I put them in only long enough for them to soften and loosen up) after it came to a boil I put it in the frying pan with the infused oil and even poured a little of the broth over it and added some of the black garlic. For those of you that do not like regular garlic, black garlic is sweeter and doesn’t have the harsh smell the regular garlic does.  The flavor was probably just as good if not better than what I imagine the Nissan noodles would be.

Learn more about Black Garlic


Time to eat!


Traffic Light Cookies


So we are now down to the last week and what I call the ‘Baking days of xmas’  (or at least 1-2 before you host or travel to visit family and friends) So being as you may see this week the same as I do (baked goods jsut don’t taste as good if you have to freeze or refrigerate them for awhile. They should be as fresh as possible and for Chocolate Chip and Sugar Cookies.. should be served right out of the oven (they taste like a warm hug!)

So to get to the point  I can across a recipe for one of my favorite cookies, but they missed a couple things


The main name for them is Rainbow cookies, everyone knows them by this. My landlords are italian I’m part and we never heard of them called Italian xmas cookies… There’s nothing italian about them except the color (and yellow is the middle color not white like the Italian flag)

I personally call them TRAFFIC light cookies as they are the colors of a traffic light. My Uncle always bought a box for me for the holidays, so I noticed this when I was at least a toddler or in first few school years, so it stuck and anyone in my family co-workers and some friends know what I mean when I call them that. Put it this way: the first holiday season I celebrated at my first job when customers would bring in cookie plates… everyone learned quick Kim MUST have at least one of them cookies and I WILL mow you down for it! (Same for the brownies made by one of the ladies upstairs)

Now reading through this recipe… there’s a few things that are off

They originally had the taste of almond extract (or used) paste in between (now some use raspberry, some use apricot) If you can find the Entamenn’s brand and try them, They are the closest tasting to what the cookies tasted like from the bakeries in the 80s!

Also the jam goes between the 2 layers NOT under the chocolate & there was a bottom layer of chocolate as well….


Rainbow Cookie recipe

Low cal snacks


Zi's Beauty Balm

I thought this would be great to post before what I call the Gluttons’ holidays. Thanksgiving, and the december holidays we feast so why not try to eat a less and or healthier before. You might lose that pound before you gain it. Even better, bring some with you. Also if you normally watch what you eat and only eat healthy then just use this when…

Hungry between meals?  See if you have any of these in the how & grab it. (don’t over do) I just wish the amount of calories were included.

I just want to point out that FroYo did make the list....@mcluttrell, so there.

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Morning Breakfast Bars


This idea is from the chew here’s the 2 original recipes

cinnamon-raisin-breakfast-bars-clinton-kelly  but parts of it I know I won’t like so here’s the ingredients I would use

  • Old fashioned rolled oats  or Oatmeal
  • Almonds
  • Almond butter
  • puffed rice cereal
  • Berries & fruits
  • Honey
  • chocolate or Peanut Butter (Drizzle)


Here’s another  yogurt-granola-bars-clinton-kelly