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You are free to reblog and share using proper outlets (the buttons below each article) Feel free to refer & link back here anytime, though!

If you want to use any content or images (for reports etc) please contact me first. I would appreciate a link to the post you are speaking of and if not the whole of the article then if there’s a specific section or image you want to use. Some posts are reblogged and I cannot give the consent for those.


If you think Your company will benefit from an advertisement in my sidebar,  or an upcoming feature I’m willing to offer the space.   I am currently accepting sponsors.

Sidebar Sponsorship:  I would love to feature your business on my sidebar. When you become a sponsor for ZodiacImmortal your button will be located on my sidebar for at least a month, and I will do an awesome post about your business & how cool you are.   Right now, you can sponsor The Beauty Balm with Donations starting at $10 a month  (If You want Top billing, the top of the side bar is $50 a month)


  • include a .jpeg image of your ad (Logo with any writing)
  • website where to find product or service from the ad
  • and up to 3 other promotions
  • Email must be included to be contacted for any follow up questions or information (even suggestions)

You can

  to help Raise money for my fave charity (Best Friends Animal Sanctuary)  and please note that in th memo

or Please  Email ZodiacImmortal  and we can work something out.

Product Samples, Sponsors and Endorsements 

I will accept products to review/endorse that are related to this blog or my others  (Beauty/ Health, Crafts, Entertainment & writing etc) and whether it is sponsored or not I will only write honest reviews of my own opinion. That means a good review cannot be bought but will mention both pros and cons of the product as well as any improvements that I think could be or would like to see made.  If it’s Books, Movies/TV or Music I will do the same with what I do or don’t like.  Sponsored posts or products received to be reviewed will be noted accordingly. If you’re interested in sending me a product for writing a sponsored review,  please contact me 


Giveaways:  I love having giveaways on my blog. Your giveaway needs to be something that I feel will benefit my readers. The only thing that I ask is that the minimum of your giveaway is a gift worth at least $10.00-$20.  Your giveaway will  be on my sidebar with a link to your business for 3 months & like I mentioned above

* receive it’s own post spotlight.
*  promote your business on Twitter, Facebook once or twice during the time  your giveaway is going on and at least once on my other social networks  .
* Your ad or link will be on my sidebar for up to 3 months while the giveaway is going on, (and includes the time after it ends)
for example If  You start one October 1st and ends the 13th (or 31st) …. It would be taken down the end of the year (though you may get extra time if I don’t get to taking it off right that day)
   This option is for one item sent to me to review + one for the giveaway   Please  Contact Zi for address 

*By entering a contest you agree that Zodiacimmortal as well as any respective affiliates, will have no liability, and will be held harmless from and against any liability or loss, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, for all matters related to your acceptance, possession, experience with, use or misuse of the prize or participation in the promotion.

*I reserve the right to cancel or modify a promotion at any time.

* Any personal information submitted (email, Phone #, address) in connection with a contest or receiving the prize will be treated with the Utmost privacy.


Sponsored posts or products received to be reviewed will be noted accordingly. 

If you are interested in sending me any products for writing a sponsored review (ie: Endorsing you), please drop me a quick e-mail.

You can pay via paypal via the donation button here


I love feedback and comments, they help me know how I'm doing and what you want more of.

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