The AMAZING Cat Show!


I wanna goooooooooooooooo right MOW


We were greeted by “Monty.”

He was a huge canvas full of layers and texture with big expressive eyes. I think the model for “Monty” had cat-titude.

Welcome to the second year of The AMAZING Cat Show! If I couldn’t spend my Friday night on the couch covered in pj’s and cats, than at least I could be with friends gazing on hundreds of pieces of cat themed art.

I did a squealing “caaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!” happy dance in the entrance much to the bafflement of one of our party who could not understand why on earth enough people had shown up to pack us in shoulder to shoulder to look at cats. Looking at a heavily tattooed woman wearing cat ears, he asked me if it was the artsy people or the cat people that brought out all the weirdos. I explained that if we created a Venn diagram, there…

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How to Make Your Feline Feel at Home



After years of admiring cats on the internet, you’ve decided to get one of your own. You might have adopted one from a rescue shelter, or perhaps you went and got a kitten from an acquaintance of a friend of your Aunt Nancy. Either way, you’re ready to have a little more feline loving’ in your life, and you want to make sure your cat feels like he or she can call your place home. The adjustment period might be a little terrifying for your cat, but there are a few tricks that will help your cat feel a little more at home in your home.

  1. Bring them home in a carrier

This is especially important if you’re driving home. If you let your cat roam free in the car, your cat will freak out and will try to escape. Your cat might feel trapped in the carrier at…

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Cat Care Tips for First-Time Cat Guardians



So, you’re thinking about adopting your very first cat. They make great pets — they’re fantastic companions, don’t need to be walked and tend to adapt to a new home quite quickly. However, they are a big responsibility, and you need to be prepared before you pick yours up from the shelter. Here are our best cat care tips that will help you to prepare for your new arrival.

Get everything you’ll need

It’s important that you’re well-prepared for your cat’s arrival, and there are some things you’ll have to buy for them. Here’s our checklist of essentials:

  • A warm and comfortable bed
  • A litter tray and litter
  • A scratching post
  • Stainless steel, glass or ceramic food and water bowls
  • A range of cat toys
  • A collar
  • A carrier
  • Food that suits their needs

Helping them to settle in

Although we’re sure your new cat or kitten will love their…

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Which common house and garden plants are poisonous for your cat?


There are many more than this… I believe ASPCA has a list posted on their site somewhere


Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Mike James:

Which common house and garden plants are poisonous for your cat?


Cats may have 9 lives but that doesn’t mean they’re invincible. When it comes to your home and garden you may well think it’s a perfectly safe environment for Fluffykins to spend time in, but you’d be wrong. Many plants are harmful or poisonous if eaten by your cat.

Obviously, it’s a good idea to be very clued up indeed about the unsafe plants and flowers in and around your home, so you can protect puss from the danger or get rid of them altogether. Toxic plants are not necessarily deadly; many are mere irritants that can cause unwanted and painful inflammation of the skin, stomach or mouth.

There are literally thousands of plants that are harmful to felines – here are a few of the more obvious ones you need…

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Let’s Honour Some Special Cats



Hello Katzenworld Fans!

I normally review books but today I thought it would be nice to honor some cats that are just simply special. Many of these furry animals are neglected due to being different and I just wanted to celebrate their lives for being who they are and love them regardless.

#1 Monty The Cat Who Was Born Without A Nasal Bridge

#2 Honey Bee, The Blind Hiking Cat

#3 Venus The Two-faced Kitten

#4 Maru, Master Of Boxes

#5 Lazarus, The Rescued Vampire Cat

Article Credits: Jeyran Main

Twitter: @Talesreview

Facebook: Talesreview

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Making Your Own Interactive Cat Feeder


ooh I might make one for Sully! and love that last picture


Just a couple of years ago few of us had heard of interactive cat feeders, but now pet stores seems to be awash with an amazing array of innovative feeders, usually marketing them as ‘interactive cat toys’.

As a Cat Behaviourist I’m a huge fan of these – not only do they provide natural stimulation for cats by encouraging them to forage for their food, but they can also slow down the food intake of cats who are prone to obesity. Here are some examples of shop-bought feeders:

IMG_2708Small My cats Billy & Jimmy using their first shop-bought feeder…

P1050652Small Jimmy really gets to grips with this flashy feeder!

However, you don’t have to spend a fortune on an expensive state-of-the-art feeder. With a little bit of imagination you can make your own as the following examples show!

Els Scholten's Cat Al Pacino #1 Cardboard rolls…

Suki Green 1 More cardboard rolls…

Billy Toilet Roll Pyramid Toilet rolls and…

Yoghurt Cups Yoghurt pots!

Not What We Mean By Puzzle Feeding! This cat’s  clearly still…

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Hypoallergenic Cats


For those of you allergic to cats… but want one… here are a few that are not ones to sneeze at!


Hypoallergenic Cats

The following is a guest post by David Jez, owner of website, where he mainly shares his insights into hypoallergenic cats and cat allergies.

There exist a large number of cat lovers all over the world. Without any question, they are one of the most favourite animals. However, some people can’t have this pet at home due allergy to cats. Luckily, for many people who would still like to get a cat, there is one option in the form of hypoallergenic cats.

So what are the hypoallergenic cats and what’s their benefit? In this article you’ll learn more about them and what makes them so special. But first of all, it is necessary to understand the cause of cat allergies.

cat2Cause of Allergy to Cats
Some people tend to believe the root cause of allergies to cats is the cat hair. However, this belief could not…

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