9 Rare and Beautiful Clouds


A nacreous cloud at sunset (Credit: Pekka Parviainen/SPL)



How to tell if a battery is out of juice


Natural Ant Remedies


To get you ready for the spring and the bugs…I had thought of  my aunt who for some reason gets ants in her house. Says she can’t find where they are coming in, I have even tried. It’s odd as you look at one spot, turn then turn back and there’s one. It’s like the house is haunted by an ant. They seem to come from out of nowhere, it’s not just one room either.  I wonder if its because she has plants in the house and outside on the porch. Maybe they are getting in from the storm door or somewhere from down in the basement somehow.

I do know if you put a chalk ring around your pet’s dish it will keep the ant away. I’ve seen it as I have tried it. Kind of cool as if there’s a wall there. Make a cinnamon and lemon spray  with vinegar..(mm, sounds like a salad dressing)and a touch of peppermint

I also read something about basil or was it sage. (Maybe that’s another bugger)


Heck I’d make a concoction of all of it and make a spray out of it! lol.

10 Dream symbols you should not ignore


Ever wonder what the heck your dreams are trying t tell you? I’ve had some strange dreams and a few that I woke myself up from  Laughing at myself, talking in my sleep and then there’s the one I woke up screaming (then realizing what happened and started cracking up)  I swear my ‘normal’ dreams are more like nightmares and what’s supposed to be the nightmares I laugh at. So go figure! (Any psychologists, sociologists etc out there? would LOVE to know what this means. besides being demented)

I even have a few dream books, my problem though is many times or most of the time what cames across as the most significant symbol does not seem to be in one of my books, or at least there’s always some element (and possible key) missing I need to look up.

So to start you off  here are the 10-dream-symbols-you-should-never-ignore.

And I from my experience with the teeth dreams I’ve had, pray you don’t have one. While I can’t actually recall them as it was years ago, I do remember that they left me really freaked out and disturbed for the day. Oh that’s it… I think part of that dream (one of them) was all my teeth were falling out. I think another time was I needed a root canal or they were rotten. I thought this way just because I hate the dentist, (Childhood ‘trauma’) but apparently it was just stress (or maybe anxiety)


Not sure if I ever had the flying dream that I think I would remember, but aside from the 4 plane trips to Toronto, Canada I’ve never flown before. Considering it says you wake up refreshed when you’ve had a flying dream… I could really use one right now!



Black Friday


Why is the day after Thanksgiving called “Black Friday”?

The term “Black Friday” started as an insider lingo among retailers a trade term that Caught the Public Imagination was inducted in the pre-Quicken, pre-computer era of bookkeeping.   The color black refers to the ink used in handwritten ledgers of marking profits in black ink (losses in red ink).


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Ways to keep your dog cool this summer


Ways to keep your dog cool this summer

3 key things…

Lots of water to drink (or even play in)

A/C on (or at least a floor fan for them)

and be sure to keep windows open enough to get air, but not able to just put of car house

Some Goals for June


After Seeing this That’s So Jacob  post, I decided to press this and use the inspiration for my  own

I don’t go to college so I think I can leave out the academic part, or maybe I can think of something else to use there.

But these would likely be for the whole summer.

as for

Personal Life

  • Clean out my nightstand drawer, which for as long has I can remember has basically been a ‘pen collection’

get rid of them and anything else. Hopefully to just use, well what dose one put in their Nightstand drawer?

  • Exercise more.

I want to or at least to use my weights a bit and tone my arms but I usually have to be in ‘the mood’ to do so.

  • Buy new bathing top

it feels like a corset and a few years old, plus the straps (too many) were annoying when I first bought it and still are. Plus after almost choking myself with them trying to get it on or out of it… well I’m ‘so over the top’ (ok couldn’t resist that) I need a new one, unless this one decides to get a little stretched out on its own.

  • Find sandals or something to go with that Hawaiian ‘dress’
  • Reading…  3 books behind in my Goodreads challenge. Time to break out some thin books to ‘cheat’

Blog Life

For all of my blogs

  1. (hope to) get 1000 followers
  2.  100 visit/views a day

but for those to happen I have to ask you, my followers to Please pass the word along to friends and family and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE on your Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Reddit and any other social media sites you are on.

  1. check up on blogs I follow more often
  2. start checking for the next Avatar Award winners
  3. Work more often on pending posts for ZodiacImmortal, Crafts,  Beauty  and Writing blogs
  4. Finish up watching movies for in progress ‘Classic Cuts’ posts and figure out How often to post them on the entertainment blog.
  5. Get to working more on crafts & making videos for Crafter Crums

June has arrived, I guess it’s time to set some goals. Or at least attempt to. So, here I go. That’s So Jacob’s June Goals List Academic Life Get the details o…

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