Loot Crate Subscription Boxes

Multiscreen MoTVision

(pardon If I sound a bit proud while writing this… I finally figured out how to trim parts you don’t want out of a video.)

This is the video from my Surprise box, and the box theme is  ‘Cyber’

a short time after receiving this box I saw there were some ‘TIME’  boxes still available. These had an item I really wanted… naughty me.. I ordered it figuring I could put the item away as a gift for myself  and hopefully forget about it by December. Also maybe I could use some of the other items as gifts for my geeky friends.

Lootcrate time Loot Crate…Time crate

what?  What was the item you ask? A Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure T-shirt. (To go with the 2 movies, the cartoon and the new comics out that I have) besides the shirt.. there’s Hooverboard from Back to the future as well as a POP!  Doc figure…

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