‘Spooky’ Eyes lenses

I wanted to let you all know about a ‘find’ I came across.

Zi's Beauty Balm

I hate fake or ‘Plastic’ people. By this I mean not only those that are being nice to me to get something. But the ‘plastic’ especially entails fake physical features like nails, eyelashes (we can all tell they are and make you look like you’ve got ‘spider eyes’ ) or their skin (any surgery done unless it was a serious medical reason). You should be happy with the skin you are in (born with)  not how people think you should be.  When it comes to eye color well I always loved blue eyes and was curious to what I would look like, besides when it also comes to those crazy contacts for costumes and such well… that IS still me being me I love Halloween so no matter what color or design I get, so long as others know its not my real eye color, and that I’m honest with those that…

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