Crazy Calendar


I will likely never be finished with this as I always seem to hear of more ‘holidays’ so check back here & there    I post them as I find and hear about them.

If you know of a Crazy Holiday Or your family has its own (like mine with the Cabin Fever reliever day)

Please let me know and I’ll post it here

What its called, Month & day (or what week) and what festivities does it entail?

Every day of the year is a Holiday  *  brownielocks *


Readers, I need your help. Here is a crazy holidays Calendar  I am working on. I’d like help on deciding to keep it as one page, or set it up  to be  a page per month (instead of all on this one page)


Upcoming ‘Geek’ Sci-Fi dates Back to the Future Day’ is Over, What Sci-Fi Dates Are Next?



Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness month   National Hot Tea Month    Meat  letter writing,  oatmeal, Literary, National Candy Month, Egg Month, Soup month Wheat Bread Month

National blood donor month

1-National Bloody Mary (drink) Day and of Course New Year’s day

2 -MEW year (New years for your cat) *  National Science Fiction Day

3- Festival of Sleep

4-National Pastrami Day

5 – happy-national-whipped-cream-day/   Festival of Sleep. National bird day


7- National Bobblehead day

8-Nat’l Bubblebath day



11- National Milk day



14 -Hot Pastrami Day!!! (Jan.14th) – A Sandwich History    Dress your pet day


16- Dragon appreciation day



19- National Popcorn day     Lovers day

20- Penguin awareness day

21- National Hug day & New England Clam Chowder Day  Squirrel Appreciation Day


23- National Pie Day  National handwriting day  National Peanut Butter Day

24- National Read-a-Thon day

National  Peanut Butter Day


26- Pistachio Day  Australia Day

27-national Chocolate Cake day

28- National Blueberry Pancake day


30 – National Croissant day

31- backward day


Heart Month  International Friendship Month    Berry Fresh Month Great American pies, National Cherry Month, National Fiber Focus Black History Month Canned food month  National Fondue Month  great health, Heart Healthy Hot Breakfast, Snack food, Potato lovers and sweet potato month celebration of chocolate month

Cabin Fever Reliever (well its a holiday my Aunt made up & usually lands around the 18/19 of the month (or the weekend before or after depending when everyone can get there)

1-National freedom day

2 – Ground Hog Day

3-Give Kids a smile day  National wear read day

4- Thank a mailman day   Friends Day

5- Nutella Day  Weather man’s day

6-Lame duck day

7-send a card to a friend day

8-Kite flying day

9 – National Pizza Pie Day, Bagels & Lox Day  toothache day

10- Umbrella day

11-Don’t Cry over spilled milk  Make a friend day White T-shirt day


13- Tortellini Day  Change your name day   clean-up day

14- Ferris wheel day

15-Gumdrop day  Candlemas

16- Do a grouch a favor day     Hockey day in Michigan

17- Random Acts of Kindness day

18- Nat’l Drink wine day   National Battery day

19-Chocolate Mint day

20- Cherry Pie day  Hoodie Hoo day Love your pet day

21-Card reading day

22- National Margarita Day  be humble day Walking the dog day International World Thinking day

23-Nat’l Toast day. Tennis day.  International Dog Biscuit  appreciation day

24- Tortilla chip day


26- Carnival day, Tell a fairy tale day, Pistachio day

27- Int’l Polar bear day (no Braver or bragger)   National Strawberry day

28- Public Sleeping day     Tooth fairy day     Floral design day




National Nutrition Month (u.s)     National Craft Month,  Peanut Month,  Nutrition, Noodle, sauce, flower, Frozen food month and Caffeine Awareness Month   Women’s history month

be cruelty-free week (look up)

Popcorn lovers 2nd Thursday of month

1- Peanut Butter Lovers day  Beer day (Iceland) Pig Day

2 -banana cream pie day  old stuff day

3- National Pancake day    Peach Blossom day    Cold cuts day

If pets had thumbs day     I want you to be Happy day

4- Great day to start something new, National Grammar day     Hug a G.I. day

5- National Cheese Doodle day & International Women’s day     Absinthe day  Multiple Personality day

6- National Oreo Cookie day      Dentist day    frozen food day

7- Cereal day   National Cat day

8-be nasty day International working women’s day National Peanut Cluster day

9-Panic day * False teeth Day

10-Middle name pride day

11-Johnny Apple seed, Worship of tools day

12-Plant a flower  Kidney day

13-Earmuff  & Jewel day

14-Potato chip day, Pi day

15- everything is wrong day  Dumbstruck day Incredible kid day Ides of March

16- Everything you do is right,  Freedom of info day

17- Submarine day St. Patrick’s day

18-Goddess of fertility day      Awkward moments day      Supreme Social free day      Kevin Harvick Day (Bakersfield Ca.)

19-Poultry day   National Quilting day

20-Proposal day, International Earth day   Alien Abduction day   Love your pet day   International day of Happiness

21-Fragrance day    World Poetry Day

22- Goof off day    National World Water day    As young as you feel day

23-Near miss day  National Chip & Dip day  International Puppy Day


25-Pecan day, something on a stick day, International waffle day

26-Make up your own holiday day

27- Jack Daniel’s World Whiskey Day     national Joe day

28- Something on a stick day

29- Mom & pop Business day  Smoke & Mirrors day

30 -Take a walk in the park day    National Doctors  day  I am in control day

31- Tater day



Poetry Month  * Sexual Assault Awareness Month *   National Oral health month   Animal cruelty prevention   National Garlic Month,

Grilled Cheese,  Soft Pretzel  &  Soy Foods  month   National Pet Month

? National Robotic Week

International Pooper scooper week  (Always first week)

Husband appreciation day 3rd Saturday of month

1- International Fun @ work day  Tattoo day   Walking Day

2 -Children’s book day & National Peanut Butter & Jelly day  Ferret Day

3- Tweed day

4- Hug a newsman Tell a lie Walk around things and School Librarian day

5- Go for broke day

6- Sorry Charlie day

7-No housework day  World health   Nation beer day


8- All sours day  draw a bird picture day

Empanada day

9- Name yourself day    National Unicorn day

10- Siblings day     Golfers day

11- 8 Track tape day     National Pet day   Siblings day

12- big wind day   National Grill Cheese Day

13-scrabble day

14-International moment of Laughter day  Look up at the sky day  EX spouse say

15-Rubber eraser day

16-National Librarian’s day Stress awareness day National Golf day

17-BLah Blah blah day Cheese ball day Pet owner independence day

18-Newspaper columnist day

19-Garlic day

20-Lookalike day


22-national Jellybean day, Yggdrasil/Earth day

23- St. George’s day

24-Pig in a blanket day

25-World Penguin day East meets west Red Hat society day Admission Professionals day

26- Richter Scale day Poem in your pocket day  Hug an Aussie day * denim day *  National Help a Horse day*

Pretzel day earth day alien day. Lesbian visibility day

27- Prime rib day Tell a story and National Arbor day

28- Kiss your mate day    Great Poetry reading day     National Superhero day  Hairball Awareness Day

29- Greenery Day   hairball awareness day

30 –Honesty day    Indy Bookstore day



National Short-story Month * Cystic Fibrosis Awareness month * National BBQ month *   Lyme Disease awareness month * Asian Pacific Heritage month* American Bike Month, National Pet Month,* Photo Month * better Hearing & Speech month* Mental Health Month * Hamburger, Salad & Salsa month, * Strawberry, egg month

? Transportation month

1st full week = Nurses week   Teacher appreciation Week      Postcard Screen free

2nd-week Wildflower week Stuttering Awareness, Pet &

3rd week National bike week, Police week  New & Old friends week

Emergency Medical Services week & Backyard games week

Last week of month is Backyard games week

Birth Mother’s Day – Saturday Before Mother’s Day

Military Spouses day (day b4 mothers’ day)

1st Friday in May Space day, International Tuba day

1st Saturday of the month (always) Scrapbook day

*Tues of the First FULL week National Teachers Day

2nd Saturday in May International Migratory Bird Day

2nd Wednesday in May National Receptionist Day

3rd Saturday of the Month armed Forces Day

Saturday of Memorial Day weekend = international Jazz Day

Last Monday of Month= Memorial Day

1-Hawaii Lei Day, Mother Goose, Mayday, and Loyalty day Save the Rhino Day

2 -baby day, Brothers & sisters (Siblings day) Truffles day (wait for the chocolate or the fungus version?)

National Adopt a shelter pet day

3-World press freedom day    Lumpy Rug Day  Disabled Pets Day

4-Bird Day, Renewal Day STARWARS day, National Candied Orange Peel Day,

5- children’s day, Cinco De Mayo, Happy Hoagie day Oyster Day

6- International NO diet day *Nurses day (Canada) Beverage day,

7-National Tourism day Teachers Appreciation day

8-Receptionist day, Iris day, National Train day No socks day V-E Day World Red Cross Day / World Red Crescent Day

9-Peter Pan day * Lost sock Memorial day * national Train Day * National Moscato Day

10- World Lupus day, Clean room day Mother’s day (2nd Sunday in May)

11- Eat what you want day     Twilight zone day

12- Limerick day, Kite day & International Nurses day Fatigue Syndrom Day

13-Frog jumping, Leprechaun day, World GOTH day, tulip day, National Receptionist Day

14-Dance like a chicken

15-Police officer memorial day National Chocolate chip day, Bike to Work Day (3rd Friday of Month)

16- Love a tree day, National Sea (Monkey) People day, Wear Purple for Peace day

17- Packrat day

18-No dirty dishes day, I love Reeses day, Visit Relatives day, International Museum Day

19- Circus, Peace day Boy’s Club Day   armed forces day

20-Strawberry picking & Be a millionaire day

21- National Waiter/waitress day    National Maritime day

22- Buy a musical instrument day, National Memo day

23- Lucky Penny Day, Turtle Day

24- 1st Morse code message sent    National Escargot Day

25 National Missing Children’s Day Tap Dance Day Victoria Day(Canada) – usually the 24th    Geek Pride day, Tap dancers day

26- Blueberry cheesecake day, Peter Cushing Birthday Sally Ride Day

27- masking Tape day, Sunscreen day, Vincent Price & Christopher Lee birthdays

28-Amnesty International day    National Hamburger Day

29-Paperclip day, Learn about Composting Day

30 -Hole in my bucket day, CD day, water a flower day

31- Macaroon day, World NO tobacco day Save Your Hearing Day



Adopt a Cat Month * ALS month (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) * Aquarium Month, Turkey Lovers Month, Gay Pride Month, Candy Month

Dairy Month Rose month Fight The Filthy Fly Month, National Fresh Fruits & Veggies Month National Accordion Awareness Month

1st week Fishing Week

1st Friday in June- National Doughnut Day

1st Saturday in June National Trails Day

2nd week Email Week

2nd (full) week National Flip Flop week

Nursing Assistants Day – First day of National Nursing Assistants Week

third Saturday in June National Hollerin’ Contest Day –

Saturday closest to June 17th World Juggler’s Day –

3rd Sunday Father’s Day

Friday after Father’s Day Take Your Dog to Work Day

1- Pen Pal Day     Dare Day    Flip a Coin Day Global & National Running Day

2 –        National Rocky Road Day, National Bubba Day (WTF?)

3- Repeat Day    National Doughnut day

4- Hug Your Cat Day, Old Maid Day, Applesauce Cake Day  National Cheese Day

5- World Environment Day      Donut Day

6-National Yo-Yo Day National Gardening Exercise Day

7- National Chocolate IceCream Day   Prince Day (wear purple)

8- World Oceans Day      National Best Friends Day     Name Your Poison Day  ‘Ghostbusters day (2016)

9- Donald Duck Day

10- Iced Tea Day   (something) Makers  Day

11-National Corn on the Cob Day

12-National Peanut Butter Cookie Day Red Rose Day   National EX day

13- Sewing Machine Day    National Get outdoors day

14-Flag Day

15-SMile Power Day   Lobster Day

16-Fresh Veggies Day    National Mascot Day

17-Eat Your Vegetables Day  Flip Flop Day

18- International Picnic day Go Fishing Day National Splurge Day, International Panic Day

19-June Teenth aka Freedom or Emancipation day) World Sauntering Day

20-International Surf Day Ice Cream Soda Day

21-Bring your dog to work day Go Skate Day Finally Summer Day Worldwide Music day

22- National Chocolate Eclair Day  International yoga day

23- Midsummer      National Columnist Day    National Pink Day Bring Your dog for a Walk (or to work?) Day

24-Cat World Domination Day    Swim a Lap Day

25- National Catfish Day

26-Beautician’s Day   Forgiveness Day

27 -Sun Glasses Day      (Harley Davidson)World Ride day (2015)

28- Log cabin Day   Insurance Awareness Day Paul Bunyan Day

29-National Camera Day      Hug        Holiday Waffle     Iron Day

30 – Social Media Day & National Ice Cream Day Meteor Day



Blueberry Month *  National Watermelon Month * Grilling Month *Hot Dog *Ice Cream * Culinary Arts

Dehydration Awareness Month

1st  full week Nude rec week

3rd week  National Made in AMerica week

3rd Sunday National Ice Cream Day

4th Sunday parents day


1- Creative Icecream Flavors day * Build a Scarecrow Day * International Joke Day

2 –I forgot Day * World UFO day

3-disobedience day * Compliment Your mirror day * Stay of the sun  * Dog days of Summer

4-Country Music Day * Sidewalk Egg Frying Day * Independence day (U.S.)

5-Workaholic day * National Bikini Day

6-National Fried Chicken Day * International Kissing day

7-Chocolate Day * National Strawberry Sunday

8- Video Games day

9- Sugar Cookie Day

10-Teddy Bear Picnic * World Population day * Nicola Tesla’s Birthday

11-   7-11 day (yes as in the store)

12- Different colored eyes day

13-Fool Paradise * French Fry Day * Embrace your Geekness day

14-Blueberry day * National Nude Day

15-Cow appreciation day

16-Fresh Spinach Day * Corn Fritters day * Juggling day

17-Peach Ice Cream day   * World Emoji Day

18-National Caviar Day

19-Rasberry Cake Day

20-Moon Day * Ugly Truck Day

21- Mammo day  National Junk food day

22-Rat Catchers Day  National no panties day  Pi approximate day

23- National Hot Dog Day  Vanilla Ice cream Day

24-Cousins Day

25-Culinarians day  * Threading the Needle Day

26-All or Nothing  * Aunt & Uncle Day * National Dance Day

27- Take your pants for a walk day

28- Milk Chocolate day * Parents day

29- Lasagna Day *  St. Olaf’s Wake (Faroes) * national Chicken Wing day * National Lipstick Day

30 -Father in Law Day * National Cheesecake day * Friendship day

31- Mutts day * J.K Rowling’s Birthday (& Harry Potter)


Cataract Awareness Month

International Smile Week  * Friendship Week * Elvis Week

1st Sunday – International Friendship day  *Forgiveness * Sister Day

1st or 2nd week .. Shark week


1-Rasberry Cream Pie  * Freya Faxi * National Girlfriend Day

2 -Ice Cream Sandwich

3- Women’s Friendship Day * Watermelon Day *

4-Coast Guard Day *

5- Work like a dog * International Friendship Day * National Underwear day

6- Godsmack Day (Boston, Ma)  & Wiggle your toes day

7- Purple Heart Day *Lighthouse day * International Beer day

8-National Garage Sale Day * International Cat day* National Happiness Day

9- National Book Lovers day * Indigenous Day

10- Lazy Day * Banana Split day * National S’mores day

11- Pres. Joke day  * Son & Daughter Day

12-Middle child day * Shout out Day, * World Elephant Day * Youth Day

13-National Southpaw day

14- Creamsicle Day

15-National Relaxation Day

16-National Joke Day

17- National Thrift Shop Day * Black Cat Appreciation Day * Cat Nights begin

18-Bad Poetry Day & Scott Pilgrim day

19- Aviation Day  *  National Dog Day * Gene Roddenberry’s Birthday

20-Radio Day  *  World Photography Day  *  National Lemonade Day   * National Burger Day * H.P. Lovecraft’s Birthday


22- Be an Angel Day * Tooth-fairy Day * Ray Bradbury’s birthday


24- National Waffle Day

25- Kiss and make-up day

26- National Dog Day * Women’s Equality Day

27- Just because day, International CosPlay Day

28- National Bow Tie Day  * Race your mouse day

29-more herbs less salt day,  Terminator 2 JUDGEMENT DAY

30- Frankenstein Day/Mary Shelley’s birthday *  Toasted Marshmallows day

31- International Trail Mix day September


Septembeard     Men’s Cancer Health Awareness  * Better Breakfast Month * Chicken Month * Breast Cancer Awareness Month *

Happy Cat Month

1st Saturday of September is World Beard Day 

2nd Sunday pet Memorial Day

4th Friday Native American Day


2 – National Beheading day (WTF?)

Internet friend day

3- Sky Scraper day

4- Newscaster day

5-Be Late for something day * National Cheese Pizza Day

6-Nat’k Read a Book day * Procrastination day*

7-Neither Rain nor Snow day * Beer Day

8-International Literacy Day * Pardon Day* Star Trek Day

9- Teddy Bear Day * Grand Parent’s Day

National ampersand day. International literacy day

10-Sewing Machine Day * Swap Ideas Day * Suicide Awareness Day* Grandparents day

11- 9/11 Remembrance day  * No News is good news & _(change?) _ your Bed Day

12- Chocolate Milk Shake day & Video Gamers day

13-National Peanut Day * Fortune Cookie Day * Positive Thinking Day

14- National Cream Filled Donut Day         Grandparents Day

15- Make a hat day * Yonkers’ NY Kardashian Day  * Prince Harry’s Birthday

16-National Cheeseburger Day  Collect Rocks Day*  Step Family Day * Play-Doh Day * Wife Appreciation day * Working Parents Day

17- Apple Dumpling Day * Octoberfest Begins

18-National Cheeseburger Day

19- Talking Like a Pirate Day  Nat’l butterscotch pudding day  Global Cat Day

20-National Punch Day  * Stephen King (author) Birthday * International Chocolate day

21-World Gratitude day * Mini Golf Day * International Day of Peace

22- Elephant Appreciation Day *Hobbit Day *  Yonkers’ Jess Buzzuto “The Yonkers Leprechaun” Day *

National Ice Cream Cone Day

23- Checkers Day

24- Cherry jubilee day * International Rabbit Day * Family Health and fitness day* National Daughters day

25-National Comic Book Day

26- National Pancake Day

27- Crash a car day

28-Women’s Health and Fitness day * Ask a Stupid Question day * Good Neighbor day *

National beer Drinking day

29- Confucious Day * Hot Coffee day

30 — World Love Day * Mud Pack Day

October   or  ‘Monstober’

Poetry Writing month (Octpowrimo)

Inktober , National Bully Prevention Month, Lupus Awareness Month (UK),  Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Popcorn Popping Month,  Squirrel Awareness Month, Domestic Violence awareness month

1st-week Teacher appreciation week

1-  World Vegetarian Day

2 –  National Poetry Day, Non-violence day, National boyfriend day  World Smile Day

3- Means Girls appreciation day


5- World Teacher Day *World Animal Day

6- National Poetry Day

7- Edgar Allen Poe remembrance day

8- Perogey Day

9-Leif Erikson Day    World Egg Day

10- World Egg Day * Mental Health Day,* National Hug a drummer  National Kick Butt Day

Happy International Talk-Like-A-Robot Day!

a very computery date, so I hereby declare it to be International Talk Like A Robot Day

11- My name day (I mean Mine…) find yours here    National Coming out day

12- National Farmers’ Day


14- National Dessert Day




18- National Chocolate Cupcake day

19- the 13 ‘Frights’ of Halloween’ starts

20- Dracula Day/Bela Lugosi’s birthday

21- National Reptile Awareness day


23- Mole day (wait as in the animal or the body marking?)


25- Frankenstein Day   National Greasy Food Day


27- Black Cat Day

28- National Chocolate Day

29- National Cat

30 – Mischief Night *  Frankenstein’s Monster day * Buy A doughnut, National Candy Corn Day


31- Halloween *  Feast of Bast/Samhain



National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

National Peanut Butter Month

MO’vember (grow a mustache)

Diabetes awareness month

1st Saturday National book lovers day

Manatee Awareness month

November 10-16th is National Diary Week

1st Saturday Book Lovers Day

1- World Vegan day

2 –  look for circles & deviled egg day

3- Housewives day, sandwich day

4-King tut day, National Candy Day  National Stress awareness day

5-  Guy Fawkes day, National Doughnut day    Men cook dinner day

6- Marooned without a compass day

7- Bittersweet chocolate with Almonds day

8- Cook something bold, dunce day

9- Chaos never dies


11-National Sundae day

12- Fancy Rat and Mouse day

13- Sadie Hawks day, World Kindness day,

14-National Pickle day*  Pub Day

15- Clean fridge day, America recycles day, national Philanthropy day

16- Button day, Have a party with your bear day, National Fast food day

17- Homemade bread day, Take a hike day

18- occult day

19- MY Birthday!! 🙂  Survivors of Suicide day * National Adoption day *Have a bad day Day

20-  United Child’s day, National Peanut Butter fudge day * National Absurdity day * National Toilet day

21- World Hello day, Happy National Gingerbread day

22- Go for a ride day,  National Pistachio Day

23- Cashier day

24- National Parfait Day

25- buy nothing day

26- National Cake Day


28- Red planet day, National French Toast day

29- square dance day, Electronic Greetings day, National Chocolate Day

30 –  Stay at home because you’re well day,  Mousse Day


Cold & Flu Prevention month

2nd week (?) Big Cat Week


1-National Pie day * Eat a red apple day

2 -National Fritters day

3- National Cookie Day


5- Bathtub party day

6- National Pastry Day * Mitten tree day

7- Letter writing day * Cotton Candy day * Pearl harbor day

8- National Chocolate Brownie Day * Anniversary of John Lennon’s Death

9- Pastry Day * Holiday card day *Big Cat week


11- National Cocoa Day * noodle ring day & International Mountain day

12- Ding-a-ling day * Poinsettia day

13- Ice cream day


15- National Cupcake day & Lemon Cupcake day   International Tea Day

16-National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

17- National Maple Syrup day bacon-pancakes-with-maple-peanut-butter-syrup

18- Bake cookies day

19- Oatmeal Muffin day


21- National  Kiwi Day * Humbug day * Flashlight day *Look on the bright-side day * Winter Solstice


23- Roots day * Festivus (for the rest of us)

24- Egg Nog day * National Choco day

25 – Christmas/ Feast of Bast  * Pumpkin Pie day

26- Kwanzaa, * Boxing Day *  national Candy Cane Day

27- Make cut out snowflakes day

28- Card playing day


30 –

31- National Champagne Day * unlucky day * Make up your mind day


—————————Sources———————- * Every day of the year is a Holiday  *



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