Jurassic World

Multiscreen MoTVision

2015                   PG-13           2:04          blu-ray    stars      Chris Pratt   &  Bryce Dallas Howard

The park owners have called for a new ‘thril’ of an attraction and of course the idiot scientists answer is a genetic hybrid. At first for an answer of what this new dino is.. Indominous Rex (ok so it’s part T-rex) but bigger than T-rex.  another is that it’s classified.  Not only is it a dino that never before existed, bu they spliced other animals into it to fill in the G-nome (I think they said)

“Jurassic World was built to show how very small we are”

So i can see Blue is already a possible threat and I do love the blue lines on it’s sides. had a chuckle with the ‘Close the cage’ part while…

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