Making Your Own Interactive Cat Feeder

ooh I might make one for Sully! and love that last picture


Just a couple of years ago few of us had heard of interactive cat feeders, but now pet stores seems to be awash with an amazing array of innovative feeders, usually marketing them as ‘interactive cat toys’.

As a Cat Behaviourist I’m a huge fan of these – not only do they provide natural stimulation for cats by encouraging them to forage for their food, but they can also slow down the food intake of cats who are prone to obesity. Here are some examples of shop-bought feeders:

IMG_2708Small My cats Billy & Jimmy using their first shop-bought feeder…

P1050652Small Jimmy really gets to grips with this flashy feeder!

However, you don’t have to spend a fortune on an expensive state-of-the-art feeder. With a little bit of imagination you can make your own as the following examples show!

Els Scholten's Cat Al Pacino #1 Cardboard rolls…

Suki Green 1 More cardboard rolls…

Billy Toilet Roll Pyramid Toilet rolls and…

Yoghurt Cups Yoghurt pots!

Not What We Mean By Puzzle Feeding! This cat’s  clearly still…

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2 thoughts on “Making Your Own Interactive Cat Feeder

    • No problem. I think more people should share its how the new blogs get attention and even those that have been at it but can’t seem to get the audience they want to get some as well.

      I might make one for my cat, not sure though as we’ve had her since 2002 so not sure if shed be into it. but she does love her treats so maybe can make one and leave a treat or 2 for her to find in it when we go out for the day

      I hope there is something in my blog (or one of them …see the sidebar for the buttons) that you might be able to relay the favor.


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