What was the Most popular holiday toy the year you were born


What was the most popular Christmas toy the year  you were born


10+ of the most beautiful cats in the world


Oh my, I can’t pick a favorite they are so lovely the first one a Bengal is beautiful, There are the twins, the Scottish fold with those yes folded ears and I think the biggest eyes ever. Cool Chimera cat talk about a Gemini, Pumpkin and You really need to look at the 3 pages. (which  I just noticed there were 2 others before I (nearly) deleted the email I got.


10+ of the most beautiful cats in the world

Some Goals for June


After Seeing this That’s So Jacob  post, I decided to press this and use the inspiration for my  own

I don’t go to college so I think I can leave out the academic part, or maybe I can think of something else to use there.

But these would likely be for the whole summer.

as for

Personal Life

  • Clean out my nightstand drawer, which for as long has I can remember has basically been a ‘pen collection’

get rid of them and anything else. Hopefully to just use, well what dose one put in their Nightstand drawer?

  • Exercise more.

I want to or at least to use my weights a bit and tone my arms but I usually have to be in ‘the mood’ to do so.

  • Buy new bathing top

it feels like a corset and a few years old, plus the straps (too many) were annoying when I first bought it and still are. Plus after almost choking myself with them trying to get it on or out of it… well I’m ‘so over the top’ (ok couldn’t resist that) I need a new one, unless this one decides to get a little stretched out on its own.

  • Find sandals or something to go with that Hawaiian ‘dress’
  • Reading…  3 books behind in my Goodreads challenge. Time to break out some thin books to ‘cheat’

Blog Life

For all of my blogs

  1. (hope to) get 1000 followers
  2.  100 visit/views a day

but for those to happen I have to ask you, my followers to Please pass the word along to friends and family and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE on your Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Reddit and any other social media sites you are on.

  1. check up on blogs I follow more often
  2. start checking for the next Avatar Award winners
  3. Work more often on pending posts for ZodiacImmortal, Crafts,  Beauty  and Writing blogs
  4. Finish up watching movies for in progress ‘Classic Cuts’ posts and figure out How often to post them on the entertainment blog.
  5. Get to working more on crafts & making videos for Crafter Crums

June has arrived, I guess it’s time to set some goals. Or at least attempt to. So, here I go. That’s So Jacob’s June Goals List Academic Life Get the details o…

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The King of All Lists



I’ve been doing to-do lists for a long time. Every single morning, I wake up and write down exactly what I want to accomplish by the end of the day.

As I crossed things off that list, I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. Crossing things of my goal list is extremely gratifying.

In my opinion, to-do lists are amazing. They give you an outline of the day. They allow you to complete your goals and promote generating/implementing a routine.

They’re built for people that use the common excuse; “I don’t have time,” which, I’ve discovered, is quite a large number of the population.

Outline Your Day

Wake up every morning and write down exactly what you want to accomplish by the end of the day. Keep it short and concise.

Long lists prevent you from completing them, which knocks you down a peg at the end of the…

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#15 Terror on Tv the return


So I came across some news for our favorite Horror TV series and just figured to do another TV entry.

I wanted to start off though with  five-horror-shows-audiences-forgotten which jogged my memory of some shows, though I don’t think I ever watched any on that list, but I remember hearing of 2 noted in the link.)

before I note the ones I remember I wanted to highlight  the Walking Dead being back and out of the shipping container running! The premier was off to a fast start, when the episode was over I thought, that’s all feeling as if it only took 15 minutes or half hour.





The Horror (or in quote)  TV series I remember are

(here are the intros)


Tales from the Dark side


Friday the 13th the series

Freddy’s Nightmares

Twilight Zone  

Tales from the Crypt

Tales from the Crypt keeper 

Ah here’s a list of  Current and past Horror tv series 



american-horror-story-already-renewed-fifth-season/ however I heard Jessica Lange will not be back.


would  Sleepy Hollow   or Hannibal   be considered as a Horror series?


The Strain I believe I covered in a past

Penny Dreadful 


Constantine  (?)


On a not so scary note Stephen-kings-dome-renewed-season-3/



http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Horror_fiction_television_series  * http://www.imdb.com Highest rated horror titles_