Service Dogs (& pets)


This Is Why Vets Don’t Want People To Touch Their Service Dogs

If you don’t read the above at least read this

ALWAYS ask the animal’s owner (even if it is not a service animal) if you may pet the animal.

Service animals usually have a vest to show they are on duty.

Do NOT keep someone with a service animal for a long time asking questions. Say no more than one or 2, and the article has respectful ways to ask the questions.

The article in the link above has some info on Etiquette with a ‘service team’.

When you are done interacting with the team, be respectful say thank you and wish them well.





Learn Animal CPR for the Pet owner




My grandMEOWmy was going through some papers and came across this. I thought it would be wise to have Meowmy Kim scan it and pass it along to you.

This is a brochure for pet owners on how to give your pet CPR if needed and what to do.

I hope you never need to use it but if so, You are welcome.


Animal CPR brochure

I just tested the link and it is not working. Please contact me with the form below and your email address and I will send the PDF file in an attachment.

( could it not be working because I removed all my files from my laptop?)


I hate snakes…


I was trying to find an image of a snake I saw back in the early 2000s that was like 5 steps up our back stairs  and thought this was a good Idea to post

I have 3 1/2 snake stories  I can tell you but the first 2 are the reason I hate snakes. Now I use hate as I’m not sure I’m actually afraid of them, tho I do get the willies when I see one, even when it’s voluntarily like writing this up.


My dad was  working on his VW Bug (punch Buggy .. or slug bug depending where you are from) and asked me to get something from inside. I walk down the walk and hear a hiss, looked around saw nothing and I guess thought dad was checking the tires. I heard another hiss, and spotted the snake (a garter)  and yelled. My dad told me not to move but I froze in step (one leg up & the other down and was a bit hard to balance, I probably looked like a cartoon) and couldn’t anyway. He chased it away with something. This wasn’t the last time.

The next weekend (we went up every weekend) it repeated dad doing something with the car, and ya know I’d swear it was the same damn snake! (So much so I’m willing to say Thor strike me down if it wasn’t) well this time my grandfather came out with the pistol! So I’m instigating to the point I’d be in the penalty box for a lifetime. I kept saying to shoot it, and my dad or pop- pop said it wouldn’t hit the snake. Well like the child I was in my ‘infinite wisdom’ answered back “it would ricochet on the ‘walls’ and hit him.” (ya think I watched Too much Loony Toons  & Tom & Jerry as a kid?) Well that’s as much of that instance I remember. After that I guess the snake learned to not be a bully and never showed itself again (to me anyway)

So I am not sure if this one was from before or after the incidents at my Pop-pop’s but there was a girl next door to my Aunt Lois when she lived in Newburgh and unlike me she was a Kimberly (I’m just a Kim its on my birth certificate) well her dad (I think it was her dad) was outside skinning/dissecting whatever he was doing. I remember watching him do this and feeling a little satisfaction pretending it was the one from Pop-pops. If I remember right I think he took something out of the snake that gave it a bump but I can’t remember if it was an egg, or mouse or what that it ate or something (maybe a frog?) I just remember it was like watching Jaws when they opened the tiger shark up to see if it ate the kid.


A friend from my old neighborhood, his little bro had a baby Boa (I think that’s what it was) and to get over any fears I may have had, I pet it to try and not be ‘afraid’ so I at least I do not have a phobic fear.  I still hate them and is the ONLY animal I would hang up as a trophy.   (Warning to all snakes… I’m at the age where if you mess with this Scorpio, you’ll learn the true meaning a the Scorpio(n)’s sting, and pray I don’t have a hockey stick or something I can wack ya with.

So before I mention the incidents that were at home Let me ask you this:

How the $%^+*# does a snake get 5 steps up, even though those stairs are instead of standard height were another 2-3 inches higher! They had to be a good 6 inches high

I remember yelling at my dad “Snake!, there’s a snake down here on the stairs” (maybe I should have cursed then maybe he would have believed me but there were other people around)  I can’t remember if I stepped over it (and I really didn’t want to step over it as I was quite sure it didn’t belong in the area,  ahem that I KNEW it wasn’t a garter snake and wasn’t sure if it was poisonous) or if I went and had someone come down to let me in through the vestibule.(which would have been quite hard considering the height of the stairs.

We were B-B-Qing and my dad wouldn’t believe me screaming about there being a snake as if I would kid about something like that after the previous experiences & the reason I hate Deja vu. Well he finally looks over and is like “Oh there’s really a snake there” (no shhh really? I wasn’t aware of that….it’s what I’ve been trying to tell you the past what 15 minutes?!!?!) I was asking for sticks and all sorts of things for him to hand down to me so I could try to get it. To me, it looked like an overly long worm of different colors.

another comes from the one that again was around the house we had lived in after I graduated from High school, but comes after the one on the stairs. Our landlord which was like another grandma had a little ‘postage stamp’ garden in front of the house where her part was (I think part basement part where another garage could have been) I have a bad habit (esp. in the summer) of walking around barefoot, to this day I still walk around barefoot even if I walk across the street or a few houses up. Well where the garden is, there’s a little walkway to go through the gate where the trash cans were stored. Well walking along that what’s hanging half in the gutter (used for drainage to water the little garden maybe 3-5x)  a small snake that again I thought was a big ass worm! So therefore I HATE snakes(and I guess worms too). Now any other animals I wouldn’t say this about (even ugly ones) but Snakes are only good for one thing… Belts & those headbands around hats! Which I think Kim’s dad was making the later.

10+ of the most beautiful cats in the world


Oh my, I can’t pick a favorite they are so lovely the first one a Bengal is beautiful, There are the twins, the Scottish fold with those yes folded ears and I think the biggest eyes ever. Cool Chimera cat talk about a Gemini, Pumpkin and You really need to look at the 3 pages. (which  I just noticed there were 2 others before I (nearly) deleted the email I got.


10+ of the most beautiful cats in the world

Natural Ant Remedies


To get you ready for the spring and the bugs…I had thought of  my aunt who for some reason gets ants in her house. Says she can’t find where they are coming in, I have even tried. It’s odd as you look at one spot, turn then turn back and there’s one. It’s like the house is haunted by an ant. They seem to come from out of nowhere, it’s not just one room either.  I wonder if its because she has plants in the house and outside on the porch. Maybe they are getting in from the storm door or somewhere from down in the basement somehow.

I do know if you put a chalk ring around your pet’s dish it will keep the ant away. I’ve seen it as I have tried it. Kind of cool as if there’s a wall there. Make a cinnamon and lemon spray  with vinegar..(mm, sounds like a salad dressing)and a touch of peppermint

I also read something about basil or was it sage. (Maybe that’s another bugger)


Heck I’d make a concoction of all of it and make a spray out of it! lol.

I just got a free Personalized Pet tag from Shutterfly!!


 Yes it was free (if you don’t count the shipping)  thanks to the coupon on the back of a shop-rite grocery receipt. I made my sully a personalized pet tag. A photo of her with her name and on the back a photo of me with name and number!