The Strain

Multiscreen MoTVision

season 2  FX  Sundays 10pm

I did do a short review previously for the delightful summer creepy chocko Gore thriller  is back. (Wooo that was a mouthful)

The premier was directed by the book’s author himself Guillermo del Toro.  We get some back story on hZi Approved TV seriesow the master came to be, and some ‘gore’ in this scene which is a total gross out. Unlike  Lost Boys with chinese food and vamp glamour (maggots Michael, You’re eating maggots how do they taste?)  these parasites that turn you into the vampires are not just maggot looking but wormy as well.   I won’t even explain the gory part as we don’t need you giving your screen  a puke bath (especially if you are at a public area) .

I read a review saying it’s missing the richness and sense of discovery of last season. I don’t  agree with that one bit. there’s still mythology…

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