Female Centric…

well as I have been trying to catch up from something being wrong with the computer, I’ve failed to at least schedule a couple of posts to publish while I was gone.

I’m back still trying to catch up (have archiving to do on my Entertainment blog in which This current post and the 5 or so that follow it (already posted) are from.

I am currently working on a few things for this as well as the others it’s just a matter of getting to them between life, interruptions and so on.

Multiscreen MoTVision

(warning I’m stuck in a rant and I can’t get out!!) but seriously I’m

Really getting sick of this Sh!+

I’m a female and am getting really sick of this Feminist shit leaking into my movies and tv etc. Oh there always has to be at least one woman in this or that, (same goes for having a well rounded bunch of races) honestly I’m sick of all that. Not to mention, the woman actor that was cast is  not always all that great for the action scenes or comedies. Then there are some like Katherine Heigel I think just needs to find a new profession. (Is it really not just me and all her movies have bombed? What about the show she was in did that get canceled?)

Insults, and  disrespect

I forget which announcement came first

That THOR would now be a female in the comics (sacrilege… and some have the nerve…

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