What was the Most popular holiday toy the year you were born


What was the most popular Christmas toy the year  you were born


A Bomb in the Lasagna: A Valentine’s Love Note To “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”


Bill & Ted… Wyld Stallyns and I’ve FINALLY other than the movies have a piece of memorabilia (well a t-shirt from LootCrate) oh yeah and let’s not forget the cartoon! So I can now enjoy my favorite Keanu & Little (and one of the Lost Boys) movies as a marathon of sorts plus i’ve got 4 of the 6 of those new comics.

Now if only they would get their asses moving on that 3rd movie I’ve been hearing whispers about (including from their mouths)

Rooster Illusion

SharkWeekBomb-02What makes great art? Is great art that which sticks with you? Is great the movie/ novel/ painting that changes your perspective on life? Is it a work that can provide you with a sense of comfort and home when you’re feeling your worst? If so, then Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is, without a doubt, great art.

bill & ted poster MGM

Bill & Ted‘s Excellent Adventure has been my favorite movie since I was 10. In the intervening 14 years, I have watched and loved movies that are funnier, more artistically engaging, and if I’m honest, objectively better than Excellent Adventure, but what’s true of romantic love is also true of your favorite movie: it’s what means the most to you more than what’s objectively the best that matters. Of course, it helps that Bill & Ted is actually a truly outstanding movie.

Despite maintaining a following strong enough to warrant a…

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Second Chance


Multiscreen MoTVision

Fox Wednesdays @ 9pm est. ### Rob Kazinsky, Tim DeKay

THE FRANKENSTEIN CODE (working title): THE FRANKENSTEIN CODE (working title) premieres on FOX. Rob Kazinsky as Jimmy Pritchard. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX THE FRANKENSTEIN CODE (working title): premieres on FOX. Rob Kazinsky as Jimmy Pritchard. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

Originally titled Frankenstein code (I don’t know why they changed it, I find that a more interesting title than lame old boring Second Chance)

The series will be in the mold of a crime of the week drama with the ongoing bigger plot of Kazinsky’s modern day Frankenstein (not so monster) being the possible cure for the genius’ Looking Glass CEO sister’s cancer, another is the Second Chance to make things right with his son. (Who I’m guessing will eventually think that the now reganerated pop is a half brother)

Of course we start the show with elder Prichard, a retired sheriff  sitting in his chair in his rob (really someone that age would were that bright of green & yellow together?…

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My 2015 Best Of Movies & TV list


Multiscreen MoTVision

Its the end of the year and I thought to hold you over til the avatar awards ‘air’, that I’d do a best of list.

(I don’t know what happened but this was supposed to publish December 30th so a little late & a bit of a teaser before the Avatar Awards ‘air’

Terrific TV

#1 best show of 2015… Blindspot

The Walking Dead season 6 has been its best yet

Undateable LIVE

Scream – it had the same air as the movies did and felt like it was new (as if i had never seen the movies i mean)

Quantico -enjoying the mystery thriller

as well as  Young & Hungry,

Ash vs Evil Dead  – the camp cult horror comedy just as silly as I remember

Game… Geeks who drink


Thrilling Theater

in no specific order

I really haven’t been to the theater much but of what movies I wanted…

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Multi-Movie medley


a little behind on getting my movies watched so here’s a batch.

If you want the latest updates Follow my Entertainment blog they are originally posted on

Multiscreen MoTVision

The Borgman

2013  Not Rated  1:48 minutes via DVD   by Drafthouse films

Netflix’s description of this art house movie is

” a self important suburban family  gets a  rude awakening  in this dark fable with the arrival of Camiel Borgman to their neighborhood in which he infiltrates himself (and some friends) into their lives…is it possible he’s the devil?”

Oh K well that certainly was not a horror movie as I thought it was;, and frankly I have no idea what to call this (as far as a genre or subgenre. It’s pretty boring, maybe foreign I am not even sure how to grade this. Though being I was bored and there’s nothing at all interesting that goes on in it, for me I give it a D

We were the Mulvaneys

2002 NR 1:30  dvd

The mulvaney clan lived what most people would have considered the american dream in…

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Three Days Grace- HUMAN (2015)


Multiscreen MoTVision

Human cover art


Founding Frontman Adam ‘Adz’ Gontier left the band the end of 2013 (or maybe officially the beginning of 2014) . So who’s the new guy? Well if he looks familiar to you he is My Darkest Days Frontman Matt Walst, yes younger brother of 3DG bassist Brad. Matt was the best option as he is already quite familiar with the band’s music having grown up with them, not to mention the fact he has already collaborated with them once before. He wrote (or Co-wrote) 2-3 songs on the self titled album.

A initial listen to the album as a whole my ears say it’s a strong effort, more like the first album as they said they wanted it to be. Some of the songs however come off to me  with a tiny hint of a pop sound. you can also tell there’ a new singer but…

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