Multiscreen MoTVision

2015    R   1:55   stars Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, & Jude Law

Susan Cooper (McCarthy) is an analyst for the CIA down in the basement, She’s pushed into the field to investigate after her partner’s (Law) disappearance

It starts off amusing and then the Kitchen fight which was both pretty good as well as funny! oh Wait did Melissa McCarthy just use a signature WWE move there? It looks like it but can’t think of the name or to who it belongs. Talk about fierce!

A couple of funny lines, even when you aren’t watching & someone else is and enveloped in doing something else and just seems blurted out of nowhere.

One of those favorite lines I mentioned

” I warned you you Swedish gummy fish  Mother F***”

Was better than I thought it would be, not quite a B worthy but definitely C+

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