Book Bind~ Ready Player One

Multiscreen MoTVision

Ready Player One

by Ernest Cline

372 pages    Sci-fi, Adventure, Fiction

a New York  Times Best Seller

Wade Watts  our main character and narrative host. His name, he was told was an alliterative name like that of superhero alter egos  like Clark Kent and uses Parzival as his Avatar’s name.  He lives with his aunt in a ‘skyscraper’ of a trailer park… known as ‘the stacks’ in (or near) Oklahoma City. He’s what is known as a ‘Gunter’ and is searching for the ‘easter egg’ in Halliday’s GSS game. Halliday is the creator of the GSS, and setting up this contest as he has no heir’s so whoever wins the contest, wins the estate and company!  All he really has is the Laptop for school, in which he attends virtually! He does this through Oasis which was made by James Halliday  from His Gregarious games company which for this became Gregarious Simulation…

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