Advice For Cat Owners Of Lost Cats


By Anita Kelsey – London’s leading cat behaviour councillor (featured photo by ProtectaPet)

It’s a cat owners worst nightmare when their cat goes missing. Panic sets in and we feel that our little fur babies will just curl up and die without us. Well, the first thing we need to know is that cats are VERY good at surviving and will go into survival mode if lost. They will hunt for food and find a warm place to hunker down in. They may be MORE hungry when they are found and slimmer, ahem, but they will not be starving.

There are different things to consider when our mogs go walkies. Were they street savvy? Did they know the area? Are they male or female, Spayed, Neutered? Are they friendly or very nervous? All of these things matter and can determine how our lost cats will ACT. Sometimes a cat…

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