Each Halloween Eve there’s magic in the pumpkin patch down the lane;

some say that what happens is tragic others say its just part of the game.

What spirits come out in the open many sorts to frighten you so!

With intentions of malice, they’ve chosen to come up from the darkness below. all manners of creatures provoking, approach us and fill us with dread as they cackle “We’re really just joking” White hoot owls soar overhead  out come spiders all spinning a snare  with a web to catch us in a trap.i think we had better beware; They could gobble us up in a snap

Black cats the color of midnight cross our paths in the darkness so thick;that we run into the next fright a witch riding off on a stick. A tree comes alive baring sharp claws, a scarecrow float over the patch flying bats are sure to give us pause wondering what will this night next hatch?

But the worst fear of all starts us quaking, It’s the pumpkin patch trolls that arise; up they popas we’re quivering and shaking at the horrible glint in their eyes then the leader of the trolls flees the scene while his head shouts “Long  live halloween”!

Trick or Treat & Happy Halloween!~

Artwork and poem by © Linda Dockey Graves


Not so Big bad Wolf


As A Wild Wolf Approached His Dog. Then Something Incredible Happened.

House Warming Bucket Gift


Texas Craft House

My sister in law and her husband built a home out in the country in Paradise… no, that’s what their town is called… Paradise. We went to see their new house last night and it is gorgeous… lots of land, trees, and a brand new custom home. I surprised her with a house warming gift – a Home Depot bucket filled with all kinds of new home goodies.
{Texas Craft House} House Warming Bucket Gift - Great idea for a house warming, new home or new neighbor gift with lots of ideas too!

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The Bastard Executioner


Multiscreen MoTVision

FX  Tuesday 10 (with a re-air later on)

from Kurt Sutter creator of Sons of Anarchy

We get a history lesson in the first episode of what’s going on; but there’s no voice over so if you still don’t have an HD tv, you might not be able to read it. We ‘meet’ our hero Wilkin, played by Lee Jones,  who I take will be the one turned the Executioner. He’s dreaming, of what I guess is a PTSD, and not only that but Hallucinates in the dream as well, something of which is a pretty cool piece of CGI. The D-bag Baron Ventris in the show is played by the same guy who played Last Ship’s season 2 villain D-bag. Stephen Moyer plays his sidekick (not sure what the post is called or don’t recall it mentioned) Milus Corbett  .

I hope it’s only that it’s a 2 hour premier…

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Multiscreen MoTVision

The dark Gothic gloom of Gotham City is about to get darker so break out that spotlight and have some Villainous fun.

7 minute rehash of season 1


This season will be divided into 2- 11 episode halves.They are aiming for a grander saga type construction in which  they can sit and get to understand their motives and how the turbulence of their lives affects the landscape. It’s the Morgue the merrier with a new slew of voracious villains joins the rising mosh of season 2.  (minus a few down)


Now before we start ‘to watch’ get a drink ready as I’ve come across

The season 2 Drinking Game!

Season 2 Episode 1 Rise of the Villains:Damned if you Do

Gordon no longer seems to be president of the PAL (I think that’s what it was when we ended last season)

His former partner is now a bartender, and Gordo for…

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