The Cobbler


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Multiscreen MoTVision

2015 PG-13 1:38  stars Adam Sandler & Steve Buscemi co-stars Dustin Hoffman and ‘Method man’

We start on the upper east side of  1903 New York city with a little back story of sorts, which really doesn’t tell us much as the movie goes on. Then present day we see showe repairman Max Simkin who is sick of his weary drab existence. He comes to learn that an antique shoe (soul) stitching machine has magical powers to literally let him walk in other people’s shoes, or shall i say to fully inhabit the people who  wear the shoes, so long as they’re 10 1/2.

The funniest part  is the mob looking car and when he gets out. There are also some touching moments as well. Cobblers are keepers of soles, in more ways than one. It falls flat as a joke  as much as it just did now. So they are undercover…

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