Vikings Raid!!

Multiscreen MoTVision

So How do you like THAT for an entrance?
Yes I know the last Season is long over, but I realized that I had not written a review for it, or any previous season (even though I did not have a blog then) so this is  part preview for season 4 and (hopefully) 3 parts review for past seasons.

Actually I just noticed, that is not fully true as looking in my archives again I did find a couple of Vikings related posts:

vikings-season 1 & 2 review * and something of a preview  tv-tuesdays-24-days-til-we-raid/

Historically accurate?

Vikings series logoYes and no.  It’s as accurate as can be with what we know.

NO they did not wear horned Helmets.

Were there really Berserkers? (AS in Bear or bare) Yes.. (in both regards) Rollo is one of those berserkers or in…

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