New season new look

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So I like to change up the theme on occasion, usually for a holiday or certain time of year.

For those of you that do not know what I mean by this, it’s the background/image and layout of the blog.

So I was working on trying to use one of the newer themes I’d heard about I think it was called Blesk and it looked nothing like the image shown, unless there was a trick to get it that way. When I tried it, it just looked boring and I know I have some images for my posts.

Another thing is, everytime I change it I have to redo the widgets. They never land in the area I want them (if there is a side bar which I prefer so readers will find the follow buttons right away. (also I find that those not familiar with blogs or WordPress have a hard time finding the ‘hidden’ sidebars under those ‘menu’ buttons.)  Sometimes the widgets being scrambled does not even happen, I usually end up losing and have to redo most if not all the widgets.

So let me know if you like this theme / layout or not I’ll change it up to something more ‘Autumn’ or is there a free one that would go well for a person’s birth month?

12 thoughts on “New season new look

      • I have a paid account, which you get a bunch of themes that are free to me but you would have to pay for. Actually I have 2 paid blogs. The problem of changing themes is just as difficult. Some of the newer ones are so complicated you need an expert just to set it up. Funny cats at the bar, after trying a bunch of fancy themes I settled on a free one! 🙂


        • So it’s likely best to just have a free one, and then just buy one of the paid ones if you like it. The only thing is they don’t always show everything you need to see. (Like I said in the post, there was one I wanted to use, and it didn’t look like what the image shown.


          • Mind if I ask which one of the plans you have? (I don’t have the $$ to pay. And stupid WP doesn’t let me put a paypal donations widget in my sidebar or even about page in hopes to get some donations toward all my work on my blogs. (I have the main one a Craft, Entertainment Beauty writing) So I do a lot of work even if it is scouring the internet for ideas for my use as well as my readers.


          • No I meant the paypal widget not a fundraiser. They have a ‘donation’ widget there which is what most use when they are trying to get for them for the work they do on their site. (esp. when they have to pay for it) frankly I think if you pay for the site, or blog.. the service should have something where you can lower your bill per month/year the more hits and clicks you get. I wish I had enough of followers to get some support from a company. This is my hobby but I also see it as my job/career. All I ever wanted to do wa write. (but hate school, I only learn when I teach myself and I’ve found that if you already have a talent for something school sucks it out. I’m one that needs to be inspired when it had to do with school… even if I got a prompt for something I was so not interested… like a certain english class (the ONLY year I ever had to go to summer school for english.. because I wouldn’t write the woman’s F-n journals. Some were things I found you needed real world experience so I was stuck with trying to write it, and I didn’t like making things up then even though t was creative writing (we were aloud to do that but I didn’t like doing that when it was a journal which at the time to me was the same as a diary)


          • OK, I know what you mean. I remember trying to add the PayPal link but was unable to figure it out and gave up. But now you have me curious. I’ll have a look again and let you know.
            I am well aware of the frustrations of writing. I remember my own school days and I got stuck writing the sports column! (not a passion of mine) 🙂


          • Yeah WP wants your money but They won’t let you put anything on the blogs to help with paid accounts (or to raise money to be able to pay for a pay account or for someone to make you a specialty theme for your blog.. I can’t find one entertainment theme (other than maybe a couple that work for musc) I need Movies TV & Books themes. (or an all in one deal.) and something better for Halloween (that maybe I could use for any of my blogs but of course I’d have to pay for each one) as I’m sure that’s how it goes.
            Oh I wasn’t stuck writing a column it was just when someone gives me something specifc like… what I did on my summer vacation, maybe I jsut stayed home & did the same crap I do during the school year… or just sat on the couch and did not a thing just sleep… she wanted at least one page front & back most of what our topics were (to me) you had to have some sort of experience to write.


          • How I get around the making money aspect is on my horse blog I a have a link to my photo galleries which I created in Smug Mug. That’s free. So I can sell my pictures from my blog.
            I think the only way to find the right theme is to go self-hosted website, which of course costs money, and create your own.
            I agree, you should always write about what you know. I could write volumes about sleeping. 😉


          • I don’t know how to make my own otherwise I would. I wish I knew how I might try making one & see if it would sell on WP. (Even if you are not a paid member can you still make them? can you make $ from them? Well I make & sell Jewelry & crafts check the side bar (in that stupid menu button) there should be an etsy box to check out what I have up so far. (I hope I make something soon as they already billed me once for the posts. (I’m not working as I have a back problem so…


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