10+ of the most beautiful cats in the world


Oh my, I can’t pick a favorite they are so lovely the first one a Bengal is beautiful, There are the twins, the Scottish fold with those yes folded ears and I think the biggest eyes ever. Cool Chimera cat talk about a Gemini, Pumpkin and You really need to look at the 3 pages. (which  I just noticed there were 2 others before I (nearly) deleted the email I got.


10+ of the most beautiful cats in the world


I just got a free Personalized Pet tag from Shutterfly!!


 Yes it was free (if you don’t count the shipping)  thanks to the coupon on the back of a shop-rite grocery receipt. I made my sully a personalized pet tag. A photo of her with her name and on the back a photo of me with name and number!

Ways to keep your dog cool this summer


Ways to keep your dog cool this summer

3 key things…

Lots of water to drink (or even play in)

A/C on (or at least a floor fan for them)

and be sure to keep windows open enough to get air, but not able to just put of car house



Multiscreen MoTVision

Zoo_TV_series_promo_posterCBS Tuesdays @ 9pm Est

The show based on the James Paterson novel  (co written with Michael Ledwidge), starts off somewhere in Africa during a Safari tour  when poachers come along and one of the guys that runs the Safari tour blasts a boom box to scare the Rhinos away. (I swear if I was there in person I would have laughed my ass off! And maybe if I had some darts (for those dart boards at bars; I’d would love to throw them at anyone who harms animals no matter what kind…well not snakes.. we just don’t get along)

Ooh and the King Is ready for his close-up and what is that? The Lion looks like it’s making a face of innocence and then pounce. I love the way the scene happens, I had to chuckle.

Reading Entertainment Weekly’s review and had to include a note f it:

“You might…

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