Ash vs Evil Dead

Multiscreen MoTVision


The groovy horror comedy Evil Dead series is now  a 10- 1/2 hour episodic tv series. It will feature the trademark slapstick the  the series is known and loved for.  Star Bruce Campbell in entertainment weekly says they “had to remind Starz that it’s not a straight up horror, and that things can get a little ‘weird’ ” The movies’ original director Sami Rami is back and has directed at least the first episode!

 The demons in the land of Evil Deadlore are speedy and in your face racing to the slaughter. Sam Rami is here to Geek out the Deadite masses with his GOREiously punchy Splatter filled and knowingly cheesy half hour series based on the original 1980s movie series. Bruce Campbell is back as the chainsaw wielding protagonist Ash the accidental hero is called back  to action after unleashing (yet again) a horde of deadites. The show for a…

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