THe Long Weekend of Shockwaves

Multiscreen MoTVision

The Long Weekend

2005  R  1:30      Comedy       Stars* Brendan Fehr & Chris Klein

DOh! The part at the gym…. (fell of my bed)

Ed Waxman the best campaign man at his ad agency suffers a breakup and loses his knack for advertising. His a when his ad agency loses an insurance account he vows he will get it back. His boss even raises him on that and says if he gets it back he’ll get his office on top of the job back.  When he gets home his brother is waiting as a surprise because it’s Ed’s birthday (weekend). All Ed wants to do is work, but his brother gets him to go out  and insists on helping Ed to score but only gets him in trouble. I would say this is more of a guys movie, but us ladies can laugh at what idiots they can…

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