Into the Woods

Multiscreen MoTVision

2014 PG  2 hour Musical from Disney Studios

stars Emily Blunt, James Cordon, Meryl Streep as the witch, Chris Pine as Prince Charming , Anna Kendrick  and Johnny Depp & the ‘big’ bad wolf.

Instead of our usual fairytales, we have a mash-up story woven together into an annoying Musical.  OH Gods are they only going to sing.  My favorite Musical is Grease I love it,  but at least it’s not a constant headache through the whole movie; it has parts that are spoken and others  (pivotal parts?) where maybe you’d expect there to be a musical number.  Into the woods however I don’t recall one spoken part! and even if there were it still sounds like it’s a sing songy voice. It’s a never ending headache watching this movie!

Oh my gods!! Johnny Depp as the Big Bad wolf is more creepy than bad. I did love the sound of the song he did…

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