Grandpa & Granddaughters Quotes!


In honor of my ‘pop-pop’ (my Grandfather) that I lost when I was still in grade school and still miss dearly including the story he always told me…

There is one thing in here made me think of him (and was I too young to remember) the one about the mischief I haven’t thought to get into. My nana told me I drink like him. (I have a tendency to mix drinks and not just stay with one kind.

Also any time I see fruit stripe gum, I swear it means he’s thinking of me as when I’d go to town with him, he always bought me a pack of it.

Wish I could hear my story again, (like before I died, I’d see if I can get a kids book made into it. but have him as the author.

Peytons View

Hey everyone how are you all? Ok I hope, I know this post is two days earlier than the usual day I post (usually every week on Wednesday), but this week is gonna be a little different as this past weekend has been harder than most, as seven years ago on the 1st August we sadly lost my Grandad, and I wanted to dedicate this post to him and post it today rather than in the middle of the week as it didn’t feel right to blog about this post quite a few days after the Anniversary of losing him.

I was very close to my Grandad, every Saturday (if the weather was nice) he would start up the barbecue, and we would get the whole family round and play games and then get out the karaoke (without fail), our song we always sang together that neither of us would…

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