Fear the Walking Dead


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Fear the Walking dead is a spin-off of the Walking Dead (How could you not know that when it’s in the title?)


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The 1st season, 6 episode ‘Companion series as AMC puts it ot the Walking Dead  is created by Dave Erickson and The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman. Don’t call it a sequel  I’ve read but you can say that all you want because ‘Fear’ is a prequel. I mean how many years down the road are we into in the Walk Dead’s timeline, and what year was it supposed to have started?

With ‘Fear’ we get out of the backwoods of Georgia and explore a major city on the verge of disintegrating.  Remember this takes  place in the beginning while Rick is in his coma (which was for 5 weeks)  when the outbreak first starts. Sorry to those who would like to see…

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