Minority Report

Multiscreen MoTVision

Mondays Fox 9pm

Based on the movie of the same name, the title refers  to what happens when one of the precogs glimpses into the future differs from that of the other two.  The conclusion of the movie  precrime was disbanded and the precogs (psychics ) have been sent to a secluded island. What happens to them  is the jumping point for the series.

The precog (precognitive) crime program started in 2040 and disbanded just a couple decades later, and the precogs were sent to a secluded island far from civilization.

Washington 2065 the precrime program is no longer used, and preventing crimes through precognition is illegal.  Officers of the law are now only able to solve cases the same way as those in our current 2015 are; through lots of footwork and research to find evidence and facts, and with their futuristic technology to do their duty.  In the opening scene there’s…

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